from Glenna

Dear Helga,

I have followed your monthly updates for some time now gaining knowledge to someday have my own sissymaid. Every once in a while I would leave a hint or say something to Mitch feeling him out but he didn't say much at all. My note under the keyboard and his curiosity worked better than I suspected don't you agree? Then this women name Gail certainly guided Mitch right into my trap. I have yet to go see her however I do owe her a huge thank you and one to you too Helga. With all the reading I have done never would I have expected Mitch to take the bait so well and lock himself in chastity for me.

Mitch did all the hard work himself leaving me to reap the rewards going forward which I fully intend to do. He is now more aware of what I expect of him with a few surprises he didn't expect. One thing about researching a lifestyle like having a sissymaid it gave me time to learn and decide how I wanted life to be for both myself and Mitch. There was no rushing into anything having looked at this lifestyle for over a year now. Mitch did tell me he also read some of the letters on your website in preparation for the day I approached him to be my sissymaid. He did a good job of making the correct purchases and picking out his sissy dresses yet to arrive. If Mitch can be as good a sissymaid as he has been as my husband life will only be better. Today I am working Mitch hard with cleaning and laundry since the weekends are short enough. Tomorrow a day of more cleaning and ironing for Mitch is in order.

I did make a demand of Mitch and that was no sex for him, oral for me and chastity for an undefined amount of time. He has to realize living as my sissymaid won't be a picnic although can be rewarding if he works hard enough to satisfy me. I made it clear to Mitch punishment will be doled out when necessary and without notice. Mitch will be learning to accept my strapon beginning tonight as a way to show him who is the Mistress and who is the sissymaid. I suspect he will be wishing he didn't offering to be my sissymaid although that was going to happen within a few weeks any ways. Helga I hope you don't think I am cruel taking over this quickly however from my reading jumping on the opportunity right away have its benefits for me and not Mitch.

There you have some of the history and some of the present.


Thank you for your letter Glenna. it is my pleasure to meet you and to discuss this situation. I will say it was a surprise to me as well that he volunteered to become your sissymaid since usually it is a process. Your subtle hints worked very well. I am also thrilled that my site was helpful to you and that you found it inspiring.


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