I had a sister that would have her friends over to spend the night and I had made a small hole in wall separating my sister's room and mine. When the girls would come for a night of girls doing stuff in my sister's room. I would get my chair and take off my pants and sit and peek at them as they would seem to always play dress up. Needless to say I would watch and play with myself. That went great for a while.

One night as they were at the table in the kitchen and talking about some new panties and petticoats and other clothes. I sat there eating and listening to each word they said. After we ate our snack Barb told me to clean up the kitchen and they all ran out. I knew that if mom came home from her quilting group she would be mad so I washed and dried the dishes and then went to my room to peek at them.

I got my chair and looked in the hole to see them playing as always. I could hear them talking and Cindy said we should let Billy come over and play dress up with us and they all laughed as Connie said yes since he is watching us through that hole over there. I almost fell off the chair and ran to put the chair back by the bed and jumped in my bed as Cindy opened my door and walked in. I said what are you doing I am trying to sleep. She grabbed the covers and said do you often sleep in your clothes. She told me to get out of that bed and do as you are told or we will tell your mommy that you were being naughty. I stood up and she pointed at the front of my pants. I had forgot to put it away and zip up. I reach for the zipper and zipped it up and I pinched my thing and began to cry because it hurt so bad. I got it loose and she was still laughing as were the other who had ran in to see what I was yelling about.

They all started hugging me and saying things like ahh poor baby girl you better come over and let us get you properly dressed. I tried to pull away but they had a strong hold on me. Before I knew it I was standing naked as they removed my clothes. They all were looking at me naked. Donna said I should get dressed like everyone else. I looked around and they all had on baby doll pajamas. They were ruffled and short. I begged them not to put them on me. To no help I was soon standing there in some baby doll pajamas. They said I had to be a girl if I wanted to keep my secret of peeking at us.

I was made to talk and walk like a girl. One of the girls got a picture out of her purse. It was a picture of her boyfriend Fred. She told me to kiss the picture I said no and she moved her knee fast right up between my legs making me fall down. They all said you will kiss him and do it like you love him and want him to be your boyfriend. She put the picture to my lips and I began to kiss it and she said lick his lips. I almost got sick thinking of kissing a boy. I licked and kissed him until they got satisfied. I had to serve them drinks and cookies and curtsy before each of them.

This went on for hours and as they said they were getting sleepy I hoped this was done but no it was not. I had to turn down their beds and tell each of them I wanted to be a girl for them every week. I then was spanked and sent to my room, I ran. I jumped in bed and soon was asleep. The next morning my mom came in and i had forgot to remove the baby doll pajamas and stood up and walked to my dresser to get some clean underpants only to hear my mother gasp. I looked down and suddenly remembered the them. Mother asked me why I was wearing them I knew I could not tell her about last night and started to cry. She hugged me and said something that made me cry more she said you can wear them all you want to and said she would buy me some of my own. what she said next made me wonder how long she had wanted another daughter. I spent most of my youth dressing in girls things.

Dad had left when I was seven and mom had raised me and said she hoped I would not grow up to be like my dad. I guess I am like my mom and sister.

I am still living at home with mom at 24 and still wearing girls clothes and hoping no one finds out.

Baby Sue (as my mom calls me)

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