Letter 3
(From Profile Vol 1 No 3)
Contributed by Helena

Dear Susan,

I am sorry for keeping you waiting so long for my contribution It is from 'Profile' Vol 1 No 3, and I think it is good. I am also sending a picture of a good punishment outfit for boys and husbands. It is very pretty and sissy, with all those flounces and frills, the petticoat, the pretty collar with neck bow, and the Mary Janes and lace-trimmed socks. And of course the huge hair bow. All those details that are so essential to make the outfit complete as a punishment costume. I think it is most amusing to us women to see a boy or a husband dressed up like this. Not for him of course, but who cares? You can't see it, but the dress is secured on the wearer with a little padlock attached to the back zipper. That makes it impossible for him to get out of the dress which of course adds to the humiliation and feeling of helplessness.

Thank you for keeping up with this wonderful site.


Dear Profile,

At 17 my stepson was getting much too big for his boots. He was rude and arrogant, and it was increasingly obvious that strong disciplinary measures were necessary to bring him to his senses. To his disgust, I put him back into babies' nappies, to prove to him that in spite of his high opinion of himself, he was still a mere child, and he was made to wear a short baby-type frock and a little frilly lace petticoat, all which served to further humiliate and embarrass him. This was not achieved without a struggle, but my daughter, two years his junior, lent a willing hand, and her presence seemed to subdue him somewhat. She teased him mercilessly, especially over his having to wear nappies like a baby.

Although truculent at first, he soon quietened down once I had finished dressing him and he even allowed the girl to give him his bottle, which I insisted that he must have. Too big to be taken on her lap, he had to lie on the bed, and it was lovely to see the great shamefaced boy in his nappies and petticoats sucking obediently at the little rubber teat of the bottle, whilst she went on teasing and laughing at him until he literally squirmed.

It did not take many days of continual nappy and baby discipline before he was transformed from a rude and swaggering bully into a very docile and obedient child. He was very sulky and petulant at first, but quickly came to realise that, in any clash of wills with his sister or myself, he was bound to be the loser, and by the end of the week he had even learned to amuse himself with the dolls and other baby toys we had bought for him. His sister even bought him a dummy which we hung around his neck on a loop of pale blue ribbon, and he really looked very sweet and babyish sitting there in his pretty baby clothes hugging his doll for comfort.

I was so pleased with the improvement in his behaviour that I would have relented and allowed him to resume his ordinary attire, but it was his sister who persuaded me against doing so. She had suffered long enough in the past, and rather than run the risk of this happening again she made me agree to continue the treatment for another six months to make sure that there would be no more bullying again in the future. Poor Gerald was very upset when he learnt of his sentence, but his violent reaction only served to show me the wisdom of keeping him this way, as his change was obviously not yet complete.

He was then still at college of course, but he had to come straight home each day and was put at once into his nappies, his lovely little baby frock and his petticoats. It was evidence of the refining influence that the baby clothes were having on him that, after a time, he would submit sullenly but obediently for his sister to dress him. Although I always attended to his nappies myself, I always left it to her to give him his bottle and spoon-feed him at meal times. The humiliation of being dealt with like this by a younger girl served as a constant reminder of his infantile status.

He spent the whole summer in nappies. An ordinary seaside holiday was out of the question since it would have meant relaxing the discipline before the six months was over, so we took him down to my sister's cottage in the country. When the situation was explained to her, she was only too willing to help, and she even borrowed a play-pen and a pram for his use. I think he had hoped for some sympathy from his aunt, but she quickly proved a worse torment than his sister, and every minute of the day she kept teasing and ridiculing him; scolding him for not using his dummy, then laughing at him when he did! And, to his intense humiliation and shame, I allowed her to change his nappies and generally attend to his baby needs. Two or three nights each week she would invite some of her lady friends, who, as a rule were informed what to expect before they arrived, so of course they showed no surprise at seeing a boy of his age in petticoats and nappies, although they were naturally highly amused.

On several occasions however they said nothing to new visitors, and the boy was left in his play pen in the middle of the room dressed in all his baby finery with his dummy in his mouth, and we made sure we kept out of the way when the uninformed visitors came into the room. He then had the miserable and humiliating task of explaining to her himself just why she found him done up like this. Listening from the next room. As he explained to a complete stranger why he, at the age of 17, was fastened up in babies nappies and was playing with a doll, was a truly delightful experience.

It must have seemed a very long six weeks to him, and in spite of the humiliation to which he was still subjected, I am sure he was very glad to be home. Back at college, the discipline was still continued in the evenings and at weekends, and this was made worse for him when my daughter requested to be allowed to bring some of her own young school girl friends round for a visit, and the humiliation of having to appear in front of a lot of giggling girls in his baby attire made him sob with shame.

All the time of course, he had been clinging desperately to the hope that at the end of the six months his miseries would be finished, but by this time I was so used to having my lovely great baby about the house that it needed little persuasion from his sister to me to extend the discipline for a further year. It was so pleasant to have a quiet, docile "child" around instead of the loud-mouthed braggart that he had been before, that I did not hesitate. He was in fact 19 years old before he we finally released him from his nappies. He is now married to a woman several years older than himself and, thanks to his early training, is an excellent husband in every respect. His wife is aware of how he was dressed and treated, and uses similar methods herself if he shows the slightest sign of straying.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs A.

Here is another be-nappied 'victim' who has been trained to be a perfect hubby to a rather dominating wife. And the punishment frock and petticoat that Helena has sent in would provide excellent petticoat discipline in any recalcitrant case. I would make the bow a little smaller, but otherwise it is just scrumptious.

Classic Reprint from our Dummy Discipline Digest 2001

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