My brother was a bully from the age of nine until my mother got tired of his always doing things that cost her fines from the law and friends that stopped coming around with their daughters.

Daniel had taken me to the end of my patience. Mother told me that I needed to take him to her friend Donna. She told me that this lady name Donna would make him a very sweet little child. Mother took Daniel to Donna's home in Newport. The first day she knocked on that door was the day Daniel became Dani.

I found out that this Lady Donna had taken my brother and the first day she made him bathe and she watched as he washed every inch of his body. As his hair was kind of long she then made him sit and she started to put small curlers in his hair and he rebelled. That was the first time he ever got spanked. She turned him over her lap and put a burning on his butt that took a week to stop hurting. He then was to stand in the corner with his hands on his head until he would beg to become a little sissy girl. As I was told he stood there for two hours and was then begging to become a little sissy girl. Donna than finished dressing and making him learn to walk and sit like a girl. She made him learn to paint his finger and toe nails with pink polish. Before he could go to bed he had to put on what we called back then was baby doll pajamas. He then knelt before her and said thank you for making me a sissy girl. He then bent down and kissed her shoes.

The next day was the most humiliating for him, she put him in a little girl outfit and put a collar around his neck and a leash which she used to lead him down the main street of town. They stopped at a shop of little girls clothes and he tried on several outfits that were very sissy. She then took him to a local hangout where young boys would play and he was so humiliated Dani when she told him to take a five dollar bill to one of the biggest boys and ask him if he would spank him for the five dollars and be sure to pull down his panties to his ankles. The boy swiftly agreed and Dani was over his lap and making him cry like a sissy baby girl.

Donna did these kind of things to him for a week and then she asked him if he wanted to go home or be her sissy forever. He wanted to stay with her and be her little sissy girl.

I would go over often and see Dani and he was her devoted sissy. I was called by him one day asking me to come to his wedding as he was marring another woman named Sara Jones naturally Dani was the bride and his Mistress was the one who wore the pants. When I go to visit them Dani always opens the door and asks me in. I am very good friend with Dani's Mistress and she tells me stories of his time with her in his position as her sissy slave.

I have invited Donna and Sara Jones and Dani to come to my wedding to Cindy. Cindy was trained by Donna she also taught me to be his loving Mistress.

I am so glad mother took Daniel for his life change. By the way Mother passed away in 2000 a happy woman that she did not leave a man behind that would bully a woman.

Carla Clark

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