The Rubberist's Diary

'The Summer visit of 1950. Part Two'

'And so Mother and I sit in the morning room with increasing anticipation. Awaiting the sight of Nanny's large black chauffeur driven vintage Bentley, being driven slowly up our long driveway. But I must address Mother as Ma'am now that we are suitably attired, and in full character, awaiting the boy's arrival.

Our delightful attire is identical, and we had the pleasure of dressing each other at dawn. This taking place in Ma'am's personal dressing room, various specially selected maid servants in attendance. Full and severe, tightly laced, leather corsetry and gleaming black silk stockings. These very tightly supported and without the slightest wrinkle. Then dressing each other in the usual heavy red rubber knee bloomers, these trimmed with large frills below each knee. (Our dear boy also soon to be well aware of the feeling of tightly supported stockings, pulling relentlessly up over his upper thighs. The discipline of his new heavy rubber suspender waist inescapable.) The usual pause for close adjustments and inspection, having both put on our delightful Victorian black leather lace up knee boots.

A visit to the study for my correction from Ma'am soon after dawn. This usual practice before a visit from my Nephew, in order to concentrate both our minds. Bent well over the tall punishment stool, legs kicked very wide apart. Ma'am jerking the rubber bloomers up very tightly over me, and smoothing out any slight wrinkle and crease that might offer me some protection. Ma'am patting and smoothing the rubber over my cheeks before dealing me several hard smacks. A most thin and whippy, crook handled, junior Dragon cane then selected. This Ma'am's favourite instrument of correction. The Victorian schoolroom hour glass then turned. The rubber bloomers offering little protection from the lively rod.

In a most stimulated state, Ma'am and I return to the dressing chamber. Stepped into heavily frilled and ankle length additional rubber bloomers, and several long petticoats, before we don our very formal old fashioned Nurses uniforms. Much attention being given to our huge white and stiffly starched head dresses. Then into our ankle length and bibbed gleaming red rubber aprons, the pungent rubber aroma suddenly reaching our nostrils. Both with our pairs of heavy elbow length rubber gloves tucked into our nurse's wide rubber belts. These close to hand and ready to be put on quickly when our boy requires intimate personal attention.

We soon take our seats to await our young male charge. I sit in considerable discomfort, Ma'am showing no mercy with her tight lacing of my corset and application of the cane over my buttocks.

Ma'am soon leans forward with a broad grin, loudly smacking the rubber apron covering her thighs.

"Well my dear, you certainly took a fair amount. Didn't you dear?" She states. "And I then laced you up tighter than ever before!", she chuckles.

"Indeed, Ma'am." I obediently reply.

We suddenly notice the black limousine approaching and drawing up at our front door. The blacked out passenger windows conceal the dear boy and his Nanny. The driver, gender unclear, steps briskly out. We are immediately delighted at the formal uniform. A rather equestrian ensemble complete with a very supple riding crop in hand. Black leather breeches and highly polished knee boots. A black leather riding jacket, opened to reveal a very elaborate gleaming cream satin blouse trimmed with lace and frills. With a loud smack of the supple crop against each thigh, the limousine door is thrown open.

Ma'am and I join our visitors, our rubber aprons swishing and smacking, down the wide steps from our front door and onto the gravel drive. Our attire immediately arousing much interest from the immaculately clad chauffeur.
Although having been familiar with Nanny for many years, this is the very first time we have actually met the woman in person. Nanny first emerges, clad from head to toe in a delightful hooded black rubber cape. Her face largely hidden, an aura of severity and mystery surrounds her. Although very tall, this height greatly increased by the tallest heeled shiny black leather boots we have ever seen. These with very long laces that reach to her ankles. She sweeps out gripping tightly a long leather rein. And the dear boy is led out into the bright sunshine.

The long rein is attached to a most heavy baby type leather harness. This tightly strapped over a rather dull looking hooded rubber romper. This appears to be of a very heavy dull brown rubber material. His face is almost completely hidden by the rubber hood, but a tightly strapped rubber feeding dummy is just visible. The rubber romper has a large drop flap at the front, fastened by rows of large buttons. The heavy leather baby harness has wrist straps, keeping his hands well secured at his sides. Also a wide leather crotch strap passes between his legs. He must feel each and every jerk of the reins by Nanny most keenly.

