from Shelly

Dear Helga,

It took me a few days to get back to you with work taking so much of my time these days. If only Scott could help she could be my secretary. Anyways you have my attention now Helga. The whole idea from when Scott talked about it until now has been quite the journey and it's only begun.

Helga when I saw Scott in chastity I felt this feeling inside all of a sudden. We all know a man's penis is his brain so when I saw it under lock and key a feeling inside just felt good. The man I love gave his penis to me without asking or forcing him. I went about reading that night to find out how to keep a man in chastity, I mean Scott had it on so I wanted it to stay on.

Milking was the answer and yes I took care of it for him. It was fun for me and no so for Scott. The thought of making him cum without much feeling and certainly not an orgasm was sweet.

Helga I have a sissymaid not the maid I thought about however Scott will be better than any maid service. It's a great feeling to come home to a house that is clean and smells great. Then to top it off dinner was ready for me. Scott was born to be a sissymaid.

So far Helga there has been no mention of how long, if, when, why or what from Scott. I'm sure he will get tired of some duties I have listed for him. Scott is best to continue to learn more about ways to keep me happy. Oh did you say something about sewing to Scott? I am going to teach him to sew soon. She will hem dresses and skirts, sew on buttons and do minor repairs when I am done with her.

Helga when you think of all the things our mothers taught us then pass them on to a sissymaid. Scott wanted to dress the part so she can learn the part in detail.

Thank you for reminding me about Kelly. She is such a sweet lady and in my opinion she went above and beyond with Scott. I will drop by to see her this week with some flowers for her efforts. Kelly planted seeds in Scott without her knowing it. Scott is hand washing our bras and panties thanks to Kelly. Scoot keeps her dresses wrinkle free thanks to Kelly.

From my understanding Kelly taught Scott how to dress and look after her purchases. She also bless her heart confirmed Scott was a special man to take on a maid role for his wife. Guys are suckers for compliments. Scott actually felt good the day I came home to see him for the first time. Oh sure she was embarrassed but inside it was clear she was very happy to take that step for me.

Now all I have to do is keep her happy to be my sissymaid. As long as I praise her for the job she does each day she will keep it up. If not well she will have a sore ass. I'm Scott's wife and Mistress so she better remember it.

Helga, nice to meet you here finally. I do have to run out for a while though. Let's pick up where we left off tomorrow if you are in the office.


Thank you for your letter Shelly. Perhaps you could train her to do certain simple secretarial jobs. It is only the beginning but you are off to a great start, accepting this and finding your inner dominatrix.

Milking is helpful for the sissy's health and the fact there is no pleasure reminds them that you are in control and just maintaining your control Sissymaids are so much more than maids, the personal side of things, she is there for you to explore your sexual fantasies, to do anything you wish and in time we can discuss some of those.

Good idea to thank Kelly, she might enjoy an evening over sometime to see the results of her good nature.


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