from Bobby

Dear Auntie Helga,

When I was 11 I hated gym classes, you know dodge ball, rope climbing and other things. What I would usually do is forget to have or wear my gym shorts under my clothes. So I went to school that day. It was late spring of 1961. I hated wearing those super baggy boys gym shorts, others could see your underwear through them. So I left my gym shorts at home thinking the teacher would just make me sit on the bench at the play field behind the school. I had gym second period that day so I strolled in and saw there was a female teacher, a substitute. We usually had Mr. Barrow, an ex-marine. She asked me where was my gym clothes, I told her I forgot it was gym day. She got mad and told me to sit while she took care of the other boys. After she got them climbing the ropes or running laps she came back over to me.

I got a message about you from the regular teacher she said. You have to take gym, it is mandatory here in Ohio. So come with me and we'll see if there is something in the lost bin for you to wear. I followed her back to the office where she told me to wait while she checked the bin. A few minutes later she came back carrying a blue/grey girl's gym suit. "Now," she said "you can either wear this or your will take gym in your underpants. It is your choice so decide now" I was dumbfounded and told her I couldn't wear a girls gym suit or do it in my underwear. She told me it was the only choice or she would choose for me. I just stood there when she said I made my choice, put on this gym suit and lets go back to the gym.

I didn't get to choose. So I took off my pants and shirt and put on the girls clothes. I felt silly wearing it. It looked like I was wearing a bay girl's sunsuit. The pants part bloused out from my body and the snaps began near my bellybutton. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the gym. The other boys started laughing and saying I was a sissy. I almost started crying but the teacher made me go run a few laps and then some exercises like jumping jacks. If you look at the attached picture you will understand more of what I am saying.

This wasn't the worst part, after gym class ended I had to go back into the office to get dressed. The teacher said she didn't have time to wait for me to change that I could just wear the gym suit under my boy clothes, so I quickly dressed and rushed off to my next class. It felt strange wearing it under my clothes. At the end of the day I went back to the gym and found out the teacher had already left so I was stuck wearing it home.

Right after I got home I ran to my room to change, No sooner had I removed my shirt and pants mom walked into my room seeing me in the girl's gym suit. Mom just looked at me and smiled and told me to just keep the suit on until bedtime. So the rest of the day That is what I wore. I knew boys didn't wear girls things but it did feel comfortable.



Thank you for your letter Bobby. So in trying to be the clever one you learned some valuable lessons, always obey your teacher and that girl's clothes feel good. Seems to me that since you wrote this site, of all the sites on the internet, that this experience had quite the impact on you and that you likely continue to wear girl's clothes, this illustrates that even a short time being petticoated can be transformative and I dare say you never 'forgot' again.

Auntie Helga

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