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Esmerelda Wrathwell joined her mother Geraldine in the sitting room ready for their Christmas morning to begin. She knew how elegant she looked in the floral white dress she had selected, knowing how her husband adored her in it. All part of the plan, of course: to tease him with the attractiveness of the fruit he was forbidden to taste, now that he had become the house sissy. "I want him to squirm today, Mother," she said, checking her diamante earrings in the mirror feature of her phone, "more than he has at any time since I got my claws into him on my wedding day. With Gina and Caroline coming this afternoon that should be no trouble."

"Me too, darling," replied Geraldine as she arranged the parcels to her liking under the tree, "and these will make sure he does, the little worm. I'll be watching his face to enjoy every shade of crimson he goes through as we mortify him in his sexless impotence."

Esmerelda giggled. She loved to watch her mother squeezing every ounce of misery from her husband, he was so helpless to combat what either of them chose to inflict on him. "Gina had the mouse squeaking with shame last time," she said, "never mind what we've planned for him today, and you know how Caroline won't be satisfied until she wrings a sissified confession out of him."

Geraldine agreed. "Shall we get started then?" she said; "my sisters will be here in little over an hour." With that she picked up her little brass table bell, polished to gleaming perfection by the maid whom it would summon, and gave it a double tinkle.

As if ready and waiting two feet beyond the hall door, Rodney Lightfoot glided into their presence in a sizzle of silks, bearing the silver serving tray that went with him nearly everywhere he went in the house. He curtseyed to Geraldine, remaining low until she helped herself to her pina colada, and then to his wife until she had taken hers. The result was that he presented the front and back of his maiding uniform to both his mistresses. They said nothing to him, but he felt their eyes devouring him in his shame. The large white buttons were visible down the back of his black satin maid's uniform, but only as far as the huge bow at his waist, for over it he was fastened into his frilly floor-length pinafore dress that would have graced any Stepford sissy-wife. It's double layers of white satin sprinkled with large clusters of pink and lemon roses ensured that it flared in a graceful A-line from his waist down as if filled with petticoats, while the twelve inch organza flounce all the way round the hem guaranteed his feelings of emasculated femininity. His wife gave him an instruction.

"You will ask for your feminizing syrup, Rodney. It looks like you want to become less male and more female, am I right?"

Her husband's eyes closed in an unavoidable frown. "Y-Yes darling. You are right." Then he added: "Please feed your pathetic husband with his feminizing syrup and make me more effeminate for you and for Mother-In-Law."

Esmerelda's lips pursed with disdain at his weakness and took the small feeding bottle from her purse, unscrewed the top to reveal the plastic feeding teat, and shook it to maximise the desexing effect it would have on his whole psyche. She lifted it to the level of his forehead with a sizzle of her dress sleeve and made him reach his mouth upwards as if begging to be fed. Geraldine closed on him from behind. He had to drink 300 mills which would take him a minute of sucking, especially if his wife lifted the bottle every now and again to make him reach again and again to re-engage the wet teat with his lips, and during that time his mother-in-law could fuss his black satin sleeves, his white satin collar, the shoulder frills of his pinafore and the collection of bows at the back of his dress buttons. To remind him of his femininity, he wore a pretty circular apron in pink and white gingham and over that a slightly smaller white silk apron with large patch pockets trimmed with ruffled pink chiffon. By the time he drained his bottle his meds were starting to kick in and he shrank with feelings of frilliness.

"Th-Thank you darling," he stammered, his silver tray at his breast between two limp wrists and his knees tilting his aprons to one side. "I am sure I will –" and a sob escaped his throat: "I will s-soon be f-feeling more girly." His Mistresses expressed satisfaction if that was the case. "Now," declared Esmerelda as the two women took their seats, "Merry Christmas, Rodney: there is a present for you under the tree – although you don't deserve presents do you?"

"No darling, of course I don't," he gasped with the surges of gratitude that he was expected to show, adding: "Darling, I am pleased to say that I have placed a present for you under the tree, and for you too, dearest Mother-In-Law."

"Hmmm," returned Esmerelda. "You may pass your present up to me," and her husband sank to the floor in sizzles of silk, rising again with a meticulously gift-wrapped parcel which he presented to his po-faced wife.

"Thank you." Her voice was curt and short as she opened the packaging. Inside the tissues was a blouse of oyster pink silk-organza which practically flowed off her knee with liquid silkiness. "Hmm." Her brows rose for a moment which was all the thank you he would get. "Come here." She caught the blouse by its shoulders, with frills of lace standing at its neck and voluminous sleeves draping on either side of its waterfall frills, and held it against him to gauge the effect. "What do you think, Mother?"

Geraldine looked on with jaded interest except to say: "Yes darling, you must dress him in it next time we are going to masturbate him to within an inch of an orgasm."

Esmerelda wanted more information. "Where did you purchase it?" "At Harrod's darling." "Did you wait until there were women queuing at the cash desk so that they saw you holding a women's blouse?" "Yes darling, there were five women." "Did you hold it up against yourself as you presented it for payment?" "Yes darling, holding the frills against my throat." "And what did you say to the sales assistant?" "M-My wife will certainly want to dress me in it. Does it suit me, ma'am?" "What did she say?" Rodney gathered his breath. "She called out to her friend at the other till: ‘This guy wants to know if his wife will like him in this blouse. What do you think, Maisie?" "And what did Maisie say?" Another pause before Rodney could reply: "I think you've got a right d-d-dick-head there, Samantha."

