from Nancy Edwina

Dear Maam,

I am writing to thank you for spending your valuable time helping my Mistress ensure I continue to be punished and trained as an adulterer deserves to be as a naughty schoolgirl in the 1950s. I understand that my behaviour in Year 4 was not exemplary as it should be and I am very deservedly to do Year 4 again so that I am able to demonstrate that I can behave as expected of a fifteen year old schoolgirl at a 1950s boarding school.

As part of my continuing discipline my Mistress has told me to write a detailed description of my activities and my punishments for your entertainment, for you to post publically if you wish and my further deserved humiliation.

My name is an appropriately old fashioned and girly one - Nancy Edwina Prudence Winifred Deidre Chastity Veronica Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is my wife's maiden name. I am frequently addressed as schoolgirl, child or by my surname only and must respond immediately. I have to write my full name at the top of every sheet of written school and punishment work I complete.

When I arrive home from work I have three minutes only to dress in the full winter school uniform which I will be wearing throughout my second school year as a Year 4 at all times except when I am in bed or doing a PE lesson. This uniform consists of a pair of thick grey woollen knickers with thick elastics at the waist and around the legs, maroon large elasticated school knickers, grey wool vest, grey woollen school knee socks with maroon stripe on the turnover, thick elastic garters, brown school sandals, grey shirt, a maroon and green striped tie, a maroon box pleat worsted pinafore dress with buttoned shoulders reaching below my knees, two V neck knitted grey wool with maroon trim school cardigans, maroon blazer and my school hat complete with elastic. I have to wear the woollen underwear and extra school cardigan so due to my continual failure to meet the required standards for uniform wearing. I must ensure everything is correct all buttons done up and ready for inspection at all times. My vest must be tucked into my knickers at all times, the seams of my clothing including my underwear must be straight and my socks must be up and ribbing kept straight. I know that if I fail any uniform inspection I will be punished and that as a minimum this will include a period of potty training.

For my Physical Education lessons I am wearing my two pairs of knickers, vest, knee socks, school shirt fully buttoned, my bottle green pleated PE skirt and rubber soled black plimsolls.

At night I have to wear my thick grey woollen knickers with thick elastics at the waist and around the legs, maroon large elasticated school knickers, grey wool knitted vest, grey woollen school knee socks, ankle length knitted grey woollen nightie which buttons to the neck, thick knitted maroon woollen bed jacket reaching my knees which has two rows of buttons and grey woollen thumbless mittens. This helps to ensure any attempts at masturbation will be unsuccessful as well as making my sleep time uncomfortable.

I am allowed to change my knickers, vest, knee socks and shirt once per week and my school pinafore dress and cardigans once per month.

I am to receive 12 strokes of the cane to my bare behind and legs every day and in addition I am being spanked at least once per day across my bare behind and legs using hand, hairbrush, clothes brush or slipper or all of these as my Mistress or her sister deems appropriate. This is my punishment for my past transgressions and ensures that my behind and legs are kept in a painful state at all times. If I commit any transgression I am always given corporal punishment or a spanking immediately so that I am left in no doubt of my offence. In addition I am then allocated additional corporal punishment when any offences I have committed are reviewed at the end of each day. When this is done no consideration is given to the corporal punishment or spanking I have received at the time of my offence in allocating further corporal punishments.

Spankings are performed either with me bent over a stool, my desk for doing written work or held across the lap of my sister-in-law or Mistress. The skirt of my school pinafore dress, my school cardigans and blazer or my wool nightie and bed cardigan are always lifted blazer before stripping both of my pairs of knickers to my knees. I am then spanked until they are content that I have been punished adequately. This childish physical punishment is always applied with both sufficient force and length to ensure I am left weeping and sobbing like the naughty little girl I am.

When I am being caned or strapped I have to undo my blazer and school cardigan buttons and then either bend over and touch my toes or have to bend over the back of the chair and reach down and hold its front legs. As with my spankings I have my blazer, school cardigans and the skirt of my pinafore dress laid over my back and then both pairs my knickers lowered to my knees or ankles leaving my behind and thighs bare to receive my deserved punishment. The deserved number of strokes are then applied. Frequently I also have to count each stroke and give thanks my Mistress or sister-in-law for applying my corporal punishment.

I am confined to an Exobelt at all times day and night as I have been now for more than five years. I have my genitals cleaned once per week. During this process I have to kneel with my hands in thumbless woollen mittens on my head and my Mistress and/or her sister first dry shave my testicles and then swab the whole area with undiluted Dettol, cover them in TCP gel before reinserting my genitals into the device and relocking it. This process takes only about a minute and is the only time in the week I am released from the device. The pain of the disinfectant and antiseptic is horrendous and last for some time. I know from experience that if I complain in any way that the addition of raw sliced chilli or chilli oil to the TCP will be added and I will regret my action. I have been locked up for more than five years during which I have never touched my own genitals. I am no longer frustrated as I was initially and am horrified that I may have become impotent. My confinement to layers of woollen garments, thumbless woollen mittens and constant supervision have ensured during this period my efforts at masturbation have been a failure which severe punishment as well as a loss of any desire ensure I am no longer trying to perform. My Mistress has assured me that despite this I will remain in a state of abstinence, as a very minimum until I have completed my schooling.

