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As a service to our readers I am thrilled to be able to offer my exclusive Chastity Keyholding Service for a small fee - depending on how long the individual requested to be kept locked. Anyone using this service will need a webcam or digital camera to 'prove' they remained locked during their lock-up period. There would be no actual key required as such - instead a numbered plastic or wire seal would be used, to be provided by the 'lockee'. Please write to me at for details.

My experience with this type of training is extensive as outlined in my letter below.

I mentioned briefly in a previous letter the chastity regime that I practice on my husband Saffy, so I thought your readers would be interested in how this came about.

I first became interested in the subject of enforced male chastity about four years ago after coming across several accounts on the Internet and occasionally in the pages of women's magazines. The actual chastity device most often mentioned was a 'CB3000' produced in the US. It seemed the ideal thing to try as I did not want to spend a great deal of money to begin with and also because I had to 'persuade' hubby that it was in his own interest to wear it!

I researched the subject and found several suppliers in the UK offering it in clear, grey and black plastic. I chose clear as it seemed to be the most apt for his already feminized status - he would be able to see his penis but not able to touch it! I decided not tell him about my plans but thought it would be a nice surprise 'gift' for him, as our wedding anniversary was just a couple of weeks away.

I waited excitedly for the new 'toy' to arrive and it duly turned up a few days later discreetly packaged in a padded envelope. I waited until Saffy was out of the house and then excitedly examined my purchase. The unit consisted of a 'cock cage' in acrylic plastic and five rings of various sizes - which I understood would be used to anchor the unit behind his testicles. There were also a selection of nylon spacers and pins of various lengths. A small brass 'Master' padlock was included with two keys as well as a few numbered plastic tags which could be used instead of the supplied padlock. Also included was a nice black velvet bag in which to store the device and a couple of A4 sheets. These described in detail how the device should be fitted and various tips on using it. I studied these and then placed the CB2000 in its little bag safely in the drawer of my bedside cabinet where it would wait until our wedding anniversary.

The actual day happened to be a Saturday which was ideal for my plan, and as we lay in bed after waking; Saffy in his pretty lilac baby dress, frilly plastic baby pants and nappy. I removed his night-time dummy and replaced it with the teat of his baby bottle from the bottle warmer nearby (something I always do at week-ends), Knowing that he would be quite excited by my attention and cuddles I whispered that Mummy had a "special present for baby", reaching over to the drawer of my bedside cabinet and retrieving the hidden black velvet bag.

"Look what Mummy has for you", I said, as I showed him the contents - watching his puzzled expression as he guessed the purpose of the pink plastic cage and rings spilling from the velvet bag on to the bed-clothes. "Can you guess what this is for?" I added with a questioning smile. He nodded somewhat reluctantly as I showed him the cock cage. "This is especially made so that little babies cannot play with themselves", I said smiling, "and we know one such baby not a million miles away", I added with a smirk watching his embarrassed reaction. "Oh, yes, Mummy knows exactly what you get up to when you think she's not watching." I exclaimed: stroking the front of his nylon covered plastic baby pants. "Does baby like that?" I whispered, feeling him harden to my touch. "Just enjoy your nice ba ba while mummy tries out your new toy for size". I reached down to the waistband of his plastic pants pulling them down to his thighs and unfastening the tapes of his disposable nappy beneath. It was immediately obvious that my little baby was becoming very excited indeed! I took some KY jelly from the drawer and liberally coated his little baby penis and testicles to make him nice and slippery!

Taking the largest of the supplied rings I carefully I encircled his penis with it and gently pulled first one and then the other testicle through the ring. I had deliberately chosen the largest of the rings to begin with, although it was quite obvious a smaller one would be needed for a better fit. Saffy had by now drained his formula and I removed the bottle teat from between his lips. "Now for the next part Baby", I said, threading one of the nylon pins through the ring and then carefully fitting the largest nylon washer.

Saffy looked apprehensive as I picked up the clear plastic cock cage and showed it to him. "There, there, babykins don't be frightened" I said, reaching for his discarded dummy teat and pushing it between his anxious lips. "Suck on your nice 'dum dum' like a good little baby while Mummy introduces your little winkie to its new home", while slipping the cage over the end of his penis; though this was not made any easier by his excited condition. But with a little help from the KY his engorged penis soon filled its 'new home' and I carefully lined up the nylon pegs with their respective holes in the trapped ring. "There we go baby, now you can help me with the last bit", I said teasingly, picking up the padlock and quickly threading the hasp through the hole in the nylon locking pin. I glanced at my Baby husband, still anxiously sucking away on his dummy teat. "Now give me your hand" I ordered, which I then took and placed over the padlock. "Mummy wants to hear the click of the lock, Babykins", I whispered, "Can you do that for Mummy?" Rather reluctantly his fingers closed around the lock and I heard the slight click as it snapped home - a sound which heralded the start of our first voyage into chastity!

chastity device
Delightfully locked up in a CB3000 and frillies

I had read that it was always more humiliating to make the 'victim' lock himself in to the actual chastity device - strictly speaking his locked condition was then his own doing - something I could then tactfully remind him of later! While he still lay there looking rather bemused with his genitals firmly under lock and key, I explained that for his first 'lock-up' would last for just an hour and I would then reward him with cuddles and sex. Providing all was well I would gradually increase the time he was to remain locked up and I would reward him for being a good baby if he went along with this. I explained that during this initial period he was quite free to ask me for the key at any time if he felt uncomfortable and that I would be checking for any sign of chaffing from the device. I privately expected this period of adjustment to last between 2-3 weeks by which time he would be locked up 24/7 - something he would only fully realise later! Looking at his engorged penis straining inside the clear plastic of the cage was a real turn-on for me. I simply loved the control and power that the device would ultimately give me!

I re-fixed the tapes of his nappy and pulled his baby pants back into position. Telling him to lie still I went downstairs to shower and prepare breakfast. About an hour later I returned to find my big baby still lying quietly in his pretty baby dress contentedly rhythmically sucking away on his dummy. I pulled down his plastic panties and undid the adhesive tapes fastening his nappy. "There's a good little baby girl", I cooed. "Now let's take your new toy off your winkie." I said, producing the key and unlocking the padlock. There was no doubt he was still very much aroused as I proceeded to remove the CB3000 from his genitals. I quickly straddled him and allowed him to enter me - it was a wonderful feeling as I rode him to a shattering climax. He looked so helpless on his back with his pretty baby dress rucked up and his dummy teat still firmly planted between his lips, the ring of his dummy gently moving with his frantic sucking - so sweet and adorable!

In the months that followed Saffy got gradually used to being locked 24/7 - except for when I required his services. We had a few issues with comfort but these were fairly easily solved. I found that he actually needed the next to smallest ring to remain 'safe and secure'. The effect of the CB3000 on his behaviour and respect for me was startling and I decided he should remain locked up for the rest of our married life. Since that time I have tried other chastity devices until finally he was introduced to a Neosteel total shemale belt just 18 months ago. Expensive yes, but worth every penny, as I know my sissy husband cannot possibly escape from the embrace of his steel panties!

I will write further about our 'adventure into chastity' if readers are interested.

Jane (Mummy to Baby Saffron)
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