Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife has been raising me for a long time. We have been married for over twenty years. Quickly she realized a potential, which I do not know. It was like that I liked to wear diapers, but without wet diapers. It passed a certain time, our daughter was born, I was fascinated by diapers, bodysuits, Schuller and so. So I got, pacifier and baby bottle. I was very happy about that. But when my daughter was about 14 or 15 years old, from then on my wife started to educate me.

I wore a diaper longer, sucked my Paci when I was alone and drank tea from my baby bottle. Then came the day that changed everything. Our daughter was in my room and I had forgotten to put my things away. I wanted to show her something on the computer, but she saw the pacifier and the vial and said what I was afraid of. You are a baby I denied, but it was too late. My wife got that and then she said, stop lying. You should wear your diapers 24/7 and your Schuller too. Then my former room was rebuilt and I had to get out of the bedroom to live in the baby room

I had a shelf for my diapers, so that all visitors can see exactly, here is a baby in it. She started a bedwetting workout. Make every 20 - 30 minutes pee on the day. That's why damiot the bubble gets smaller over time. Towards evening, the amount of drinking is increased. I listened to MP3 readings where things like "You're a bed drunk, it's normal for a bed drunk to wet yourself. You need a diaper, you wet this diaper in your sleep, like a baby." You're a baby: There were minor successes, but nothing more. My wife was already my mommy at the time. She found something on the internet about how to become bedwetting. It should be placed especially in the night a little wet in the night's diaper, so that the future Bettnässer gets used to the wet diaper. It's normal to be wet. Getting started. Best with a wet diaper. But where to get from? Then Mommy said, over us lives a young mother with two daughters, both about two years old. In Pampers. So Mommy talked to her, I come in the evening to get me one or two dipped diapers. I then went down, went into my room and took off my clothes and lay down on the changing mat, Mommy comes in, removed the diaper and put a clean down, then she put the wet Pampers on the new diaper and closed my diaper. I felt very ashamed, then I had to go to bed. Then after a few months, it started and then my bed was wet. It increased and then it was time. I was a bedwetter - I need diapers.

During this time, we stopped having sex with each other.

More and more, I became a baby, I had then bed times, got Forumla in baby bottles, had my pacifier on a pacifier chain. Our daughter, I now spoke to aunt. To the wife, I said mommy.

As clothes I got bodysuits, leggings ...

I obeyed Mommy always. In the day I could no longer hold my pee and soaked in the day ..

Mommy then addressed me, My baby, are you happy?

I said yes mommy.

My baby, mommy is a woman and I have needs. Do you understand that?

Yes mommy.

You said that you would do anything for mommy, right?

Yes mommy.

Mommy has a boyfriend for some time now, you are a baby to me and I love you with all my heart. But mommy needs one too. Would you like to see mommy happy, baby?

Yes of course

Mommy's friend can make Mommy very happy. Should he do that?

I told mommy, he should do it ....

Then she slept with him and beamed.

I was now a baby and a cuckold

I was then made ready for bed in the evening, read Sandman, painted in the picture book, listened to stories in bed. Only got baby food. He moved in and became my daddy. I had to sit in the back of the car, in a kind of child seat. I was dressed like a little girl from there. With petticoat, skirts, braids and also a toddler middle braid, ponytail. Then it came down, the Mommy discontinued the pill and he no longer a condom. I became a C3 Cuckold, never inside. A sissy baby cuckold. Now I have painted fingers and toenails. Mommy often slept with Daddy and then she got pregnant.

Pampers ben

Thank you for your letter Ben. What a fascinating life story, true or not it certainly illustrates the power of the 'mommy' figure for many of our readers. So lets assume for the moment this is real, our baby Ben has been allowed to live a life of comfort and be well cared, not a bad thing for a adult baby. (If anyone knows what he meant by a 'Schuller' please let me know)


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