Dear Auntie Helga,

I am pleased to be able to tell you that the fears I told you of in my previous letter have come to nothing. My wife and her then boyfriend, have gone their separate ways, and so he will not be coming to live with us, (much to my relief). However a situation has arisen that my Mother in Law, is sure you will empathise with, and has ordered me to write to you again. As you know, I am at the beck and call of both my wife and her Mother, and it is more often than not her mother who is left in charge of me.

Sometime back her mother, whom I must call Madame Anne, invited some of her friends round preparatory to going into town for some lunch and later to the Theatre. As usual, I was serving them refreshments; something I quite enjoy doing in spite of the remarks that a male dressed in a maid's outfit will naturally attract. Having for the moment completed my duties, I stood casting around for something to occupy myself with, while the ladies chatted and finished their tea. Madame noticed this at once and ordered me to the corner, out of the way, but where I could observe the room, ready to tend to any lady's needs. Usually when sent to the corner, it is to stand with my face to the wall and nose all the way in. When in this position it is customary to stand with hands on head in the classic childish pose.

However, since this time I was facing outward and into the room I chose to stand to attention with hands behind my back looking nervously at the group.

'Suck your thumb darling.' Came the order.

I had been so used to the ladies ignoring me, that to suddenly be given an order took me completely by surprise. The room fell silent as all the ladies turned to look at me. 'Beg pardon Mrs. Hollis?' I stammered feeling myself shrink beneath the withering gaze of the four women.

'You heard what Mrs. Hollis said oaf, do as you're told.' Stated Madame.

To a chorus of giggles I meekly put my thumb in my mouth and began sucking furiously.

'No, no, not like that!' she stood up from her chair, and came over to me. Grasping my wrist she pulled and pushed my thumb in and out. 'That's it dear,' giggle, 'pretend you are pleasing a man.' This brought hoots of laughter from the assembled ladies.

'Gently dear, you will find it very soothing and comforting, something to do when you feel nervous. Babies do it all the time when they feel anxious.' I removed the digit just long enough to say, 'Thank you Mrs. Hollis.' Before resuming, to the evident amusement of Mrs. Hollis, and the other Ladies.

The thing is Auntie Helga, that despite the taunting of the Ladies and the extreme humiliation of appearing this way in front of them, I found that sucking my thumb did indeed have a calming effect on me as Mrs. Hollis had said it would. I was still profoundly ashamed of myself, but the act of this even more humiliating deed, soothed my troubled state and actually helped to prevent me bursting into tears, as I'm sure I would have done had it not been for this extremely babyish form of conduct.

So the ladies left for their outing, leaving me to clean up after them, and continue my chores.

However, in the days following, whenever I found myself humiliated, or confused, or even just upset, if ever the chance presented itself, into my mouth my thumb would go, something both Madame and my wife found enormously amusing, also such guests as witnessed my babyish habit. So much so that Madame has taken it, and my status to an even lower position, as baby girl. Initially, she bought a proper baby's dummy for me to suck, but this was hardly suitable for such a baby as I was becoming, and I now have several adult baby dummies, two of which are shaped like little penises. Also my dresses have changed too, when not required as maid or domestic, Madame has acquired several smock type baby girl dresses, which are so short as to be totally immodest no matter how still I stand.

I am also required to wear nappies from Friday to Sunday night, Madame would love to make me wear them during the week too, but, due to work commitments this is not possible (thankfully). The nappy goes on as soon as is practicable on my return from work, and is not changed until the following morning, meaning of course that I am invariably quite wet. I am however spared the full indignity, of messing myself, being allowed to use the toilet for defaecation purposes, after which, and having cleaned myself, I once again submit to being powdered and fastened back into the awful garment.

My nappy is usually changed twice a day, and then again before bed, so that I spend quite a lot of time wet in order to teach me what a silly little baby I am. Even so, during the week my underwear has also been changed to show my "little girl" status being of extremely childish design with such things as teddy bears etc. decorating them. I have also been supplied with a teddy bear and a rag doll, bought from a charity shop, one of which I carry with me at all times. White ankle socks, and plimsolls complete my attire, and with my hair tied up in bunches with pastel shade ribbons, my wife, Madame, and their guests seem very much to enjoy my new found status, all of which keeps me sucking hard at my dummy, my one comfort in a very stressful world, it is quite truthful to say that, were it not for that most babyish article, I should be a very sorry little girl indeed.

Yours truly,
Baby Alice

Thank you for your letter Alice. Good to hear they have separated, quite the relief. Now the new situation with your loving and wonderful mother-in-law, what a sweet person to help you realize your true potential. Of course sucking your thumb can be quite calming and now that you have found yourself in nappies, I'm sure you will appreciate it's effect even more so.


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