from Sharron

Dear Helga,

It's Sharron again, I wrote to you a month ago about my Son becoming my Daughter after revealing he was the knicker drawer thief. Nothing has changed with him/her.

My mother and sister were planning on taking my husband dressed as a girl to a fancy dress party. So to give them a chance to carry out their naughty plan last Friday evening, I took my 2 Daughters out for a meal. So Peter would be in by himself when they arrive to work on him. The idea was they text me if they managed to take him out to the party dressed or just doll him up to the nines at home then I would arrive and assist them as I would accept they have won if they get this far.

Me and my children were at a restaurant for about an hour and I didn't hear anything so I left and dropped them off at their friends house as they probably will not like seeing their dad in a dress. But when I dropped them off I was just about to drive home strongly believing that my husband had resisted their force and that I would not give them another chance. When I received a text asking my to go directly to the party.

When I arrived and entered the building I was welcomed in but some party goers did remind me that it was a fancy dress night. As I was in normal attire. Then I noticed mother dressed as a witch, Michele as snow white. I then noticed a lady with them in a rockabilly dress with a skirted petticoat underneath with high heals not to mention in a heavy makeover and tights. Only she was my Peter. He were quite shocked when he saw me. Then he laughed and said "why are you not in fancy dress like me?" He made it appear he volunteered to do it.

Mother assured me he did not. When they had arrived at our home they lured him to my mothers home. There Michele told him he is going with them to a friends birthday fancy dress party. He joked, as a woman? He was then taken to the smallest bedroom where my mother told him to change into a prom dress. He came out of the room wearing it over his man clothes. He laughed thinking it was still a joke. Mother then forcefully took him back into the room and told him to strip. He initially refused and asked her who she thinks she is?.

Then about 8 women who were also going to the party came to the house and immediately began to fill all the other rooms to also get changed. They were in high spirits. Mother gave him a choice that he obeys or all the ladies will be asked to come in and help force him anyway. He was naive to ask her if he will be exposed to the ladies in a dress afterwards. She told him that he will if he does not comply.

She stripped him to his boxer shorts. Michele then entered the room with a bra. He told her that she can't put him in it as he didn't think it was large enough. She then quickly put it on him and it fitted then she stuffed the C cup with padding and said "got you". He was then placed into the 1950s dress and the 26" skirt petticoat. My sister then told him to look up while she put her hands up and removed his boxers. She apologized for been intrusive and promised him she did not see anything. She then told him to look again up while she puts them back on. But she pulled back up a pair of frilly knickers up instead. He must have felt the difference but was too afraid to complain. Then earrings tights and high heals were also placed on him.

Next mother brushed his hair and curled it with tongs. Then gave him a make over. He then looked just like one of his sisters. For the next hour after that he was left alone while everyone else got dressed for the occasion. When the hour had elapsed he were foolishly hoping that the other girls would leave and he might be free from exposure to them.

Everyone was then ready to go as the mini bus taxi arrived to take them. Michele and Mother shouted at the room door - is Petra ready !!!. Michele my sister opened the door in front of everyone and said "she is ready she is just too shy to come out". He then had no choice but to go along with it and to pretend he volunteered. The girls still laughed and mocked him. He were then taken to the taxi and someone gave him a handbag to also carry.

Well I now think this is a slippery slope he is on. I now do believe its only a matter of time before they also keep him dressed as a woman and ban him from wearing trousers. I think they have the the power and influence to also dominate him into being a lady almost full-time. Probably not as much as they do to Janet but much of the time. The only thing that is preventing this is that my daughter Michele is still living with us at the moment. When she moves out shortly later in summer I do think they will have him. And to be honest I will not do anything to stop it. As long as he can be a man for me when I need it. That is all that counts for me.

Kind regards

Thank you for your letter Sharron. How nice to hear from you again. What a wonderful way to introduce your husband to a feminine lifestyle and to have the help of your mother and sister makes it all the more special. I hope there were lots of photos taken, those memories can be very helpful next time around to remind him.

I plan to publish another delightful letter from Sharron describing her success with her sissy son before too long.


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