from Polly

Dear Auntie Helga,

First let me thank you for publishing my first letter you published in the October 2019 issue. When I last wrote to you in April I was still clinging onto the hope my wife would get bored and allow me to finally purchase some men's clothing from that new store in town. She won't even let me even mention this place now let alone go there. She says she is never going to let me wear any men's clothes ever again. Catherine explained that once I'm allowed to put trousers on I'll become obsessed with them like all men do. She also thinks that then I'll become more argumentative, with male masculine arrogance.

Well with your help Auntie Helga I have definitely learned that my marriage is much stronger when I obey. At all times even when it seems she is being unreasonable. I'm so used to dressing as a girl now that it comes second nature. I actually feal more secure both by looks and socially dressed as a woman. Even though I no longer care what people think when they see me looking like a man in a dress (sissy). I now have a lot of make-up on all the time. So I look like a girl rather than a sissy. And I don't think it's just the latest faze I'm going through. I'm even allowed to go to bed with her now still wearing make-up even when we make love. It doesn't bother her anymore even calling me Nancy during the most intimate moments.

Well before this summer started I thought I had got every situation covered just right. I'm not even embarrassed anymore talking to my parents even when I'm done up to the most feminine Laura and my wife as made me. However their is one situation I still can't get used to. Although I'm going to have to some how. It's when we go on holiday and she makes me wear a all in one ladies swimsuit on the beech or by the pool. People stare at me for ages and make-up doesn't help in this situation as my body shape is a giveaway. Cath kept telling me to lighten up and tried me one afternoon in a bikini on the beech but that still embarrassed me as much. Even young girls asked me if I was transgendered. I just told them no I have to do as I'm told. Leaving them with a confused look on their faces.

Just a couple of weeks ago I attended a family funeral. As sadly my cousins best friend had passed away. I was going to attend in a black dress with plenty of makeup on. I knew some family members were going to see me for the first time in a frock and high heels. That didn't bother me as I knew they all heard how I dress now anyway. I was going to go in a black dress when Cath told me she wanted me to go in the black suit which I had not worn for ages.

This is the suit what I only ever wore when she wanted us to go out as man and wife which wasn't very often. This worried me a little because the suit although it was a pantsuit style and if you looked at it properly you can see that both items to it are ladies'. So I thought do I go as a effeminate man in this outfit and brave it out or do I let someone doll me up and go as Nancy in it.

To my surprise when Catherine gave me the suit it no longer had trousers. It had been exchanged to a skirt, blouse and jacket. I asked her where were the trousers. She told me that she had exchanged them for a skirt as the trousers were slightly damaged. She also repeated that a skirt is much more me. Just after I put them on mother came in to see me. I asked her how I looked for the occasion. She chose some high heels and gave me some black tights to put on. Then for the first time she applied my makeup. She also explained to me that the deceased would have respected me for going as me as I wanted. We paid our respects and almost everyone accepted me as Nancy.

Again thanks for your valued advise Auntie Helga. So I will carry on obeying my wife. I promise also not to question her whatever she wants me to do in future. As we all know it is the best thing to keep our relationship strong.

Polly Nancy

Thank you for your letter Polly. You're most welcome, thank you for allowing me to share your story and if I might, I would be delighted to publish this update of how your glorious wife has taken full control of your wardrobe, and it would seem, you as well. As you have so properly determined, obedience is the best way to keep your relationship strong. Are you doing all the housework now? I was pleased to hear about your mother's hand in dressing you for the funeral, its so good to be accepted.

Auntie Helga

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