The need for these restraints most important, the tight dressing needing to be kept in position for several more weeks. He is obviously in an extremely bulky towel nappy under heavy rubber baby pants. Also, with Nanny keeping him in the tight genital rubber 'Blakey' rings, his intense arousal is most visible. The dear boys gaze soon becomes fixed on our red rubber aprons, the arousal in his nappy and rubbers plainly visible. His quiet moaning accompanied by some tears rolling down his cheeks, as the tight rubber Blakey rings cause him to suddenly thrust his crotch forward.

His embarrassed and humiliated reddened face, telling Ma'am and myself the boy is clearly in need of a good hard cold scrubbing. With the boy now presented to us, his Nanny soon produces an old fashioned glass baby's bottle, and forcibly doses him repeatedly until he coughs and chokes. "This boy must be kept well dosed with his special medicine. A powerful mixture of hormones and diuretics to keep him in a suitably confused and stimulated state." Nanny chuckles. His now frenzied sucking on the huge rubber feeding dummy a delight to see and hear.

The chauffeur prepares to depart, having unloaded various items of luggage into our hallway. After a very brief discussion with Nanny, and standing over the boy delivers several hard strokes of the crop to his rubber clad buttocks.

We enter the drawing room, but must now make haste as our dear visitors will be arriving in three hours time. We will be most interested to witness Nanny meeting the vicar and his wife, keen rubberists all three. The boy needs to be stripped and bathed, before we introduce him to the delights of being attired as a boy may well have been in years past. This with certain additional touches of ours, to emasculate him delightfully for all of our pleasure.

The boy is first grabbed by his Nanny, the harness removed and rubber romper hood lowered. We all ascend to the bathroom, just over the gas lit passage from the nursery. Here his delightful and formal costume is already laid out in readiness. We have chosen a delightful pink satin, little girl's baby dress, with a matching bonnet and huge bib. But more of this later...

We enter the old fashioned bathroom, a room also still lit by gas mantle. The smell of this gas and rubber a most heady combination. Our boy is stood upon a large red rubber sheet covering the lino beneath his feet, Nanny again doses him from the baby's bottle before placing his hands firmly upon his head. Nanny has removed her long rubber hooded cape to reveal a very similar attire to ours, obviously the perfect dress when dealing with a big baby boy. She also snaps on heavy and elbow length rubber gloves. We all set about the dear boy, stripping him of the heavy rubber romper suit, leaving him standing only in the very old fashioned red rubber baby pants and soaked towel nappy underneath. These baggy red rubber baby pants with large frills at the legs, and the very tightest of elastics in the waist and legs. These to prevent the slightest leakage and to exert a constant restraint. These rubbers quickly jerked down to the boy's ankles, and removed. His Terry towel nappy is thoroughly sodden and stained yellow. The sudden strong odour of his urine greatly delights and excites us all, mixing with that of rubber and gas.

Ma'am and I snap on rubber gloves, prepare a cold bath and the enema and Victorian toilet chair. This fitted with many wide rubber securing straps, to prevent even the most wriggling big boy baby from fidgeting. Nanny then places the boy's hands very firmly upon his head and unpins the boy's sodden towel nappy. This is quickly discarded to the boil wash basket. Our big baby boy is naked at last, and Nanny gives him yet another large dose from the baby bottle.

Nanny has the boy very closely shaved of what hair he has at this age. Ma'am and I stand watching closely, smoothing our rubber gloves noisily over our red rubber aprons. The boy has bright red marks at his waist and upper thighs, left from the cutting elastics in his rubber pants. Nanny removes the tight lint bandage, and she then adjusts the thick and tight rubber 'Blakey rings' ensuring an even firmer grip. His dear member suddenly passes some urine over Nanny's rubber apron, before rising even further to the occasion. "It is time for you to wash and toilet the boy, dears!" Nanny chuckles.


Part three to follow.
'Dressing the boy as our sissy baby girl.'
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