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This month we have a special treat for PDQ readers! Auntie Jane has allowed us a glimpse into her nursery and the baby treatment meted out to her partner, Baby Saffy.

Aunt Jane/Mistress Jane welcomes any emails concerning petticoat discipline, feminization/sissy training and chastity key-holding/advice. However, please do not write if you are not serious about requiring guidance or training. Occasionally Aunt Jane has vacancies for suitable applicants to become one of her special 'girls'.

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"Lie still and enjoy your dum-dum, baby." All babies love to suck and Saffy is no exception. He is never happier when than when sucking his dummy! The dummy is a very powerful tool in controlling the male, as many readers of PDQ will be aware. Once a male has been trained or encouraged to accept it, he will often become completely dependent on his humiliating 'dum dum'. Such a small object has a great deal of shameful symbolism, and I cannot recommend 'dummy discipline' too highly to other potential mummies.


"Let me remove your 'dum dum' so you can enjoy your nice bottle of warm formula." It is important to feed babies properly of course, so only proper babymilk should be used. A small hole teat is usually best, so that the feed lasts longer... A bib to protect baby's pretty dress is also essential!


Sometimes I like to use an old-fashioned 'vintage' baby bottle of the type used in the 1940's and 50's. These can often be obtained from ebay, but are surprisingly very collectable!


Here we see mummy feeding Saffy from a baby bottle at least fifty years old!


"Eat it all up baby, to make you big and strong..." Baby cannot survive on just milky bottle feeds of course, so he is also fed with real commercial baby-food - which he hates! (too bad!). Like all babies he can be terribly messy, so a bib must always be used. Baby is always strapped into his high-chair with a proper baby harness, and his wrists strapped to the harness to make him completely helpless.


Sometimes naughty babies need a spanking on their panty- clad bottoms to remind them who's in charge!


"Have some nice yummy baby-food after your formula." Baby Saffy waits patiently securely strapped in his high-chair, while mummy prepares his lunch. He cannot feed himself of course as he would make such a mess!


"Lie still baby and suck your dummy while I change your nappy." Babies frequently wet their nappies of course and every good mummy checks underneath their plastic panties regularly to make sure they are dry."


"This will keep you quiet baby." Sometimes big babies can be noisy and fractious. This 'punishment dummy', strapped in place should do the trick nicely! There is such a wide range of dummies now available, some like this one have an extra large teat for adults - although the shield and ring are normal baby size.


Baby's punishment dummy is now firmly held in place with a leather strap. It will stay in place all night and will only be removed for bottle-feeds and then replaced straight away!


All babies enjoy a nice warm bedtime bottle of warm formula before being 'put down' at night. Inevitably this means a wet nappy in a few hours!


"Yes, I know it's only 6pm but babies need plenty of sleep. Perhaps I will give you another bottle and nappy change in a few hours..." Poor Saffy prepares to be strapped down in his cot at 6pm! There is nothing nicer than enjoying a nice meal, a glass of wine and relaxing in front of the television, while Saffy lies bedummied and securely restrained while strapped down in his cot - putting up with a wet nappy!


Baby lays waiting (punishment dummy in mouth), for mummy to fix the side of his cot in place and attach the D-rings of his baby harness to the cot rails. Readers will no doubt notice how 'well-developed' baby is for her age!


The experts always say that "breast is better than bottle", so sometimes you can offer baby some 'quality time' at the breast. Just be sure to wear a proper nursing bra so that he is fully aware that it is nothing to do with sex - just part of his nursery routine. There are some very attractive nursing bras now available incidentally!


On the subject of bras, there is no reason why your sissy baby should not have the opportunity to wear one as well! Here Saffy is shown a nice black bra, which I have chosen for him.


"Do your new boobs feel nice baby?" Baby must have something to fill the new cups of his bra of course! Here I have fitted some nice heavy silicon breast-forms to give him a nice bust that any girl would be proud of!


Babies cannot dress themselves of course and need some help from mummy. How pretty baby looks in her baby dress with her nice new bra and silicon breast-forms!


All babies enjoy a cuddle with mummy!
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