from Sissy Paula

Dear Auntie Helga,

I was instructed by my superior to write about my experience of becoming a sissy and my progress through their guidance, this sissy has been kept locked in her chastity permanently, with the exception of supervised removal for cleaning my small pee-pee. I gratefully serve as a maid for superiors; I am kept fully diapered with a plastic panty cover, especially if I am plugged to keep my enema in when performing my maid duties. When at home I am only allowed to be a fully feminised sissy and I have been taken outdoors recently in my neighbourhood and both photos and videos have been taken of me. I have grown to look forward and I'm grateful to my superiors for allowing me to truly enjoy being humiliated in this way.

My most recent experience was at home fully feminised receiving a caning from my alpha male superior for having a laddered stocking at my inspection which was being videoed. I was dressed as in the photo, wearing D cup silicon breasts forms, a 7inch penis plug inserted in my anus and my chastity as always. My latex skirt and petticoats were tucked up under my waist cincher and panties were around my thighs, my bottom just freshly striped and stinging there was a knock at the door I was instructed to answer the front door to receive delivery of a parcel I was expecting.

My humiliation was apparent, my face scarlet with embarrassment as I was instructed to curtsy to the delivery man and thank him, he realised I was Paul C. as I signed for the parcel he made a comment about my appearance and the size of my large breasts. Afterwards, the video was shown to me which unknown to me included my whole experience at the front door, I cried with embarrassment, but my superiors reassured me and later I was so ecstatically happy that I had been allowed such a wonderful opportunity to be seen at my home as their sissy girl.

Yours sincerely and curtsy,
Sissy Paula
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Thank you for your letter Sissy Paula. I know our readers appreciate seeing the photos as proof of your letter's content, this lifestyle is not for everyone but you seem to have adapted quite well to the constant chastity and frequent humiliation. Perhaps at some point you might share more about your life if your superior allows.

Auntie Helga

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