from Melvin

Dear Auntie Helga,

My wife Hilary has given me permission to write you about my first true petticoat punishment which I received about six months ago. She had been dressing me in a blouse and skirt several times over the preceding few months, her clothes fit me pretty well because she is quite a large lady. Just the blouse and skirt, nothing else, and each time she has told me the magic words "Right, now I'm going to punish you for wearing my clothes". She would then make me remove the clothes and then gave me twelve of the best with a leather belt on my bare bottom. This aroused us both and you can guess what followed...

What happened one day six months ago, however, was a major departure from our norm. I had annoyed her by drinking too much vodka and tonic the previous night and behaving in quite a boorish way. The following day she suddenly announced out of the blue that she wasn't going to tolerate behaviour like that anymore and that she was going to teach me a lesson I wouldn't forget in a long while. She ordered me to follow her to the bedroom and to stand in the corner with my hands on my head. I couldn't see what she was doing but she seemed to be looking into drawers and the wardrobe.

After a few minutes, with my curiously getting greater, she said in a stern headmistress-type voice "Turn around and face me you naughty boy". Laid out on the bed were some of her clothes, a garden cane and a heavy plastic ruler.

"You will do exactly what I say without any argument" she said in the same stern voice. "Put these on" she snapped, handing me a pair of silky white knickers. After I had slipped them on she handed me her white corselette which was trimmed with pink lace and had four suspenders. "Now this" she said and I struggled into it, pulled the shoulder straps over me and started to fiddle with the dangling suspenders.

"Stop that immediately and hold out your hand" she barked. I held out my left hand just like at school and she gave me three strokes with the cane. It wasn't a school cane so it didn't swish too much but it still stung. "And now the other hand", and three more followed.

"Now you can play with the suspenders" Hilary said and she handed me an unopened pack of stockings. "These are super sheer so treat them carefully, and if you know what's good for you then you'll make sure that you get the seams perfectly straight".

Putting stockings on for the first time wasn't easy and I ran my finger up the back of each leg to check the seams. I could fasten the front suspenders but I struggled with the back ones. "I'll do that" snapped Hilary, pausing to smack each of my legs three times. She fastened the suspenders and walked me over to the full-length mirror. It was my face in the mirror but it wasn't my body any more, it was a girl looking back at me in the knickers, corselette and stockings.

"I think a pretty petticoat" said Hilary and handed me a full length white nylon slip trimmed with pink ribbon and white lace at the hemline. I slipped into this and then took from her a black dress with multi-coloured flowers. She helped me into this, zipped me up and I felt really girlie as I smoothed the dress down, feeling my suspenders and boned corselette underneath.

"Finally some high heels for the naughty girl I can now see that you have turned into" and I was given a pair of black court shoes with a high heel. They were a size too small, but I managed to get my feet into them, though walking was obviously difficult.

"Right, now I want you to go downstairs and outside onto the patio. I want to hear your heels clacking". This terrified me. "What if the neighbours see" I asked. "Well, all they will see is that I have transformed you into a naughty girl who is going to be disciplined severely".

Walking downstairs in the high heels was obviously tricky and when I went onto the patio I was horrified that one of the next door neighbours would be in their garden. Thankfully nobody was there and I must confess that I really enjoyed the clack of the heels as I tried my best to walk up and down.

"Right, back inside and up to the bedroom. I'm now going to give you the sort of chastisement that naughty girls get".

When we were back upstairs Hilary simply said "Bend over the bed, please". I put my hands flat on the bed and felt her raising my dress and petticoat. "Naughty girls get their punishments across their knickers with their suspenders and stocking tops on public view".

"A couple of dozen strokes of the ruler, I think, and please remember to count the strokes and when your punishment is complete I want you to face me and thank me".

The ruler hummed through the air and thwacked onto my knickered bottom. A split second later the thwack turned into a stinging pain. "One, Miss Hilary" I said, adding the "Miss" of my own volition.

Swish. Thwack. "Two, Miss Hilary". Swish. Thwack. "Three, Miss Hilary".

I think I took my punishment pretty well.

Swish. Thwack. "Twenty three, Miss Hilary". Swish. Thwack. "Twenty four, Miss Hilary".

