Dear Auntie Helga,

I take the opportunity to write to you now that my boss is on a three day's holiday and her deputy is in a meeting. I do so, as I think that she is not aware of the existence of your wonderful Online Magazine. As you may recall I am forced to wear a diaper covered by rubber panties and hold up stockings during my shift at an information desk. This as a measure taken after my unallowed and long absence while using the bath room. After a Saturday's night dinner party at my bosses apartment the suggestion was made that I would guide ( I hold a MA degree in Art History, but have difficulties finding a job) my boss and her two lady friends during a morning at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This would bring me € 3,50 per hour. I could not resist this offer as I could earn a total of € 21 for two hours of guiding...(2 x € 3,50 x 3)

The Friday before the excursion would take place (a Sunday was agreed upon), my boss called me in her office and handed me my outfit: two XXL diapers, a rubber panty, hold up stockings, and a vinyl jumper to cover everything up. This item was new to me, but I found it later in the catalogue of Fetware.

Sunday morning I clad myself with the two thick diapers, the rubber panty and the vinyl jumper. Stocking and penny loafers completed my outfit, however, only made possible by wearing wide sport trousers. I felt clumsy, but at the same time compelled to meet the agreement. At the entrance of the Museum I met the three ladies, and they were in a very good mood. "I am happy to see you in good shape, after our abundant dinner party" opined the lady that had stuffed my mouth with ketchup and mustard while kneeling beside her, "I am looking forward for the day!" I invited the ladies to follow me, and soon we found ourselves in the Gallery of Honour, where all the famous Dutch painters of the seventeenth century are on display.

In the meantime, however, I felt my diapers constantly and my bladder as well. This distracted me more and more, and little by little the ladies took notice of my uneasiness. "What is the matter?, You look so troubled...", asked my boss kindly. "I think I need to pee", I whispered. "Well, that's all too human", my boss said in a normal tone, "fortunately you wear your diapers, don't you?, so you can continue our tour without delay. Why don't you stand in that quiet corner and do your thing, and come back and tell us more of those fine stories behind the pieces of excellent art?". Some of the visitors looked at me, but continued their visit, while I was in a remote corner. Oh, I felt miserable, but I had to go on. The diapers did what they are for, they held my urine in place, but I had a very peculiar feeling between my legs, and we had still more than an hour to go. With heavy steps and carefully moving around I managed to my relieve to complete the tour. The ladies were satisfied and one of them suggested that we would have lunch together before leaving.

This was not directly what I had in mind, but I needed the € 21 fee, and I had to follow the ladies to the museum restaurant. When seated I got my money, paid in cash, three times €7. The ladies ordered a nice lunch: fruits de mer for three and a bottle of Chardonnay, while I had to satisfy myself with a croque monsieur. The ladies enjoyed the meal while chatting and leaving me on my own, but it was obvious that I could not leave the table. One lady offered me a left over, as did her friend allowing me a sip of her wine. You can imagine how I felt when being treated like this in a public room. Than it was pay check time. My boss said: "I have the impression that Leo as the gentleman in our company wishes to cover the bill, don't you Leo?" I stammered, and reddened, and said that I did not have the money, only the € 21 and an additional € 5,60 in my pocket. "Well, that's a disappointment, but we need to solve the problem caused by you", said a one of the ladies, "I'll pay the bill, under the condition that you come to my house, beginning two weeks from now, and help me with the house keeping, and other odd jobs that need attention. I'll let your boss know where and how you have to present yourself. Anyway, you can be sure that I'll make you pay for the embarrassment you have caused".

My boss added: "You can go now, leave €10 for a tip for the waitress, and off you go. I expect you in office tomorrow morning at 10". I got to my feet and made it to the exit. With the diapers fully wet and heavy, and the vinyl jumper adding perspiration dripping down my body, I got home, full of worries about the new challenge that awaited me after the coming two weeks.


Thank you for your letter Leo. Diapers can serve many purposes beside the obvious, they can induce a mental state of submission, especially in those men that require help in controlling themselves physically. Naturally we of the stronger sex realize this and use it to our advantage by allowing them the opportunity to be in our company and to serve our desires.


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