from Jen

Dear Helga,

I am writing about feminizing my husband Art in order for him to deal with his natural breasts from Gynecomastia. Poor Art would not leave the house dressed as a man because he could no longer conceal his breasts. It took some convincing over time to show Art that if he was able to dress and pass as a woman he could go out with me like we used to be able to do. It wasn't an easy process however week by week Art found less people paid any attention to him unlike when he was dressed as a man with breasts. The more I saw Art dressed as a woman when we went out the more it was time to have him dress that way at home as well. One thing lead to another when Art only dressed in women's clothing.

Now as Art's wife the thought of him as a sissymaid had never crossed my mind. With some training Art learned how to act more feminine which was necessary when we went out. The more I guided him the more he looked feminine which is when I began to read about feminine men. Slowly week by week Art was introduced to more and more feminine ways. Art had laser hair removal done. Art began to grow his hair longer along with his nails. These were all suggestions by me to help Art become more feminine.

One day it was time to give Art a woman's name which is when Annabelle was born. Poor Annabelle did not like her new name however she got used to it after a few weeks. The example I gave her was what if when we were out that I called her Art by accident. The name Annabelle was to get me used to her feminine name as well. There were times Annabelle didn't want to be feminine any longer so I had to convince her with a chastity device. I let her know it was designed to help her become more feminine with less thoughts of her penis. To my surprise it worked better than expected.

Slowly Annabelle was introduced to my girlfriends to see the reaction. Other than one of my girlfriends who wasn't sure what she thought it went over great. Next was my mother who said on the phone when I told her "you did what". My mother was surprised yet after she saw how well Annabelle kept the house everything was just fine.

Other than a few times a month Annabelle is happy as my sissymaid that is referred to as my wife. We don't use the word sissymaid at home.

For those wives who have husbands with Gynecomastia let their breasts grow so you too can have a feminized husband. Oh sure they will go through periods of why me and some confusion but you know how easy it is to lead men. Most men respond to a dominant women with very little trouble.


Thank you for your letter Jen. Thank you so much for sharing the history of how Art came to be Annabelle, your sissymaid husband. Not all males with Gynecomastia have the opportunity to become maids for their dynamic and confident wives, your solution to helping him with his condition was done with love and understanding. A happy and loving relationship has evolved within this new dynamic through honest conversation and empathy.


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