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Life under his new stepmother had been hard for Edward Rose from the start, but his ordeal was about to reach new depths of pain and anxiety. He stepped carefully through the shopping mall by her side in his heels – her heels – and his heart weighed like lead in his chest. How humiliating, how cruel it was of her to parade him in public dressed like this: wearing the same pink clothes as herself, a sort of mother-and-stepdaughter matching pair. Her figure-hugging satin dress sizzled round her nylons and slip, while her open swing coat must be giving shoppers exquisite flashes of oyster satin lining. His dress, made deliberately to ape hers, was divided into his pink blouse and shorts, while his version of her pink woollen coat was a hip-length coatee: so ridiculous, so ultra feminine and opening in spite of his best efforts, to show his glossy lining with every movement, every step. He had to carry the same purse in pink kid over the crook of his arm, half the size of hers and wear the same pink gloves. She even had him in the same but slightly smaller wide-brimmed hat with pink ribbon bow on the front. No wonder every woman stopped and stared as if they were seeing a ghost. Is it a girl or is it a boy? A boy surely with such short hair and those ludicrous dangles from his ears. He saw them all looking; he was sure he could hear their comments. Oh the shame of it! They couldn't reach Sloane and Sloane's fast enough so that he could duck out of sight.

"Hello Missus Sterne." The tall, statuesque shop attendant was obviously expecting them. "I am Maud, you spoke to me on the phone. As I said at the time, I like your to send your stepson to Saint Bernadette's. It's an excellent idea. It will instil in him the life perspective that Principal Miss Hardy impresses on her girls."

"That's what I thought. I want him to lead his life surrounded by girls for the next two years, for two reasons: one, to teach him to adopt their femininity, and two, to teach him his place. I'm sure the girls, and the staff, will impress that upon him. Principal Hardy couldn't agree with me more and enrolled him at once."

The darkness of Edward's gloom about the whole thing seemed to blacken even more. The slightest glance about him revealed girls' school uniforms on all sides: pleated skirts, blazers, gymslips, school blouses in that awful silky white, school socks to the knee and rows of sensible shoes. The sickly sweet smell of girls' clothing cloyed at his nostrils and made him feel delicate in his arms and legs. He couldn't prevent his hands from covering his face.

Maud stood in front of him and moved his hands down to his side, then tucked at the front edges of his bolero coat and used her fingers to move his hair off his face and lift his chin to examine his complexion and – how he was reacting to the fate that was descending on him. "It was a good idea of yours," she said, her lips wrinkled in disdain at having to deal with a male on this occasion, "to ring ahead and advise me of your visit today. With your feeble stepson in mind I've put some thought into a suitable version of the uniform the girls of St Bernadette's wear, if you wouldn't mind bringing him this way."

"Certainly. Edward, give me your hand." Eloise too wore an expression of lemon sourness that absolutely forbade the slightest resistance to her plans. Their heels click-clacked along aisles between navy uniforms, grey uniforms, purple, black and maroon. They passed under an archway, stepped silently onto carpet, and found themselves surrounded by smart, exceptionally scented bottle green skirts and little jackets on all sides.

"Girls of eighteen and nineteen," declared Maud, "are already strong-headed, I'm sure you agree, but they are still impressionable enough to have clear ideas put into those pretty heads of theirs about how to deal with males and bring them into line. Miss Hardy and her girls will no doubt show a lot of interest in - young Edward here – as an example of the males they are going to encounter as they lead their lives."

"Yes, they will want to practise, I am sure."

"I think they are going to be delighted to find they have one in their hands, as it were, when the semester opens next week." Edward began to feel dizzy with horror, his eyes unable to escape the wide, pointed white collar of the attendant's dress as she started to strip him of his coat, his shorts and his blouse, down to his stepmother's lingerie. It was white, with ample panels of pretty lace. She half turned him to inspect it with a barely audible "Hmm" of approval.

For Edward, the ground needed to open and swallow him out of sight. Oh My God, she held him by one hand and smoothed her other hand down the outside of one of his white stockings, then slid it up the inside. His embarrassment cut into him and a rise of pleasure tickled his cock inside Eloise's panties.

"What will those girls say?" wondered his stepmother as she watched from her chair, with Edward's discarded clothes laid over the chair beside her.

"A great deal, I would imagine. I'd love to be a fly on the wall on that first day." Maud produced a range of girls' clothing and hung the hangers on space on a nearby rail. "They will either set about taunting him in the first ten seconds, or they'll talk about him but not to him, as if he wasn't there. I'm sure those wicked imaginations of senior school-girls will soon kick into top gear."

A bleat of fright escaped Edward's lips as she slipped a small white blouse off its hanger. Oh no. That wasn't a girls' school blouse. Not what he was expecting at all. It was more like a blouse for a little girl, with a straight bodice, little puffed sleeves at the shoulders, and lace down the front. And ohhh no! He had to put his arms though as she held it in front of him, because it was going to fasten down his back!

"If you send him to school in a bra, Missus Sterne, will you fill out his cups?"

"I'm undecided on that. I expect Miss Hardy and I will discuss what we do with him."

