Dear Helga,

In your issue of November 2009 I wrote to tell you how I used petticoat discipline on my son with great success and until recently he has behaved himself, that is until the start of the summer holidays when he was caught stealing from a shop with his pals, I sent him up to his room and told him his days out with his mates are going to stop and told him to get undressed and wait for me, he thought he was in for a spanking but I had other things in store for him.

I went to his sister's room who at sixteen was a year older than him and picked out some of her old clothes, a pretty red dress and matching panties, some white ankle sox and a pair of mary jane shoes then I went to Paul's room and dressed him in them and told him that he would be spending the summer as a little girl and that any arguments he would end up with a severe spanking. The look on his face was enough to know that I meant what I was saying, and to make matters worse I told him that I was taking him into town dressed like that to apologise to the shopkeeper he stole from. On the way into town he knew that it was best to act like a girl so his mates would not recognise him.

I had now changed his name to Paula and made him stop at the shops that were displaying little girl's clothes and at the one shop that was displaying a beautifully party frock I said to him, look Paula what a pretty dress would you like it? He said yes mummy, it's lovely, so I took him inside and asked the shop girl if she had it in his size, yes she replied and it also comes with matching panties explaining the reason for that is that because the dress is so short he won't be able not to show his panties and it is best if they match the dress. We then spent the rest of the day looking in other girl stores and purchasing more panties and a training bras and 3" heeled shoes, which I made him wear home and they made him walk like a girl.

At the end of the day it really felt that I had a little daughter with me, not a naughty boy. At the end of the week with Paula dressed as a girl I got him up one morning with the intention of letting him be a boy again but to my surprise he asked if he was going to be a girl again today, I said why, do you want to be one and he replied, oh yes mummy I like being a girl because I like being pretty and I get lots of treats. I told him that he could and that we will go into town again as I will have to buy him a schoolgirl uniform for when he starts the new term a girl's school, he got so excited I knew then that from now on I would have a daughter instead of a son.

For the rest of the summer he remained a girl and I taught him how to cook and sew and behave how little girls do and he now he plays with his dolls nearly every day. So petticoating has really worked in his case and I only wish that I had made him a girl along time ago, every night he says to me, please mummy don't make me a boy again, I love being a girl.


Now that Paula is to be a girl permanently I will write to you again to inform you of his behavior.

Thank you for your note Mary. Please do keep us informed of his progress and the procedures you use to keep him in line.


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