I am continuing to spend many hours writing essays and lines on my punishment always either standing or sitting on a hard wooden stool at my school desk. I am serve my detentions in the box room where I also sleep. If my Mistress or her sister enter the room I must always stand immediately to attention with my hands by my sides and looking directly forwards and remain in this position until I am instructed as to what to do. I must, as always, speak only when spoken to by Mistress or her sister and reply concisely always finishing my response with Maam without exception. When not under direct supervision, I may be being viewed by camera or I am being taped such that my performance is under constant review and such that any disobedience is detected and dealt with. As with my schoolwork all on the punishments are written by hand on A4 paper in neat hand writing and I have to write my full name, Nancy Edwina Prudence Winifred Deidre Chastity Veronica Fitzpatrick, at the top of each sheet together with the date. If I fail to complete the allocated task in terms of numbers of sides or lines I am punished immediately. My written punishments continue to be reviewed for their content, spelling and grammar and neatness and again if anything does not meet the exemplary standards required I am further punished. The types of lines I am forced to write help me to admit my status and offences and have the deserved punishments reasserted to me over and over again.

Essays provide me with the opportunity to write down and admit my offences versus the school rules, the punishments allocated, what I have learnt from them and sometimes what further punishments could be allocated to me if I do not learn my lesson. I am expected to write four sides of A4 per hour when performing such punishments and the lengths of essays typically vary from a minimum of four sides up to at least twenty-four sides.

I continue to have to ask permission to go to the toilet and of course my chastity device ensures I have to sit to do so as is appropriate for a girl. When asking permission I must raise my hand and wait to be asked what I wish to say before speaking. I must then say as appropriate to her, "Please Miss may Nancy Edwina Prudence Winifred Deidre Chastity Veronica Fitzpatrick go for a wee wee?" or "Please Miss may Nancy Edwina Prudence Winifred Deidre Chastity Veronica Fitzpatrick go for a caca?" I am not allowed to go to the toilet more than twice per day again during Year 4 so permission is not always granted. All of my toilet visits for the next year will be supervised due to my poor behaviour. When I go to the toilet I have to lift my dress and cardigans and strip down my knickers to my ankles and sit on the toilet, sometimes I am told to sit in reverse on the toilet so that I face the cistern with my legs angled backwards to further humiliate me, and always have to put my hands on my head. I was have either 1 or 2 minutes to relieve myself, dependent on whether I have permission to perform a wee wee or a caca, with my Mistress or sister stood over me to ensure my compliance. The seated position at all times reminds me of my girly status. I am allowed to clean myself with hard toilet paper.

I continue to receive no evening meal at any time as befits a naughty little girl. For breakfast every day I am eating cold porridge and at the weekends get only bread and water for lunch.

I have my mouth washed out with carbolic soap and water every night as a punishment for my lying about what I had done. This is an unbelievably horrible punishment to be sent to the bathroom to get the soap and then have to stand with my hands on my head with my mouth open whilst soap is rubbed into my teeth and tongue. I am then not allowed to rinse my mouth so that the taste remains with me all night. For any further misbehaviour where my Mistress decides I have failed to tell the truth further mouth washing is always an obligatory part of my further punishment.

I continue to be allowed the privilege of only one cold shower per week. I am permitted to wash myself with carbolic soap and the have to spend a minimum ten minutes under the freezing cold water on maximum flow. This ensures that when I have showered I am appreciative of the privilege of putting back on my woollen underwear thick worsted school pinafore dress and school cardigans.

I spend many hours serving corner time either simply standing or with my nose or forehead against the wall, hands folded behind my back or on my hips or my head. Corporal punishment and spanking is always accompanied by corner time either before, after or both the application of my physical chastisements. Following punishment my pinafore dress and school cardigans are pinned up and my two pairs of knickers are left around my knees or ankles so that my beaten behind and legs are left on display as yet a further humiliation. Corner time allows me to consider what I have done wrong and maximise my learning from the beating which follows and after punishment to collect myself from the sobbing and weeping state which like the little girl I am I find myself and work out to prevent further poor behaviour whilst I remain at school and in the future.

