I've been an occasional reader of your marvelous PDQ for some time, and I've found your advice and the reader's submissions to be not only entertaining but enlightening. I came across the short story "Date Night" which appeared in December's issue. Now I don't know if that was a work of pure fiction but it gave me an idea on something to try on my husband without his suspicions. I knew I needed to lure him into a situation where he had no alternatives but to go along with my scheme. And so I began to plan my deception. I did indeed carry through my plan which I thoroughly enjoyed and my husband seemed to at least tolerate. But now afterwards, Helga, I need your perspective and recommendations. I'm not sure if this is a passing fancy for me or to what end. How can I do a further "try out " without damaging the relationship?

We attended a wedding in the Fall and had just reviewed our wardrobes and tentatively planned our attire. My favorite cocktail dress still fit so all I need to do was update my accessories. Phil's chosen suit and jacket fit fine but his waistline has (not unexpectedly!) increased. He couldn't get the slacks let out, so I nonchalantly suggested a waist shaper since they are popular item among men and women alike when they reach middle age. I suggested I'd take his measurements and would purchase it for him. He quickly agreed, and being disinterested, left the bedroom. If he had lingered for a moment, he would have seen a delightful smile fill my face followed by a satisfied devilish smirk!

The night of the wedding, Phil would find himself wondering how it happened so quickly, wearing and being restricted by a women's open bottom girdle, pantied, and with a pair of nylon stockings keeping the girdle in place. My goal was to make him confused, if not a bit helpless, with no alternative but to tow the line for me.

A month before the event, I began an extensive internet search on the topic of women's shape wear and retail outlets. I found it amusing to read the reviews of specific items, apparently there are more than a few women introducing their husbands not only to girdles, but bras, panties, stockings and camisoles. This of course fueled my imagination but my plan was to start with basics and see what develops. I settled on an open bottom girdle that had a reputation of being very effective if not a bit restrictive. At this time I also ordered a male gender specific shaper for Phil, but carefully ordered it several sizes larger so it would not be effective. A few nights after the male garment arrived I suggested we do a tryout of our attire so there would be no surprises the night of the wedding. Phil's shaper did cling to him but failed to do any slimming, and I expressed disappointment and he expressed concern as we were running out of time before the event. I told a little lie stating this was the only shaper available in his size. I did my best to put on a show while I remeasured him in and out of the shaper. After the last measurement, I put him at ease by saying I had a plan 'B' and not to worry, I really wanted him to wear this suit and I'd make it my personal task to get him properly outfitted.

The night of the wedding came and we had both left work a couple hours early to get home, relax and get ready. I showered first as my preparations always take twice as long. I donned my slip and proceeded to do my makeup while Phil showered. I had placed his 'slimming' attire nearby but out of sight. As I finished applying my lipstick, Phil came out of the bathroom and quickly grabbed a pair of his underwear said, "I'm ready for the miracle reducer!" "OK, step over here so I can suit you up!", I said in a positive if slightly enthusiastic tone. I led him away from the mirrors and had him stand facing a chest of drawers with his forearms resting on the top. "Honey, bear with me, to get the best results I'll need to add couple items in order for a good fit". And, before he could utter a word, I dropped and removed his boxers and slid a pair of white satin panties up his legs and onto his behind. He let out a gasp or a sigh but I did not hesitate, having prepositioned the girdle, and in one motion pulled it mostly into position. "Dear, take a deep breath and exhale fully". With that, I grasped both sides of the garment and lifted and wiggled it into position, aided by the slickness of the satin panties. Phil let out an exclamation of surprise which I ignored and simply said, "Almost done, honey, deeply exhale one more time and it's there". With a whooshing sound his breath left him and I quickly pulled up and sealed him into the open bottom girdle by zipping up the the sides and a back panel. "How does it feel, dear?" "I, I can barely breathe, you can't expect me to wear this this all night, and what is this thing?!"

I led him to the edge of the bed and helped him sit down. "I'm sorry Phil but we ran out of options so we had to improvise. You are wearing an open bottom girdle which will have the desired effect and while a bit uncomfortable will control your tummy perfectly. Now let me add the 'anchors ' and you'll be ready for your slacks". I proceeded to open a fresh pack of suntan nylons, knelt down and rolled up the first, then second. I had Phil stand while I attached the tops to the girdle's garters then proceeded to smooth and straighten the nylons.

Phil became silent. His mind finally caught up with what had just happened, and I guess most men would be a equally dumbfounded why realizing they were now quite unexpectedly wearing panties, a girdle and nylons. As we finished dressing him I kept a positive tone about how the slacks now looked to fit. I helped him with his socks and shoes as he could no longer bend over. At first he treated me somewhat coolly, and asked more than once "was this really necessary?" I replied rather curtly, "You needed my help and all I expect is a little gratitude from you". As the night progressed he seemed to get back to his normal self and by the time we left the reception it was as if nothing unusual took place. When we arrived at home I took him in my arms, complimented him on his appearance and praised him for being a good sport. I whispered in his ear, "let's get you out of that contraption, but leave your panties on. I'm wearing a matching pair that would love to slide over yours!"

The rest of the evening could be described as blissful. With Phil's Introduction to feminine attire in progress, over the next several weeks I managed to sweet talk him into his panties a few times and on another social occasion got him into his complete slimming attire. This, of course, got me thinking if I should formulate and take next steps with Phil. It would be a real kick in the head for me and I would hope for him as well.

Helga, here is were it gets unclear for me. I know I want to keep our relationship private, enjoyable and long lasting, yet I feel the urge to lead him down a path of controlled feminization and exert power over his existence. I'm not sure if there is a point of no return or if we can simply reverse course if we feel we've gone too far. Have others taken additional steps, only to reverse course? Your guidance and assurances would be most welcome.


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