Edward felt like he had a huge bust already as he felt Maud fastening his blouse behind him, since a bib of pretty lace seemed to stick out in front of him in such a feminine way.

"The uniform at Saint Bernadette's includes a white blouse," she explained, "a bottle green pleated skirt, well above the knee, and a bolero coatee with single-button front. The Peter Pan collar of the blouse allows a neat bow of black silk at the throat, which the girls like because they know they look attractive in it."

Edward's head began to spin as he watched her pick out his skirt. It was a dark green mini with knife sharp pleats, and it had straps hanging from it as she stooped to the floor and held it for him to step inside.

"Some girls wear their skirt with a half slip," went on the attendant, "but obviously it is very short." The lining made Edward jump as it licked his stockings with cold satin all the way up his legs. Ohhh, that lovely femininity he felt as it floated and settled round his panties. The only trouble was it was too short. Surely his stepmother would want Maud to change it: she couldn't send him out in a skirt that didn't cover her knickers that he was wearing? It fastened with a little zip and button at the back.

"The skirts come in the plain waist-band style or like this one with braces. I recommend the shoulder straps. It will add that little girl appearance we were talking about over the phone."

"Absolutely," said Eloise emphatically as Maud passed a bottle green strap over each of his shoulders and attached it to the button on the front of the youth's waistband. "Turn this way, Edward; show me what you look like."

Edward's elbows dug into the sides of his waist as his wrists flared outside his shoulders in a quiver of girlishness. His blouse was too small with its puffs barely covering his shoulders, his skirt was too short showing his panties, and his legs were too long. His knees lost control and started to wriggle together in a fit of girly confusion. His lips quivered as he looked to Eloise. Oh please, Stepmother, say it's not what you wanted. Reject the whole lot.

"I like the skirt, and the blouse. Just what I had in mind. Thank you."

Maud tilted her head with a gracious smile, then undid Edward's skirt. "He will need at least three blouses and three skirts for when the others are in the wash. I expect boyish accidents will happen regularly in his position, and I can see that these clothes are having an effect on him." She caught the edges of his pleats at the front and lifted them to show Eloise the stiff shape pointing up into the inside of his school skirt. His stepmother tutted noisily as his skirt was removed to reveal the truly disgusting stiffness in the panties she had him in.

Soon he was being dressed in a second blouse. It was in white silk-satin, like the first: just as delicate, with slightly larger puffed sleeves edged with a frill at the cuffs, but in place of the bib of lace there were ruffled trims of lace down each side of a placket of mock buttons. Once again he was being buttoned into his blouse down his back.

His second skirt had no straps. Instead he stepped into it for Maud to sweep it up his stockings and then to button it twice in front of one hip. "This is such a pretty button feature. Many of the girls of Saint Bernadette's choose this model because they love the buttons to one side. It's so feminine, I feel."

"Yes it is," agreed Eloise, "and I think he will look sweet with such a darling, lace-edged Peter Pan collar round his neck. The girls will love him in that."

Edward Rose's genitals felt a pang of pleasure as his blouse sleeves were puffed up for him from behind by the store proprietress. "Let me show you a third blouse," she said, undressing him again. "The blouses we have looked at so far had short sleeves for a little girl style, of perhaps six or seven: now something older, more grown up, but still a junior style." She slipped the blouse from its hanger and this time stood behind him for him to reach back and put his arms into its longer sleeves. "Still with a Peter Pan collar – so sissy, I feel – and lace on the turn back cuffs. There's no doubt it's very girly."

Edward moaned with misery as she turned him and buttoned his blouse down the front between panels of pleated silk and lace trimming. Like with the other blouses, it only came to his waist, not even reaching his hips. The skirt had shoulder straps again, and instead of him stepping into it, Maud wrapped it round him to fasten it down his left side with three smooth, dark green skirt buttons. He wilted with horror. It was so short it needed only three skirt buttons: one on the waist band and two more.

As he looked down his blouse at the buttons at the side of his skirt, Edward started to cry. This was so cruel to him: this skirt was making the point of his panties reach up and reach out, completely uncovered, and he hid his misery in both hands.

"Take you hands down, Edward," said his stepmother. "Hold out the sides of your little school skirt for us."

He complied, as he had to, which led to a few moments of intense weeping before he could master his emotions. His blouse sleeves quivered in soft silk as he tried to smother his crying, but it was too much for him to control his deep sobs. As he held his skirt wide, extending his short pleats, they fluttered with awful feminine softness as his crimson face wept bitter tears. Eloise watched him, with one glove to her cheek, the other opening her coat to place her hand on her hip in confirmation of the ‘look' she wanted him to take with him on Monday as she delivered him to the Principal's office at Saint Bernadette's. He let out a wail as Maud stood behind him and presented his school coatee to his hands and slipped it up to his shoulders, then slipped his little neck ribbon under the collar of his blouse and did it into a neat little bow.

"Excellent, and thank you for your time," said Eloise as she settled the account. "If you pop my clothes into a bag for me, along with the blouses and skirts we have already tried him in, I will walk him home just as he is. He must get used to people seeing him in his school blouse and skirt all the time.
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