from Mike

Dear Auntie Helga,

This morning when I woke up life appeared to be the same as previous Saturday mornings. Darlene left me a note to take a shower then completely shave my entire body. She left me a bag of razors to get the job done. My heart raced while I shaved myself for the very first time. It wasn't easy to do since I had no experience using razors on my body. By the time I was finished I could hear Darlene talking so I knew she was home again. Just as I shut the water off I heard Darlene ask if I had completed the first task. I replied that I did and was sorry it took so long. Darlene told me to towel off and come to the living room.

As I walked into the living room wearing just a towel I saw Darlene and her sisters, Carrie and Margaret. My heart dropped to the floor as I just said hello to them all. Darlene told me to drop the towel to show her sisters my shaving job. I hesitated before I finally dropped the towel. The sisters giggled at the site of my all shaved body. Darlene handed me the contract she worked on yesterday and a pen. She told me to sign in and read it later so I did. Her sister Carrie handed me a metal chastity device then told me to put it on nice and tight. It took me a while as I shook in fear and I was a little chilled with no clothes on. It took me a while to get the ring around my testicles. Carrie handed me one of the keys to lock the device. Darlene checked and rechecked it to ensure it was on snug and could not come off. Darlene told me to hand out a key to her sisters and one to Darlene. She told me only her sisters and her would have a key. In case any emergency happened I was to call the closest sister for help. I shook my head in agreement. Darlene told me they were all going to dress me one item at a time. They took turns outfitting me in one of my new sissy dresses while giggling together. I felt so humiliated at times. By the time they were finished I looked like some of the sissymaids I saw on the websites. I felt like nothing I ever felt before as I tried to stand still in the shoes.

Darlene told me that we had discussed this many times and I knew this day was coming. She wanted to know how I felt. I let her know totally humiliated. Darlene just said good to hear and overtime I will get used to it. I sat with Darlene and her sisters for a while as they went over the things I would be doing for each of them. That's right they all bought me some items to wear so they all had an investment in me. Darlene showed me the closet and my drawers which were filled with everything sissy. Darlene told me as we discussed many times life for me was going to be challenging and busy. As long as I carried out the tasks laid out by the sisters life would be wonderful. Darlene asked me if I masturbated in the shower today. I wanted to say no but I admitted I did. She told me that was the last time I would ever touch my penis. In the future she or one of her sisters would remove the chastity device, wash and lubricate my penis with my hands in cuffs. At no time would I ever be able to touch my penis as it was her property now. Darlene told me once a month only if I had performed at the level she expected some form of ejaculation would be allowed but never by me.

Darlene and her sisters left me to get used to my new self while they went out to lunch. The work starts tomorrow so I have today to get used to walking and wearing my new clothes. I went up and down the stairs a few times which was not easy in these high heel shoes. I'm not sure how I feel about what has happened even though I knew what was coming. What I can say is just the the last few hours have sure changed how I left about life as a sissymaid. All the reading I did has nothing to do with how I really feel right now. I am getting to understand what Darlene, you and the website talked about. I love Darlene and she loves me yet things have changed in a way I never thought possible. I used to think all these internet stories of men taking orders from women and dressing like little girls was all BS. I will admit today I was wrong to think it was only fantasy, dead wrong.

I am going to do more stairs and practice bending over in these high heels without falling over. Darlene will be home soon so I want to be prepared to curtsy and show the respect she so deserves. After all she is the one who gave me this opportunity.


Thank you for your letter Mike. I have a pretty good understanding about your situation, I have helped hundreds of former real men come to accept that they are now sissies for their strong confident wives and that they can be very happy in this new subservient role. So long as you are honest with me and provide ample details to help me comprehend I will do what I can to help.

So then you are off on this great adventure, no more hair and being dressed by her sisters. How exciting for them, humiliating for you but that is pretty much going to be commonplace going forward. Of course your little penis as is pretty much the rest of you, her property. I suggest you do as you're told, obedience is the best way to adjust, otherwise, maybe... Darlene will punish you. I am sure she was pleased to see you curtsy.

Auntie Helga

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