His Aunt looked up, Ah,! Emma dear, I'm so sorry to run you about but the doctor has informed me we need bandages from the chemist, please be a dear and go and get two boxes of three inch bandages the doctor tells me they have stock of those and you want the five metre lengths. Emma put the parcel of rubber sheets down and said, "very well miss Carrington, but can you think of anything else you will need as the chemist closes very shortly, it is almost five thirty? His Aunt looked thoughtful, then said, no dear, we will have to manage with the sheets and bandages, I cannot think of anything else and when you came back would you please join us for supper as I want to discuss something with you over dinner, I will tell cook to prepare three places in the dining room. Emma glared at Timothy but looked puzzled but never spoke.

At supper Timothy was told by his Aunt that he was to sit in the middle of the long table, which was strange to him as he usually sat at the far end of the table directly opposite his Aunt. His place was now taken by Emma, she had taken off her maids uniform and was now dressed in a nice simple blue dress.

When they were part way through supper which up till then had been eaten in silence. His Aunt addressed Emma, would you be agreeable to change your duties in the house Emma? It occurs to me that I shall need additional help with Timothy and I feel you deserve the first choice of a new position. You have served me well for these years past and I know I can rely on your discretion. Of course with this new position will come responsibility, of shall we say... OF a rather delicate nature, which by now I am sure you can see the situation I am faced with. I will of course treble your existing salary, and if as I suspect, it is recommended by the professor, he is to see tomorrow, then you will be an assistant to a nanny/ governess, as this supervision. Emma looked down the table to him, he... shall, we say naughty, boy will need twenty four hour supervision he saw the faintest of smiles cross her lips, he reddened at the thought of what she might do to him. They had never really conversed in any way and he now realized he had treated her with a certain amount of indifference. Was this faint smile saying "now you will pay!". He turned to his Aunt and was about to protest. She had obviously read his thoughts as she held up her had. Timothy you have nothing to say regarding who I engage to look after you, it is of no concern of yours and your opinion is completely irrelevant, so please remain silent, which reminds me it is time you were put to bed.

His face now coloured even redder with humiliation. Put to bed indeed he was being treated like a child. First she said you will go to your room bathe clean your teeth and wait for Emma and me. Oh!, and as you have behaved in such a childish way I shall now treat you in a childish way you will undress completely place yourself in the corner of the room, hands clasped behind your back, feet and ankles together and not moving until we are in your room and you are told to move. Perhaps, had I taken a more disciplined approach to your upbringing earlier on this dreadful situation would not have occurred.

Timothy rose from the table feeling very humiliated and sorry for himself and went to his room. He stood just inside of the doorway a short while considering what to do. It was a case of complete submission or running way in the hope of not getting caught, but then it occurred to his, he really had no knowledge of how to provide for himself, no skills and in fact not even worldly wise, it was hopeless.

Resigning himself to whatever fate awaited him he went to the bathroom to do as his Aunt had instructed. Coming out of the bathroom he removed his clothes and placed himself in the corner standing facing the corner, feeling totally silly but at the same time his penis was again rock hard at the humiliation he was undergoing.

The door open and he heard them enter but he remained facing the corner. His Aunt addressed Emma. Emma dear would you take the vicars rubber knickers and wash and dry them. I will start to replace the sheets with the rubber ones, he dare not turn to see what was happening but heard Emma in the bathroom then there was a loud rustling noise of the rubber sheets being placed on his bed. Emma now returned with the dry and talced nickers. His Aunt spoke, there are three tie tapes on each side of the sheets Emma so we can tie them to the bed frame over the mattress. He heard them working then his Aunt Said there that ought to be satisfactory.

Come here Timothy, put the rubber nickers on, he did so but couldn't help a small groan as he did so, his penis pushing them out almost at right angles from his body The doctor has instructed that your wrists are to be bandaged to your upper thighs so stand up straight arm down by your sides Emma now said if I may suggest Miss Carrington, I think we should each take a length of bandage and fold it In half then feed the two ends through the folded end making a slip knot like so, as she was talking she took Timothy's wrist slipped the loop over it then much to embarrassment reached round his thigh with the bandage pulling his wrist tight to his thigh against the rubber of the nickers, as she pulled the bandage away from the thigh to go round the wrist again she twisted the bandage, saying it will increased the tension by twisting. His Aunt watched and said I can see you are much better at this than me. I will leave you to do this part Emma said part of my guide training I always wondered if it would be useful, finishing the right wrist she now came round the other side and proceed to make the other wrist helpless Timothy could just wiggle his fingers but his hands were now firmly fixed to his sides. He suddenly realised what was happening was one of his fantasies.

His Aunt now came over from the bed and looking at his addressed Emma, an excellent job my dear Emma said we have only used two bandages, would you like his upper arms held secured as well it would make doubly sure there was no naughty activity during the night. Jane Carrington was secretly enjoying this control over Timothy and again was experiencing wetness below. What a very good Idea, with that Emma started to bandage his upper arms just below his chest wrapping the bandage round his upper arms passing the bandage round his body until, like his wrists he was unable to move them.

