from Tara

Dear Helga,

Mark met me at the door tonight to help me with my bags which was nice of him instead of watching TV and yelling. After dinner I asked Mark if he was ready to get started which he agreed. I decided to have him present himself to me in the nude where I put a pair of panties on him and the apron I bought. Mark handed me the contracts so we went over them together which was an eye opening exercise for me. I picked the contract that had little or no wiggle room in it.

We talked about each point of the contract to ensure we both saw the same meaning. The last thing I want to hear later on is Mark try to convince me something has a double meaning. As we went though the points Mark agreed to all of them with a couple clarification questions. While he was in such an agreeing mood I went to get a pen. After I signed and dated the contract it was passed to him for the same. Mark looked at me like I wasn't going to go that far already. He was the one who gave me the contracts and then agreed with the content so why not sign it. I even asked Mark did he want to be my sissymaid or not. If he didn't want it then I told him to take off the panties and the apron. Mark looked at me then took the pen and signed his life away.

Helga I have to say it was a feeling of empowerment looking at Mark sign a contract while sitting there in pink panties. It wasn't planned to go that way however Mark did what you advised with the contract and I bought him panties. I wasn't sure what to do next so when in doubt refer to the contract. Mark doesn't have anything other than panties and an apron to wear. I sent him to get rid of the hair on his body like the contract stated. He did as I told him so I thought why not give him one of my old nightgowns for the night. Tomorrow I'll go shopping for more and order the sissy dresses he showed me.

Helga, I'll need some advice as this all begins if you don't mind. It's time for bed.


Further on from last month's letter from Tara. And so it begins and you are off to a wonderful start. I am very encouraged that you choose the stricter of the contracts. You also made a great point about signing his life over to you, it is about to change in ways he could never imagined, its one thing to fantasize about being his wife's sissymaid and a very different feeling when down on your knees cleaning the bathroom floor with your old male underwear while dressed like a five year old girl.

It would be my pleasure to help however I can, please feel free to discuss any questions or feelings you might have explicitly as you're comfortable with, trust me, this new arrangement is going to be incredible for you.


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