The Rubberist's Diary

Another Summer Holiday Visit - Part Two

The dear boy stood very awkwardly before us, in his most unsuitable boyish attire. At least he was wearing a suspender waist of sorts and long silk stockings, also Polly assured us that she had put him into a tight towel nappy and heavy rubber baby pants with suitably punishingly tight waist and leg elastic. The boy's long cream silk stockings were disgracefully wrinkled, this would certainly require correction in our eyes. He stared at us in increasing agitated excitement, obviously transfixed by our attire. Mother was quick to comment, "How dare you stare, boy! Don't you know it is extremely rude to stare, boy!" She then smacked her rubber gloved hands down very hard on her rubber apron clad thighs.This action had an immediate visible effect on the boy, and we all chuckled. He suddenly moaned as he tried in vain to hide his embarrassed display, his hands suddenly dropping to cover his crotch as he hurriedly crossed his legs shivering all over. There was the tell tale sound and pungent aroma of the heavy rubber pants, and we soon grinned at each other.

Polly had now departed, leaving us to begin taking the boy on his special journey of transformation. We had agreed that we would return the boy to a vintage experience of infancy, with much of the old fashioned 'clinical' rubber involvement. Also giving him a taste of exactly what a boy would be expected to wear, and how to behave, in a 'well to do' Victorian female dominated household. This where his Nanny and Governess would be in total control of every aspect of the boy's daily life. Two different varieties of petticoat discipline, but both equally effective in our special variety of the boy's 'emasculation'.

We had met with Mrs Smythe some two months prior to the boy's visit, in order to discuss every detail of the boy's attire. The centrepiece of both his Victorian petticoat discipline and return to infancy, would be the suspender or garter waist. This being a particularly detested item by many boys as being most effeminate, especially when worn with long tightly supported stockings. Add to this heavily frilled and lace trimmed satin knee bloomers beneath petticoats, and the most arrogant young male would be brought to heel. Mrs Smythe, like mother and myself, so very looking forward to seeing the boy being introduced to this new garment.

When dressing a boy, the correct materials and styles are essential. For the suspender waist, we chose a heavy red rubber that was reinforced with steels. Lacing tightly at the rear and with heavy rubber shoulder straps, also with a wide rubber neck strap to force the head well back. Reaching down to the upper crotch, and with many rows of buttons high up to support many under garments. Also the very necessary eight wide rubber straps, four at each side, to support the stockings most tightly. The rubber garment held firmly down by a wide rubber strap passing from back to the front. This held tightly between the boy's buttocks forcing them wide apart. The strap then dividing each side of the genitals and strapping firmly at the front. More of a posture correcting garment like a corset, and the perfect discipline in conjunction with the rubber genital 'Blakey rings'. Apart from this, we decided on the finest materials for the boy's costume. Mrs Smythe showed us a new and most suitable highly glossy pink satin, lined with a smooth and strong smelling red rubber. And so, two very complimentary forms of petticoat discipline. The 'sissyfied' young male, and the 'babyfied' young male.

A historical 'coming of age ritual' for boys would be the 'breeching', when a father could at last see his son being taken out of feminine frills and lace at last to now wear breeches. This would greatly dismay many a doting mother and older sister well aware of the power of 'petticoat discipline' over the boy. His 'normal' boy's attire would be styled on the much hated 'Highland Suit'. Over the suspender waist, laced and strapped onto the boy as tightly as we dared. Gleaming pink and rubber lined silk stockings held taut up into his upper crotch. Pink satin and rubber lined knee bloomers trimmed with layers of frills and lace. This garment buttoned high up under the boy's armpits onto the supporter and firmly into his crotch. The direct contact of the taut smooth rubber causing the boy to suddenly gasp with embarrassed excitement. These bloomers held very tightly below his knees with rows of tight buttons, and huge pink satin bows. Similar frill and lace trimmed pink satin and rubber lined ankle pantaloons, these again buttoned very high up over him. Then the extremely elabourate gleaming pink blouse with its huge frill and lace trimmed collar and an enormous tightly tied pink satin bow tied tightly around his neck. Several stiff and short petticoats and an even shorter kilt skirt, this to reveal plenty of the boy's frill and lace adorned under garments at all times. Button boots and a satin ribbon adorned bonnet, and a wide and tight pink satin sash around the boy's waist. The boy will then stand before us a while, before we march him to the special Victorian 'School Room' for several hours of study.

And the boy's 'infant attire'? Again the rubber supporter and shiny rubber lined stockings, a very tightly pinned on thin and coarse towel nappy. Two pairs of very heavy and extremely tightly elasicated rubbers, heavily frilled rubber baby pants and rubber knee bloomers. Both the garments buttoned up taut onto the waist's buttons high beneath the boy's armpits. The boy now denied the pleasure of a direct rubber contact by the layer of tight coarse towel, but will soon be made to remember just how a good wetting feels under rubbers. These rubbers having large and frill adorned buttoned flaps front and rear for convenience, when in Nanny's care. Over these rubbers, delightful rubber lined pink satin very short baby dresses with huge frilly pink satin bonnets. Very short and stiff petticoats making the baby dress flare out to reveal a good view of the boy's rubbers beneath.The baby bonnets tied very tightly in place upon the baby boy's head with a huge pink satin bow beneath the chin. A large rubber bib tied on around the boy's neck, and a very large rubber feeding dummy strapped into his mouth. This preventing any speech but enabling frequent dosing from the baby bottle's 'special mixture'. Baby bootees put upon the feet before the heavy leather baby harness and reins strapped on, the boy's wrists secured at his sides to prevent any wandering of the fingers over his rubbers. The boy's special new high chair now awaits for restraint and spoon feeding from Nanny.

We plunged the boy into the cold bath and all set about scrubbing him vigorously, before pulling him briskly out. Mother sat down on the bathroom stool and smoothed the gleaming red rubber apron over her knees.

The boy's dressing room was already fully prepared with a most delightful costume, and his Nursery also prepared for the boy's complete return to infancy.


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