"Punishment complete. Stand up, make yourself decent and face me. Do not under any circumstances touch your bottom; I want it to smart for a few hours".

I smoothed down my slip and the skirt of my dress, looked into Hilary's eyes and lovingly said "Thank you for disciplining me, Miss Hilary. I thoroughly deserved my 24 strokes and I am grateful that you were strict with me".

I had to keep my girlie outfit on for the rest of the day. At bedtime Hilary allowed me to remove the clothes and gave me a silky culotte half slip to wear in bed instead of my usual boxer shorts. And for good measure she gave me three strokes with the ruler on each hand. What a lucky man I am, I decided that day that I was going to be naughty again, probably quite often...


Hilary has now given me permission to write again to describe the things that happened in the months after my initial petticoat punishment.

I thought I'd taken my 24 strokes of the ruler very well and showed her the proper respect by addressing her as "Miss Hilary" and thanking her for her attention. She agreed and told me that this marked a new beginning in our relationship and that I could expect to receive similar chastisement in the future.

The following weekend Hilary said that we were going shopping. In the shops she picked out clothes that she said would be suitable for me. As I said Hilary is a large lady so she picked garments in her own size, thankfully I didn't have to try feminine clothes on in the shop like some girlies have had to.

Hilary first bought me dresses. The first was a cream one with a flowered pattern and a flared skirt, which was just below knee-length, the second was what ladies would generally know as a little black dress, a few inches longer and quite straight so just about mid-calf length. Finally I got a shorter dress that came to about two inches above my knee.

Next she bought me skirts, all about knee-length. Firstly a navy-blue pencil skirt with a back split, then a tweed skirt that looked quite frumpy and finally a grey skirt with accordion pleats. Hilary also bought a frumpy cardigan that she said I could wear with any of the skirts or dresses.

Then I got two blouses, a white silky one that Hilary said would look very prim and proper when fastened at the cuffs and neck, and a sleeveless candy-striped one that she said was quite tarty.

Next we moved onto purchasing hosiery. Firstly she bought me two packs of tights, one in tan, the other in the shade known as barely black. I also got one pair of tan seamed tights and four pairs of stockings, tan and black both with and without seams. All the stockings were for wearing with suspenders as Hilary said that she thought hold-up stockings wouldn't be suitable for me - she didn't say why and I didn't like to ask as she had already warned me not to be impertinent while we were out.

For underwear Hilary bought me two pairs of knickers and a bra, a suspender belt, and two girdles, all in white. She said that she had chosen the girdles to be deliberately tight and with very firm control indeed, as this would prevent any unsightly bulges under my dress or skirt. There was a pantie-girdle and a roll-on.

I asked about having my own corselette, but Hilary said that if necessary I would wear hers, and I regretted my question because she did then say that I would get a smacked bottom for impertinence when we got home.

Almost as an afterthought, she said that girlies should wear a petticoat at all times, so she bought me three waist slips in different lengths, two white and one pink, and a full length slip in white. All the slips had pretty lace trim at the hems.

In the shoe shops she bought me a pair of high-heeled court shoes in my size and width fitting, and a pair of black knee-length boots.

When we got home I had to unpack my new clothes and Hilary ordered me to dress in the white blouse and grey pleated skirt, bra, knickers, waist slip, suspender belt, tan stockings and court shoes. She reminded me that I was due a soundly smacked bottom so she ordered me into the dining room and to stand in the corner, hands on head. After a few minutes she told me to turn around and bend over resting my elbows on the dining table.

I then received thirty strokes of the slipper, and like last time I counted the strokes and thanked Hilary for her attention when the discipline was complete. As before I was sent to bed and had to wear her culotte slip instead of my boxer shorts.

The following day Hilary said "The slipper and ruler are fine, but sometimes I think I will need to chastise you more severely. There are going to be occasions when a naughty little minx like you merits a caning, so I need you to buy a traditional school cane, complete with crook handle".

This was another departure. We had discussed how we were punished at school, Hilary had confessed to slipperings on her bottom and the strap across her hands, while I had admitted that I had been caned across my bottom on two occasions. The first was in the last year of junior school when the headmistress had given me four strokes for an "I'll show me mine if you show me yours" game with one of the girls.

