Letter 4
By Anna

Dear Susan,

I must commend you on your wonderful site. I so glad to know that there are kindred spirits out there who still believe in the benefits of petticoat discipline. My sister and I were raised by a aunt that felt that petticoat government was the answer to steering the most unruly of boys back to the path of virtue. During the 1950s she took on the role of governess/tutor to number of boys who responded quite nicely to enforced feminisation as a corrective device. During that the time, I became an eager student of her methods and have since gone on to use them on my son with great effect.

One technique that I have found very effective is the shopping trip. When Peter, aka Penelope, who is now in his teens, has earned over 100 demerits for things like poor deportment around the house, I will designate the following Saturday as a shopping day. On Saturday, Penelope is expected to accompany me to the city and visit one of several boutiques to purchase an addition to 'her' wardrobe. It is a truly frightening experience for him, because it is one of the few times he is required appear in public in petticoats. I insist that he wear a slightly conspicuous outfit: a traditional, but out of style, shirtwaist dress, with a peter pan collar and flat heeled shoes. It is an ensemble that is similar to that worn by the private school girls during the 1960s. I should note that with his hair curled, and in make-up, he does look the part, almost, and draws those delightful stares of confusion from ladies we pass on the street. Depending on my mood, I must confess that I will occasionally make remarks within their earshot, such as, 'Peter, really you must learn to keep your seams straight'. The giggles that usually emanate from the women prove a far more severe punishment that anything that I can inflict with a hairbrush in private.

Once in a store, we immediately seek assistance from a sales lady. I inform the woman that my 'son' is here to pick out a new punishment outfit, and we need her assistance as to size and possible alterations. It has never failed that once the initial shock has passed, that the clerk becomes an eager, if unwitting, participant in Penelope's punishment. The questions flow out: why is he being dressed as a girl? Why is he being punished this way? etc. I have Penelope dutifully answer each inquiry.

Last month, shopping came to a halt in one store as the patrons all started to ask questions, or comment on his demeanor and outfit. What then usually follows is a fashion show, where Penelope tries on an outfit, and has to model it for the sales clerks and patrons. I should note that if Penelope accumulates a significant number of demerits above 100, I insist that one of the items to be purchased be underwear. He especially lives in fear of a bra or panty girdle expedition, which ensures that the fitting will be doubly humiliating. I once marched him through four boutiques before we were able to find him bloomers in a shade of pink that matched his face. The owner of a local shop know as 'The Bust Stop' that specialises in foundation garments has become a very enthusiastic participant in the process. She and her sister have personally devoted three entire afternoons to his fittings.

If you thinking of using shopping as a punishment, I would suggest that you be confident that your charge has been sufficiently indoctrinated. As a precaution, I would recommend that the petticoated male not be allowed any money, to prevent him from fleeing on public transportation, and that you take along a tawse in your purse. I have always found that the threat of a public spanking is quite a deterrent to willfulness on such trips. In addition, to avoid the sticky issue of rest rooms, I recommend you consider using a nappy and plastic baby knickers.


Shopping humiliations need not be as involved as these, although I hasten to add that Anna is doing an excellent job. Just making a boy or husband buy his own undies, or dummies and baby bottles, even somewhere as impersonal as a supermarket, can be very shaming and effective. I would definitely recommend that all petticoated males be present whilst their clothes are being purchased, and, if possible, have to buy them themselves. The salesgirls can readily see, from the inevitable squirms and blushes, who these things are really for.

It should not be necessary to take a tawse. The male should be trained well enough by this time for their to be no rebellion. If not, a bit more home discipline is required. As Anna writes, 'I would suggest that your charge has been sufficiently indoctrinated'.

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