Dear Auntie Helga,

I feel compelled to write more about my feelings on this subject. I have always been a sensitive guy. I'm 62 now. When I was a boy, I bed-wet, cried a lot and felt inadequate. Yet, as time passed, I learned to be compassionate and developed a firm sense of right and wrong. My thinking and behavior is centered around this now. I feel this is the foundation of being good, or being naughty.

There are always consequences for one's actions. It is best to learn this as early as possible. In fact, I still blush red when my friend chastises me. "Larry!" She'll use a tone that sounds like 'Shame on you!'. She has told me she loves to see me turn red in the face.

When I think about it, this is a way of reminding a naughty boy to straighten up. For a normally good boy, this should be all that it requires. it certainly is for me! Although very embarrassing, it is better than enduring a week of diaper punishment!

Ideally, one time should be enough. I feel sorry for those who not learn this, and wind up even as far as being behind bars. Not a good life,

Like you, I agree that it is not meant to be abusive. it is meant to send a strong message to a miscreant.

Thank you again for selecting my experience-story for your Dummy Discipline issue. Feel free to include this, too. I feel that it is an important message, don't you?

Take care!

Thank you for your letter Larry. Yes, a very important message that my site is endeavoring to deliver, punishment without reason is quite often abusive, petticoating and the use of regressive treatment can be lovingly applied and be successful, you are a fine example.

Auntie Helga

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