Dear Auntie Helga,

When I first met the lady who would eventually be my second wife, we were both very open about our sexual preferences and after a long first marriage of disappointment, I slowly opened up and told her about my love of nappies. I watched her facial expressions intently as I told her this and she seemed totally relaxed so I carried on. I explained about my fascination with wearing nappies and about the first time I had tried my 9 year old sisters baby rubber knickers on after Mum had put her in them for being a bedwetter.

Angela (my wife to be) told me she would love to see me dressed as a baby and wanted to dress me that night although I wasn't ready for that so quickly. She asked me my favourite colour and when I said pink, she knew what gender baby she was looking at.

She told me if we went down this road I had no choice but to be a baby girl, which was absolute music to my ears!

Because I lived alone at the time, all my baby clothes were kept locked in a suitcase to prevent any embarrassing moments should my family start looking in places they weren't meant to. She told me to bring my suitcase down immediately so she could see what I had. At that time there wasn't very much, nappies, plastic and frilly baby pants in white and pink, 2 or 3 dummies, a baby bottle and a baby romper suit.

The item that took her attention was a pink set of adult baby reins with BABY embroidered across the front ( I had bought these from Wilf on the internet and the quality was excellent).

My first wife refused to put me in them as she said she didn't want a baby husband although she married me with us both liking to wear nappies but just for fun. After my sons and daughter were born, this subsided as I fully understood that she had real babies to care for and needed a man in her life which I very much was. We did rekindle this part of our relationship as our children grew up, but she never really had much enthusiasm and eventually it stopped leaving her contented and me in a constant state of frustration.

I told Angela about this and she promised me it would never happen between us as she was feeling so horny just talking about it.

She went upstairs to run a bath and told me to strip off and come in when she called. I was then ordered into the bath and she washed me all over spending time washing my "baby tinkle" as it was known from then on, but careful not to spend too long as I was ready to come and was fighting not too.

Talking to me like a baby, she told me that Mummy was so happy to have another baby (as her kids had grown up and gone) and I was going to do everything she told me from now on.

I was towel dried and taken into the bedroom where she had laid my nappies on the bed ready to be pinned on, with baby powder and my pink frilly baby rubbers.

She laid me on top of my nappy and started to powder and put baby lotion on me. I could see how turned on she was as she told me to speak in a baby lisp as she went to put my dummy in my mouth but instead kissed me passionately and then straddled me telling me to call her Mummy and fuck her hard.

Needless to say we didn't last long but the force of our orgasms took us both by surprise and we knew we would certainly have this as a main part of sex life moving forward. She told me off for making a sticky mess in Mummy and said if I was acting like a baby then Mummy was going to treat me like one. She powdered me again and cleaned me up with baby wipes and then pinned my nappy on really tight as she knew from her experience with her babies that nappies became loose very quickly. Angela then got my baby panties and put them over my ankles but insisted that I stood up as she wanted me to feel like a toddler as she pulled them up my legs and over my nappy. My legs felt like jelly as she did this and then she asked me if I had ever wet a nappy which I hadn't to this point as my previous wife would have just freaked out.

She laid me on the bed and encouraged me to wet it as she started to feed me a bottle, but I was too turned on. Angela told me I would be wetting it and would be wearing nappies to bed from now on so get used to it! She then sat on top of me and pulled my rubbers down to expose my nappy and then proceeded to wet my nappy for me before pulling my rubbers back up telling me I was now in wet nappies which baby must have done as mummies don't wet their baby's nappies as that would be so wrong. Within 10 minutes I added my own wee wee to Mummies and then Mummy unpinned one side of my nappy so she could open up the front and told me to get on top of her and make love.

I jumped at the chance as she slipped my nappy and baby knickers down to release my cock but she kept them pulled up at the back, so I could feel my nappy between my legs and around my groin as she was patting my frilly rubbers and talking baby talk to me until I came gushing inside her. As we collapsed on the bed she put a bib on me and then gave me the rest of my bottle and I unashamedly fell asleep in her arms.

I have loads more to tell you so please let me know if you want me to write again as I know your readers must love the Dummy Discipline letters as I do but don't want to have to wait all year to see baby letters at Christmas.

Well done with your efforts with this fabulous site.

luv u
Baby Stephanie

Thank you for your letter Stephanie. How nice to hear from you again and thank you for your kind words about my site. Well now, congratulations on finding such a wonderful woman, I am just so happy for you, she is a rare treasure. I also note that honest conversation led to her enthusiastic acceptance, a lesson for any one of our readers too shy to try.

Merry Christmas!

Auntie Helga

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