from Sissy Paula

Dear Auntie Helga,

Thank you so very much for publishing my letter and photos highlighting my sissified chastity lifestyle I have embraced and wish to share with others as an example. This obedient girl is always willing to be seen and exposed publicly as a feminised sissy, in satin and frills, pvc and latex, with short skirts, dresses and full petticoats under my maid uniforms showing my stocking tops. I am so happy to say my unnecessary small pee pee has been further reduced with my new extra small stainless steel chastity, keeping it permanently tiny.

To accentuate and display my new very prominent D cup silicon breasts, I'm increasingly tightly corseted to give me a more shapely figure, especially wearing, my tightly fitted satin and sheer blouses, with very short skater skirts for daily and evening wear. Though more recently I am diapered under my tight pencil skirts, shortened full dresses on a regular basis so it is quite noticeable I am wearing diapers. When performing my maid duties I am thickly diapered and wear plastic baby panties, I am now also dressed as a fully multiple diapered adult baby on occasion so I can only crawl and must speak with a babyish lisp.

For a small dinner party using my home organised by my superior, I was dressed in my bright pink latex maid uniform and had to stand outside my home then deeply curtsey to each of the guests as they arrived to maximise my embarrassment at being possibly seen by my neighbours and passersby. I served and waited on the guests at dinner and for the evening; I had to carry out every instruction without question I was given by all whom were there, including standing on a stool for diaper inspection in front of everyone. Then further tasks which also focused on reinforcing my status to remind me I am only a weak willed, submissive sissy and not remotely a male anymore.

At the end of the evening I had to change into my baby pink, pvc pinafore dress, with satin gloves, organza blouse and petticoats as the guests left I had to remain outside the front door and pose for pics for the guests displaying my very wet thickly diapered bottom, visible under my dress to my complete embarrassment. Afterwards I had my locking penis gag inserted, short chain wrist and ankle restraints attached. I then had to clear up, wash up all the dinner things, tidied, vacuumed and polished while in my restraints.

When my duties were completed I was instructed to undress in the bathroom for inspection, given 12 strokes of the cane for my laddered stocking. I received a fresh enema and again my anus was firmly stretched and filled with my new nighttime xxl penis plug [20cm circumference] before wearing my see through short baby doll negligee, treble diapers and frilly plastic panties stretched tightly on top of my diapers before bed. I hope Auntie Helga enjoys reading of my progress as a good, obedient sissy and seeing the attached pics.

Yours sincerely and curtsy,
sissy paula
diaperedblueleather-tn diapered-sissy-baby-tn diapered-sissy-baby2-tn
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Thank you for your letter Sissy Paula and of course I did enjoy reading all about your progress. This is another fine example of the proper deportment and wardrobe for sissies. The dinner party sounds a real hit with the guests, I'm sure you were the perfect maid. Thank you for including the photos, we enjoy so much seeing your shameful, yet beautiful costumes.

Auntie Helga

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