I continue to be sent to bed early every night as you would expect a naughty little school girl should be. As you directed my nightwear has been maintained as during my last school year. I have to dress in my grey wool school knickers, maroon elasticated school knickers, grey wool school knee socks, my ankle length knitted wool nightgown with a collar and three buttons at the neck, my below knee length maroon woollen bed cardigan- jacket with a large collar and two rows of buttons at the front from collar to hem and finally thick woollen thumbless grey mittens. This ensures my time in bed is as uncomfortable as my school days. The combination of the many thick woollen layers and restrictive woollen mittens have ended the futility of my initial and disgusting efforts at masturbation. After five year of enforced chastity my urges have faded but I am deservedly being maintained in this state to prevent any attempts and to remind me of why, following my adulterous behaviour, I must be kept in a chaste, restrained and girly state. During my repeat of Year 4 I am being sent to bed no later than 7:30 PM on Monday to Thursday and no later than 6 PM on Friday to Sunday. I am frequently sent to bed earlier and being spanked, toileted under supervision, dressed in my nightclothes, mouth washed with soap and sent to bed at 4 pm on a Saturday night reminds me that I am a naughty little school girl.

It of course goes without saying that I am not allowed to watch TV, read anything (other than the texts for my school lessons) or listen to the radio.

The only freedom I have is my continuing freedom to go to work on weekdays. I have no access to cash, have to take a packed lunch to work and even when at work am securely in my chastity device and must wear my grey wool school knickers, maroon school knickers, grey wool vest and grey wool with maroon trim school knee socks and garters.

I am continuing to do all of the menial domestic housework within my limited competence - laundry, cleaning, ironing, menial cooking tasks, scrubbing floors, cleaning the toilets and scrubbing the patio. To make me further understand my status as a school girl at a 1950s school I have to hand wash the laundry. My work is subject to close supervision and inspection as I am not to be trusted to have the ability to do anything or to do it well due to my immaturity, stupidity and naughtiness.

My timetable of schoolwork is being maintained as last year as I am serving Year 4 again as you recommended because of my inadequate performance.

My study subjects are those expected for a schoolgirl with a record of poor behaviour and limited intelligence in the 1950s. These are limited to English Literature, Arithmetic, Scripture, Physical Education and Needlework.

In English Literature I am continuing to study the books of Charles Dickens. My lessons consist of reading out loud, verbatim copying of the text, dictation, writing long essays on the texts and doing written tests.

In Arithmetic I have to recite and write out my times tables up to 100 over and over again and complete mental arithmetic exercises with additions, subtraction, multiplication and division sums of up to a thousand questions in 3 hours or less

My Religious Education lessons require me to read out loud long passages from The Bible and have to write out long tracts for periods up to five or six hours, perform dictation exercises and write long essays on parts of The Bible I have studied. On Sunday mornings I have to sing hymns.

My Mistress's sister ensure I have to complete vigorous Physical Education lessons with activities suitable for a young girl. I am dressed in my schoolgirl PE uniform for this activity. I wear my school shirt buttoned to the neck, wool vest, maroon school knickers, grey wool knitted school knickers, grey wool school knee socks, my short pleated bottle green pleated PE skirt and a pair of black plimsolls with rubber soles. I have to complete exercises under her close supervision including star jumps, skipping and hula hooping for periods of 15-20 minutes in sequence. I am made to run, skip and hop up and down the garden or walk up and down quickly with a bean bag on my head. After the session I have to get back into my full winter school uniform wearing the same sweaty underwear, shirt and socks. This means I am a very smelly little girl which my Mistress says is what you would expect for such a misbehaved and childish individual.

During my repeat of Year 4 I am to continue with my needlework lessons. My sister-in-law has taught me to knit, sew, embroider and crochet over the past five years. This has meant I am able to make all of my own school uniform as well as make dresses, skirts, cardigans and other clothing a girl may need. The hundreds of hours I have spent doing these girly, laborious activities to generate the items I must wear as my punishment continue to be one of the most humiliating, arduous and effective elements of my very deserved punishment.

I have still a long list of remaining items on my list to knit and the extension already by two years of my schooling means I may need to knit myself extra school uniform together with my continuing need to wear multiple cardigans and knickers because of my failure to wear my school uniform correctly.

I have and the following items which were already on my list of items to continue to make during my repeat of Year 4:

Serge knee length tunics with square necks, pleated skirts and neck to hem buttoning and a flap to allow direct physical punishment across my bare - one in green serge and one in brown serge.

An ankle length brushed cotton blue and green tartan smock with a crocheted white woollen Peter Pan collar and a crocheted woollen flap to enable easy application to my bare behind for administration of corporal punishment.

