Dear Helga,

A little bit on diapering your sissy or submissive mate. First of all, no hair from the neck down! Don't want to hear any excuses. There are plenty of reasons for being hairless for a man. Snorkeling, biking, whatever, a sub needs to be hairless. If you want to play the game, then damn, make a rule and enforce it. Simply, no hair or no sub/sissy!

Now, if it has to be hair, then from the mid thigh up should be clean and hair free, but really, totally unacceptable to me as a MISTRESS!! Look around, there are dozens upon dozens hairless guys walking around... hummmm, doesn't that make you think just a little?

I think it's not just that a diapered sissy should be in a thick diaper that make them waddle, but the outfit you select should accentuate the fact that he is in a diaper. And, they should be fitted in a tight, padded diaper or diapers. Take your time attaching it and taping it on and be very verbal while attaching the diaper, humiliation is what all this is about. Tell him that all sluts need to wear a diaper. He has to earn wearing panties like big gurls. Its not about baby play, or at least not for me, it's about control and showing him you control him. Pad the diaper with a folded towel or two or a diaper or two as a filler. You want a thick package between his legs, one that prevents him from closing his thighs, hence waddle.

Short skirts, dresses, rompers, anything that draws more attention to the fact that he is your sissy or submissive and he has a diaper on. The selection should be that it does not hide the fact that he is diapered and a sub to anyone who you pleasure to show him to or be around. Bed time ware is a short nightie or long gown. I make him wear a cutout bra to bed also. The purpose here is to make him UNCOMFORTABLE, so he doesn't forget who put him into this outfit.

Daytime or walk around time, not only should the diaper be thick, they should look sissy in some way. I like making my slut wear his large filled bra, a tight tee shirt or blouse, a short skirt, ankle socks and heels or his baby-jane shoes, maybe make-up and wig, a color and long leash, that's it. Oh, he will be well panty gagged while diapered; I don't want to hear from him at all.

You can also make him wear a short dress that shows off his thick plain diapers but I also may make him wear tights or panties of some kind over his diaper to further show that he is a sissy/slut; if you have plastic panties, use them.

Also, I like cut-out diapers, this allows his cock and balls to be on view the whole time he is diapered. All you need to do is to cut a circle in the diaper where is cock is located. Now when you pad him, again I use folded towels, you have to run the towel around his cock and balls on each side to allow you to pull them thru the diaper when attaching it, so it takes two towels. Without towels or filler pads, over time the diaper will get saggy and look like crap.

A slut should have diaper time at least every other week, no exceptions. My sub finds himself diaper 2-3 days a week for some reason.

So what to do with him once he is diapered? Well, you can gag him and just pull him from room to room thru-out your day. Tell him whenever you drop the leash he is to stay put and not move. You can tie him somewhat, on a bed, hanging somewhere, in a chair. Be creative. I will usually have him wearing his padded mittens, elbows pulled back a little with a strap around his elbows behind his back and a strap holding his wrist apart up front. If he is wearing a cut-out diaper I may tie his cock and balls with rope and pull them up to his wrist or to his collar making him bend over a little.

Or I may dress him and just give him chores to do. But always, always, have him gagged, and with a panty hood for extra points!! Let him taste and smell the one that owns him! Take your time and think of ways to humiliate him, this is what he wants! If he has on a cut-out diaper you will see his reaction from your treatment, so you tell me he is not enjoying it.

I have many rules and one on diapering is he will always have a welted/red ass cheeks before I diaper him. So I will have him lay on the bed, I will gag him, his hands will be tied over his head attached to the bed frame, his legs will be spread and attached to the bed post stretching his legs. I will then proceed to redden his ass cheeks until I see a few welts, come on you are not hurting him. Then I release his legs, order him to roll over and lift those legs and the diapering begins. Yes, his cock is rock hard,,No exception to this rule either. If he is lucky enough to have a second Mistress involved, allow her to watch or better yet, participate.

Now if you selected a cut-out diaper, you will see just how "HARD" it is on him, he he... Well those are a few of my thoughts on this topic. Hope it helps.


Thank you for your letter Rose. Our regular readers will recognize Rose from her previous letters, she and her sissy husband live this lifestyle, this is her letter on the subject of diapers. I know her methods may seem extreme at times, but for them, this is normal, they enjoy it and thankfully, are willing to share it with us.


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