by Dr. Mary Morgan PHD

Boys entering puberty, and adult men have certain biological urges, it is by controlling these urges that the superior empowered women maintains her complete control over the inferior male. Thr simplest, and safest way to control these urges is through the use of a lock on chastity devise. The object here is not to destroy these urges through chemical, or surgical means, but to use these urges for the woman's advantage. Other than for procreation the male organ is not necessary. There are ways not involving intercourse for a male to provide a woman with pleasure. Other than intercourse it is only for his pleasure that the organ exists. Since his desire to satisfy these urges is overpowering, by controlling when, how, and where he can satisfy himself, you have much more control over him. It must be remembered that the chastity devise is the constant reminder of his inferior status, and that she who holds the key is his Matriarch with absolute authority over him. male gratification must be looked upon as a reward, never as a right. He must earn that reward. What he has to do to earn it is strictly up to his Matriarch, as is the way the reward is given. The system that I use with my wife, and used with my son before he became my daughter-in-law's wife is an easy one to follow. On the last day of the month I sit in judgement of whether or not they have earned the reward. I do this by asking myself certain questions. If the anser to all the questions is yes, they get rewarded. A no answer to any question no reward, and they have to do better the next month. Some of the questions apply to both, some were only for my son, and others are only for my wife. These are the questions that apply to both.

1) Does he show proper respect for the superior gender by greeting me, and my daughter every morning with a deep curtsy to be held until ordered to rise?

2) Is he dutiful, and obedient at all times to me, and after me, my daughter?

3) Has he at all times been a good girl?

For my son I added

1) Does he get good grades in school?

2) Does he perform all his household tasks properly?

For my wife I add.

1) Does he keep my home spotless?

2) Are meals properly cooked and served to me, and my daughter?

3) Is he a perfect Ladies Maid?

4) Does he provide me with daily multiple orgasms?

The reward if earned is three minutes of self masturbation, or until they ejaculate, whichever comes first. Of course if any empowered woman wishes to use this method, the questions would be ones that relate to her needs, and wishes. Today some Empowered Women take it to another level. They have the self masturbation performed at a sperm bank, where the sperm is labeled and saved. In that way she can have children through artificial insemination, and he would be the father, but never have intercourse with her. Since the male produces more sperm in one ejaculation than is necessary for procreation, there is an up side to this method of procreation. The male need not ejaculate more than once a month.

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