Dear Helga,

Sorry if been super crazy here. We have had a few hiccups along the way with swearing and outburst but it improving, Todd even taken to wearing casual girls' stuff around the house. A couple of time he has come down in a dress and with hair done.


Carol was teasing him saying you be cute as a "baby girl" the really got his back up and he went mental. I had to break it up and gave Todd some corner time and he did apologise but told Carol that hurt his feelings and it wasn't nice to make fun.

Next morning his nappy was soaked I didn't change him immediately I let him sit in it a bit as a punishment. I took him up to the shower and supervised him. then when I asked him what he wanted to wear he wisped "nappy for fun" and my pretty stuff. I asked him why and reminded him of his reaction to this yesterday. He said "I don't want to be a "baby girl I can be big and nice looking"

What do you say to that when your 18-year-old want to turn 12 months old?

I honoured his requested changed him into a fresh nappy and helped him get dressed to conceal it. He begged me not to tell Carol. I promised I won't say anything but I did warn him Carol is cleaver she may figure it out. I managed to get Maria to take Carol out for the weekend so me and Todd can have some time together. I have never had so many kisses and cuddles in one weekend. I did give him the option when he was changed to take it off and get some undies on, he just said "no thank you mommy"

Issues Wardrobe thief

The only issue we had is he keep trying to raid Carol's Wardrobe for new outfits. I have told him if he wants to borrow stuff, he got to ask Carol and is she says now that's it. Irony is Carol is now borrowing stuff from Todd's wardrobe. He tells her don't get it dirty I like that top.

Telling friends off

I did hear him saying to one of his friends "don't annoy the girls in my house you don't want to find out what happens". He even told his friend off for swearing in the house and made him say sorry.

Todd has been diagnosed with bipolar and post traumatic stress from his dad leaving so soon. I had to sit him down and explain it to him. He just started crying and smacking his head calling himself "stupid and worthless piece of junk I'm broken its dads' fault". I just cuddled him and said "it not the end of the world now we can start to get you help" it seemed to cheer him up and typical Todd came out with "well then at least I can wear girls' stuff and if anyone says anything ill tell them I'm mental"

The school have put stuff in place when he can get changed in private and if he needs time out, they have someone he can talk to.

Thanks for your help


Thank you for your letter Ann. I am so pleased to hear that Todd has accepted his girl's clothes a normal part of his life now. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend, this is so much better that the rude foul mouthed miscreant he was. Petticoating can work wonders. Knowing his condition is the first step to understanding and providing proper support. Good news about the school's attitude.


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