This was too much for Timothy, he cried out "Oh Please"... almost falling to his knees as a massive orgasm hit and his penis gushed into the rubber nickers that it was imprisoned in. He shook violently, a loud OHooooooooooo.... Ahaaa, his penis still Jerking inside it's rubber prison as the orgasm finally subsided, he stole a glance at his Aunt really too ashamed to life his head they were watching him in dismay. Finally his Aunt spoke, OR RATHER SCREAMED AT HIM " YOU DESPICABLE BOY..... HOW DARE YOU. He tried to speak. SILENCE SHE ROARED. Turning to Emma she said I think a good spanking is very much in order, he's acting like an uncontrollably baby so we will treat him as such. Drag him over to the bed face down, I'll give him the spanking of his life, just as naughty boys deserve.

Emma was only too pleased to comply and dragged the bound Timothy roughly over the bed pushing him down on the cold red rubber sheet, He gasped at the coldness and with the severity with which she dragged him. Timothy tried to resist but with his arms bound tightly to his body he was completely at their mercy. Emma pushed his face into the rubber sheet and held him down, at the moment a sharp crack across his rubber covered buttocks exploded, it stung like mad, he cried out in pain. Please Please Aunt Jane Don't... I couldn't help it she took no notice of his pleas, he cried out louder and started to cry but Emma simply push his face down harder into the rubber sheet semi stifling his cries, he kicked his legs, but to no avail the stinging blows continued, in his pain he realised his Aunt was using one of his rubber soled slippers, finally she stopped, enough for now she said.

Gradually his blubbering stopped, he lay still and heard them moving about but through his shame dare not look up Emma came into his vision with a wet flannel and started to wipe his face.There she said that's better, don't be such a big cry baby, she smiled and he realised she was mocking him. He put his face down on the rubber sheet and the aroma assailed nostrils, to his horror he was erecting again even after the beating he had just received. His Aunt came in front of him. Well Timothy, that's the first time I have ever punished you seriously, but if this behaviour continues it certainly won't be the last, if you have a Governess or Nanny on the professor's advice, then goodness know what punishments you will receive? and I shall give her complete authority over you, so beware my boy, now roll over on your back so we can put you down for the night. !

Timothy was now in a desperate situation. Helpless as he was he could turn over but reluctant to do so as it would expose his erection, pushing out the rubber nickers. Finally he rolled over exposing his further humiliation. There was gasp and inhalation of breath from his Aunt YOU WICKED WANTON BOY !!..., Turning to Emma she seemed lost for words then after a pause she said," I really don't know what to say or do I've just had enough. I think the best thing to do is just put him down for the night as quickly as possible.

With that they each took hold of him and pulled him up the bed on his back. He groaned at the roughness with which they dragged him but with his arms and hands secured as they were he could do nothing soon as his head was on the pillow Emma threw the other red rubber sheet over him, his Aunt pulling it level and straight. Again he gasped at the touch of the cold rubber now enveloping him Emma now turned and picked up some lengths of cord and between them the secured the rubber sheet by means of cord through the eyelets and tied down to the side struts of the bed. Emma said "Miss Carrington", if I may suggest a sleeping tablet or two would stop disturbance during the night. Yes my dear a good idea, there are some on my bedside table if you would fetch them. Emma hurried off Timothy lay still but avoiding his Aunts eyes but he felt her staring at him. His backside smarting as the rubber nickers warmed up. Emma returned with a small box and a glass of water His Aunt spoke, The prescribed dose is two, but I think he will have three. Please Aunt Jane he said I really don't want sleeping tablets I can sleep alright. She held up her hand to silence him. You will take what I decide young man, I want no more trouble from you today.

With that she took the tablets from the box and came to the head of the bed. He shook his head and clamped his jaws together. Oh she said if that's the way, then we will see Emma hold his nose. Emma only to pleased to do as directed thrust one hand on his forehead and the other gripping his nose tightly holding his head down, He squirmed within the rubber sheets but as his arms were tied to his side it was hopeless, as soon as he opened his mouth to breath his Aunt slipped in a pill and pushed her free hand tightly over his mouth. The tablet tasted very strong and he swallowed to get rid of the taste, the realization that his situation was hopeless he submissively opened his mouth and the other two tablets were popped in. His Aunt held the water glass to his lips. He was only too ready to drink the water to rid himself of the horrible taste.

Hi Aunt now left the room. As she left, turning to Emma she said just watch him until he drops off to sleep and then please join me in the study. Emma sat watching him for a short while but humiliated as Timothy was he kept his eyes closed. Emma spoke "So now you know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a good punishment and I sincerely hope your Aunt engages a nanny that really knows how to control a sissy boy like you and I shall only be too pleased to assist her in your future humiliation and punishments."

Timothy now really felt so tired surely the tablets were...

To be continued in part four...

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