from Lilly

Dear Helga,

I would like to take advantage of your offer for advice to women needing to petticoat their husbands. Before we were married my husband of 41 years sheepishly confessed that he had been frequently and 'completely' petticoated in a church grammar school (grades one to three/four) in the late 1940's-early 1950's, evidently with his Mother's permission (he remembers having to take a sealed note from his teacher home and returning it before each petticoating session). Evidently the petticoating of rowdy boys went from wearing a bonnet to a complete outfit.

Confidentially on some level I believed he learned to enjoy it as he later confessed he had allowed (though I suspect he knowingly or not finessed it) girl friends to dress him until he was 14. He has mentioned he learned to like girl things and enjoy the company of girls at least until age 14. Though I have never seen a deep-seated fetish or obsession in him it did creep into our marriage and he only dressed when stressed.

It was like the dressing lets him give up power which calmed him to where he could calmly address the cause(s) of the stress and eventually return to 'normal.' Normal has always been a butch male (soldier, police officer, corporate security) with the attitudes and beliefs of the 1950's male. It is clear to me the longer he is in petticoats the more passive his demeanor and mood became. He would become compliant, receptive, vulnerable, and accepting. I also did not miss the fact that the more 'female' he was made to look and act the deeper he embraced these wonderful traits and the more permission he gave himself to do things a 'real man' would never, ever do, including 'woman's work.' In normal mode men do not do housework, period.

In November, last year, he was fired-two years before retirement. Stressed he became. So stressed he allowed me to work and become the provider-very unlike him and I had a very good maid for as long as I kept him as a girl. As calmed down he took legal advice. Because he kept detailed records the company did not know about, he is assured he will prevail and profit in an unlawful termination lawsuit. Unfortunately redress will take time to process through clogged courts. The suit may not be heard until even 2013.

Well, when he found out all he had to do is be patient and that taking on any kind of employment might hurt his case, I lost my maid. I miss my maid. I am particularly put off that not only do I bring in the income and working up to 60-65 hours a week, I am regulated back to housework while he does little to nothing except tinker and do minor repairs and go fishing and play with the boys. I know him. Nothing but a divorce or getting him back into panties and bra will change this. A divorce is out of the question on several levels.

I have decided I will get my maid back and expand her duties to errands, yard work, window washing, car washing, shopping, and all the outside the home chores and tasks that need doing. I took the first step and convinced him to use his retirement accounts to pay off the mortgage and our credit accounts and put the balance into my bank account. He is now fully financially dependent upon me. I want to him train to be a passable girl so he can go out and do the chores. He is so terrified of being confronted, outed, or especially being pulled over by the police.

After researching it, and thank you for your website, I am plotting to get him into a locked chastity device and am seriously considering getting our daughter's bedroom furniture out of storage and setup in the sewing room-you know white, canopy bed and putting him in it. Since I am now the husband and breadwinner (and love it) I will spend my free time training him. He is fair at creating the illusion without assistance, but to get him out the door this will need to become exceptional. He needs a good deal of assistance with his voice, and most of all he needs an attitude adjustment. I was totally opposed to 'humiliation' training after what I saw online. However, I saw the definition of humiliation and wow, 'to make humble.' Yes! So I plan to develop a program of humiliation.


Thank you for your letter Lilly. I'm sure that a thorough reading of the many successful examples from other wives will provide numerous ideas to assist you in training your maid. We'd love to hear from you again about your progress.


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