Three ankle length thick serge pleated skirts each with a colour contrast buttoned flap to enable access to my bare bottom for spanking or caning/strapping - one in grey serge, one in brown serge and one in green serge

Three knee length thick woollen cardigan jackets with buttons and large collars - one knitted in grey wool, one knitted in brown wool and one knitted in green wool

Two more pairs of thick knitted woollen mittens without thumbs with elasticated wrist and woollen wrist ties - one pair knitted in grey wool and one pair knitted in yellow wool

Three knitted woollen berets with a pom-pom - one knitted in white wool, one knitted in grey wool and one knitted in green wool

Four pairs of knitted woollen mittens - one pair knitted in grey wool, one pair knitted in brown wool, one pair knitted in green wool and one pair knitted in maroon wool

Two ankle length knitted woollen night gowns with elasticated wrists, collars and 3 buttons at the neck - one knitted in grey wool and one knitted in brown wool
My Mistress has now added further items to my needlework list due to my prolonged need for schooling and suggestions received from your readers following the humiliating public posting of behavioural review of last year:
Four V-neck woollen maroon with grey trim school cardigans

A grey woollen knitted shawl with a crocheted edge

A bottle green crocheted woollen shawl
She has asked me to specifically request your ideas for further girly, old fashioned clothing I should make for myself and that if you decide to publically post this essay, which would deservedly further my humiliation, that your readers send their ideas to her (

My Mistress has decided that I will be spending more time in deportment training during my repeat of Year 4. This may make me more respectful of how I appear and help me focus on my continuing failure to comply with the rules for the wearing of school uniform which I am fortunate to wear. I am spending many hours practicing holding my head upright, keeping my back straight, pulling my shoulders back and to stepping gracefully without dragging my feet or shuffling. I am also receiving further practice to ensure I sit with my knees together and ankles crossed. My deportment is also being kept under continual and even stricter supervision and I have already received additional spankings and the ruler across my bare legs for any slouching or not sitting with my knees together.

I am currently in the middle of my period which continues to be a minimum of ten days every month due to reflect my previously moody and disruptive behaviour. As a 1950s schoolgirl eleven year old schoolgirl I have a thick damp towel secured between my legs at all times for these ten days. This pad is remoistened twice per day and to enhance my experience my Mistress ensures it is coated with materials to ensure my discomfort. These include cold mashed potatoes, raw liver, chilli oil, cold gruel and many other items. I have to wear my sanitary pad at all times for the ten days including when I go to work. When I am in my school uniform the liquid frequently soaks through my knickers leaving damp patches on my school pinafore dress and my wool nightgown. When I attend work I have to wear a pair of elasticated plastic incontinence knickers over my pad so that the moisture does not show through my trousers. When I return home these are removed immediately. This monthly experience reminds me of my new position which has been earned my adulterous behaviour and continuing misbehaviour.

I have my fingernails inspected a minimum of once per day to ensure that they are clean and that I have not chewed them in anyway. If my nails are dirty, no matter what work I may have been doing, or bitten I am punished.

I hope Maam that my description of my continuing and much deserved discipline meets your requirements. If not my Mistress would be happy to receive your comments and have me rewrite this piece completely as well as punish me for my failure to do it correctly. Your recommendation that I must repeat my Year 4 again has ensured I am punished for my continuing childish and inexcusable misbehaviour against the very strict lifestyle as a 1950s school girl I deserve to be confined to. I am continuing to be punished and humiliated for my adultery and my Mistress would be happy to receive any further suggestions to enhance my punishment and discipline which may be sent to I am to ask you to publish this if at all possible as it is an excruciatingly humiliating experience to have to read out the piece in full knowledge of others sharing what an inept and useless little schoolgirl I have become. Your personal recommendation made in public to prolong my deserved punishment was very humiliating and I would benefit from your further public comment on my disciplining including any specific additions or increases to my existing sanctions you feel appropriate.

I am humbled that you are prepared to spend your valuable time dealing with a naughty school girl and it would be my privilege to be specifically punished in recompense for the time you have to waste on me. Please inform my Mistress of whatever physical chastisement and humiliations you decide are appropriate.

Yours faithfully,
Nancy Edwina Prudence Winifred Deidre Chastity Veronica Fitzpatrick.
Year 4 Pupil

Regular readers will recognize Nancy Edwina as Mistress Gema's philandering husband that is being re-educated as a schoolgirl, periodically Nancy reports on her progress, such as it is. In this particular report, as is her usual practice, she begs me to help her find relief from her plight, can you guess what I usually do? In this case I suggested she redo the year due to her continued lack of commitment and the missing details of her humiliation in her reports.

In this report there are 16 miscellaneous mistakes, misspellings, typos, etc. we hope you will look this essay over carefully and see if you can find them, then report your discoveries to Gemma via the email link above along with your suggestion for punishment, (please do keep in mind that many words are in the British vernacular). However she even if you can afford the time to find them she would welcome your suggestions on various ways to punish Nancy.

Auntie Helga

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