Both Esmerelda and Geraldine gave a snort, agreeing wholeheartedly with the sales assistants. "Kindly pass me my present?" said his mother-in-law. "It had better be more interesting than that, I can tell you."

Her parcel was about the same size, from She Who Must Be Obeyed according to the wrapping, and she opened it with no reference to her son-in-law, even though he stood at her knee. From its soft tissues in damson pink and ivory she extracted a lingerie set in oyster pink silk chiffon. Rodney glowed with homage beside his Mother-In-Law: it had cost him three months of his allowance and was in the Harem Exquisite range. Geraldine made no comment, but laid the three pieces across the lap of her dress and ordered him to his knees. "Take off your cap," she said, and Rodney obeyed: his cap was three inches tall in starched white linen, with a further three inches of starched white lace. "Kiss it. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. You love being our housemaid, don't you? And being my chambermaid to help me into my shapewear?"

"Y-Y-Yes dearest Mother-In-Law." His head bowed in shameful submission. She took the brassiere, which was lightly wired, immersed his face inside one of the cups, shaped the second cup over his crown and wrapped the straps until they could be hooked together over one of his ears. "Not bad," she announced as she turned his face to left and right to show her daughter. "These can go on top," she said, pulling the full cut panty with its lacey legs down until the waist elastic was anchored under his chin. "Now lift your aprons while you kneel."

Rodney Lightfoot, his face double-dressed in her bra and panties, reached to his knees and unthreaded the wide skirt of his Stepford pinafore, before lifting his aprons as instructed.

"Right up: show me your sissy cock in its panties. There – now this," and she held the folded oyster pink slip over her hand, "is for sliding ever so sweetly just here, over this feminized dick – until I feel I've had enough of it."

Her son-in-law knew he had to remain still as her fingers plied her lingerie over his panty-bulge. He gasped and moaned as he watched his bulge thicken and swell in her hand, almost forgetting to breathe, not daring to reach a peak of pleasure.

Geraldine was content to keep him aroused for almost ten minutes as his wife watched with chuckles, until she dropped the slip into his wrappings again, followed by the panty and bra, and ordered him to his feet. "Thank me by curtseying your devotion," she said.

"Thank you, Mother-In-Law, for showing me my place as your lingerie slave." He said in a little voice. Geraldine's face was severe.

"Now it's time for your present – It's in silver paper with pink string and ribbon bows."

Esmerelda looked under the tree, where another dozen parcels lay in wait, and declared: "They're ALL in silver paper with pink string and ribbon bows, mother." Her voice rang with sarcasm. "Rodney, why on earth have you got so many parcels?"

"Well, well, well," said Geraldine, surprised. "Come here: you will wear another frilly full-length pinafore while opening your parcels." She stood up, produced a hissing armful of silk-satin, held it ready for him, and he was soon dressed in a fuchsia pink flowery pinafore with enormous frills that shaped his hair as if in a baby bonnet. His wife joined her mother in dressing him in it, fastening the big bow at the back of his waist. Then she showed him his first parcel.

Inside the silver paper was a parcel from the Silky Sissy Nursery. Her husband opened it with trembling fingers, to find inside a baby romper in pale blue satin covered in rosebuds. He squeaked helplessly with girlish pleasure, and knew he had to fall on his knees in gratitude.

"Yes, yes. Get up, you've got more presents you clown." She thrust the next parcel into his hands, larger and heavier as if it containing a box.

His fingers fumbled but he opened the tissues again, with a wail of misery, to discover a pack of large adult baby sized Princess Pooey diapers, "Extra absorbent for all day wetness," it explained, "and so pretty for your baby princess."

"You may thank me," declared Geraldine on the edge of her seat as she enjoyed her son-in-law's embarrassment more and more.

His next parcel contained four pairs of baby popper panties in different colours of hard, barely pliable plastic and with extra tight elastic at the legs. Then he had a baby doll nightie "for your sissy three-year-old", in peach pink chiffon with baby buttons down the back. Other parcels held pairs of satin panties "for baby girls who must be made more feminine", each pair of panties with a large and very pretty baby bonnet to match. The last three parcels, the largest of them all, held boxes that proclaimed "A Dress from Satinized Sissy-Girl", so that Rodney was quivering with girlishness as each one was opened for him by his wife or his mother and the horrendously frilly adult baby dresses were held up against him for them to giggle at the picture he made of baby sweetness.

"Isn't that clever of Mommy Christmas," declared Esmerelda, dropping one of his dresses over his petticoats for her mother to draw it together behind him and fasten up his dress buttons. "Now you can be presented to our guests for lunch as our new baby sissy maid, looking so fetching in white chiffon or pink satin."

"And of course they will want to try out Rodney's new diapers on him," chuckled her mother. "I know Aunt Gina and Aunt Caroline will love to play with a girly baby across their knees, with his hands mittened together behind his back."

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