Dear Auntie Helga,

My name is pansy Gronski, and would like to share with your readers my very true lifestyle. I am a 58 year-old TS, however I now live permanently as a 3 year-old little girl. I am 100% incontinent, and eat a baby food only diet.

I am very fortunate to have a Mistress who keeps me this way, and She states that There is NO chance of me ever returning to some form of adulthood. When we initially met She asked if I would dress as a little girl on occasion, however 6 years later it grown into being permanent for me. I have no regrets on my lifestyle, as I have always been very juvenile and childish even when I was pretending to be a grown up person.

My Mistress, who is my roommate and a crossdresser makes sure that I have no adult influences. She controls every aspects of my life, controls my finances, (I get a small government check as I have been deemed by the courts as not being able to handle my own affairs) and controls what I watch on TV and read. I am not permitted to watch any programs she considers to grown up by using a Parental Control on the TV, and I am only permitted to read Children's Books (Dr. Suess and the like) and children's activity and colouring books. She has indicated to me, that She would like to find a procedure that would erase any remembrance I had of being an Adult. Although that is probably impossible, I know that I will never act, look like, or be portrayed as grown up person ever again. I do know that this is what is best for Me, and I would not want to live any other way.

I have enclosed a few pictures to show to you and your lovely readers the style of dress I wear on a daily basis. My neighbors all know of me and having recently had cancer, they seem to be accepting of my look, though I don't think they know of the permanence of my lifestyle.

I simply love reading your website, especially the "Dummy Digest" editions, please keep up the good work.

Pansy Gronski

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Thank you for your letter Pansy. So nice to hear from you and thank you for sharing your baby lifestyle with our readers. Though unconventional to many, those that choose to live this way enjoy themselves immensely and share with their Mistress/mommy many happy times and an otherwise normal life, at least for them.

Auntie Helga

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