I still remember the headmistress's exact words - "Girls wear thin dresses so they get the slipper, boys wear thick shorts so they get the cane". I had to bend over first for my strokes so I wasn't really paying attention as the girl - Liz as I recall - was slippered, though I did notice that her thin dress didn't do her much good because her skirt rode up as she bent over so she got the slipper across her knickers.

In the second year of senior school I got the cane from the deputy headmaster for a bit of horseplay with two other boys that resulted in one of them ending up on the floor. The deputy head marched us to his study and then called us in one by one. We got three strokes each. But I digress...

I purchased a cane from a shop in London and Hilary uses it from time to time. I'm pleased to say that most of the time when she canes me I have on my pencil skirt, slip, pantie-girdle, tights and knickers. So five layers of clothing provide some protection but the cane still stings, made worse by the fact that Hilary is more inclined to lecture me during a caning as opposed to a spanking.

She now calls me Melinda while I am en-femme rather than Melvin.

"Bend over Melinda you naughty girlie". "Six of the best for you Melinda, you little madam". "Consider yourself lucky, you minx, that I haven't raised your skirts". "Just imagine how these strokes would sting your bottom Melinda if you didn't have your tight girdle on".

Hilary knows all the words that "do it". "get over my knee for a soundly smacked bottom". "Lift your skirts so I can ruler your legs". "Hold out your hand immediately". She tells me I am an errant girlie, disobedient, recalcitrant.

Thus was the tone of our relationship set. At least once a week Hilary would tell me to "go and get dressed" which I soon learned meant that there were clothes laid out on the bed and Hilary was going to punish my bottom. Extra of course if my slip was peeking out from under my skirt, or my seams weren't straight, or if I dared to ladder my tights or stockings. Sometimes a spanking or the slipper, or the ruler, or even the cane. across her knee, bent over the dining table. bent over the bed with hands flat. Sometimes across my skirted bottom, more often across my knickers after Hilary carefully arranges my skirt and slip.

My favourite outfit, not that I have any choice, is the short dress, tan stockings and roll-on, bra, knickers, waist slip and boots. With the dress being quite short here is an increased chance that my slip might be showing or, worse still, my stocking tops. I do so love having Hilary scold me; in fact I really enjoy a long lecture as I stand there in my girlie clothes especially if she calls me a slovenly little minx for a slip or stocking top problem.

So that's our relationship nowadays with Hilary administering regular scolding, humiliation and chastisement. I love being a minx, a little madam or an errant girlie and I realise that any discipline I receive is fully merited.

Thank you, Miss Hilary


Miss Hilary has now given me permission to write the third and final instalment of my petticoat discipline.

I'm used to regular rulerings and slipperings and Miss Hilary sometimes has occasion to administer a caning. As I said previously this is generally while I am wearing my pencil skirt, tights, pantie-girdle and my other underpinnings but not always and occasionally Hilary simply chastises me with her cane across my knickers and suspenders with my skirt and slip raised. As always I thank her profusely for her attention and tell her that I fully deserve to be chastised.

The major departure in our relationship came when we went out one Friday evening to the local pub for drinks with another couple, George and Lesley. Hilary has been friends with Lesley for many years and I have always had a nagging feeling that our disciplinary regime was probably the subject of discussion between them; after all we all know that women share secrets far more than men.

Anyway, I'm afraid that both George and I disgraced ourselves that evening, him by making lewd comments about one of the barmaids, saying that he could see up her skirt when she came round collecting empty glasses, while I did my usual trick of consuming too much vodka and tonic.

The ladies weren't pleased. "I'm going to deal with you at home" said Hilary in a strict voice that was clearly audible to George and Lesley as well, to which Lesley responded equally strictly "And I certainly need to teach George as lesson, too".

The women then began a quiet discussion that we couldn't hear, though there were a few knowing looks in our direction.

"Right, you two, you've embarrassed us enough for one evening, so it's time we all went home" said Lesley. And so we went home, Hilary driving George and Lesley home first. As we dropped them off Hilary simply said "I'll send him round tomorrow after lunch, Lesley".

I'd no idea what she meant and quite honestly I was expecting to be chastised when we got home but all Hilary did was make me put my culotte slip on and as I got ready for bed she smacked both my legs three times each. "That's just to be going on with girlie" she said and I got the distinct feeling that tomorrow was going to be a painful day.

Saturday morning seemed like any other day, we got up, dressed (ordinary clothes in my case) had breakfast and read the newspaper. I made us a light lunch, and after that Hilary told me that she had an errand for me.

"Go and fetch the cane, and I want you to drive round to Lesley with it, she needs to borrow it". It sounded like George was going to get a caning and more to the point, delivery of the cane would confirm to both of them the nature of the disciplinary relationship that Hilary and I had.

I got to their house and managed to disguise the cane so there was no chance of their neighbours seeing what I was carrying. I knocked on the door and Lesley opened it and beckoned me in. To say Lesley looked alluring was an understatement; she was wearing a tight red dress, tan hosiery and high-heeled court shoes. She fingered the cane, and then swished it through the air a couple of times. "So this is what Hilary uses to punish naughty little Melinda" said Lesley, leading to a sinking feeling as her words confirmed that she knew everything about what happened in our house.

"Yes, Miss Lesley" I replied, and then added "I have to say that you look really gorgeous". I regretted those words as soon as they came out, and not surprisingly Lesley reacted. "What impertinence, I'm sure Hilary will have something to say when I tell her what you've just said".

"Wait there" she ordered me and took the cane upstairs. After a period of silence I heard six measured strokes from the bedroom. Clearly George has had his bottom soundly dealt with.

Lesley reappeared, cane still in hand. Without a word she picked up the telephone, called Hilary and put the phone onto speaker.

"You'll never guess what impertinence I've just heard, Hilary" she said. "The wretch has, quite simply, been lusting after me".

"Well, you've got the implement, give him the caning he deserves" was Hilary's reply and I thought I would soon be bending over for the gorgeous Lesley.

"No, I think it should be done at your house" was her reply. "If I can keep the cane overnight, just in case George isn't contrite enough, then I'll bring it to you tomorrow". The two women agreed on that course of action and I drove home contemplating the caning that I was sure I was going to receive the following day, but would it be administered by Hilary or Lesley?

Hilary was far from pleased with me when I got home. I was sent to bed immediately, and as usual took three smacks on each leg when I had my culotte slip on. On Sunday morning she simply told me not to get dressed but to stay in my dressing gown and wait for Lesley to arrive, which she duly did an hour or so later, wearing the same dress as yesterday and looking just as alluring.

"Right, Lesley" said Hilary, "I'll show you how I discipline my naughty little madam".

"You, upstairs" she ordered me, and when I went into our bedroom I saw the clothes that Hilary had laid out for me. Bra, knickers, roll-on girdle, tan seamed stockings my frumpy tweed skirt, white blouse and cardigan. A waist slip, of course, and I realised that the slip she had chosen was almost as long as the skirt. Finally my high-heeled court shoes.

Lesley watched with interest as I dressed like the badly behaved little minx that I knew I was. "Why the girdle?" she asked as I struggled into it and fastened the suspenders. "Surely it gives the little madam protection on her bottom?"

"No", said Hilary, "all we do is unfasten her back suspenders and then the roll-on lifts up. Next we check her deportment; she gets extra punishment if her clothing isn't totally correct and demure".

Lesley looked me up and down. "Her seams are OK, but I think I can see about a quarter of an inch of white slip showing and that skirt fastening certainly isn't in the centre of her back. That must deserve extra". Hilary agreed with a smile.

"OK, Lesley, you're the aggrieved party here after yesterday's impertinence". This was a totally new departure, the only person who had ever disciplined me as Miss Hilary.

"With pleasure. The cane, of course" said Lesley. "Bend over the bed, I'm going to give you six strokes of the cane for yesterdays impertinence, and two extra for your slip and skirt fastening not being acceptable".

I bent over as ordered and felt Lesley raising my skirt and slip. She then unfastened my back suspenders and rolled back my girdle to leave my knickered bottom positioned.

Lesley swished the cane through the air a couple of times and then rested it across my bottom. She raised it; I heard the swish and the thwack following by the familiar sting.

"One, Miss Lesley"

"You impertinent little minx, you thoroughly deserve your chastisement" Swish. Thwack. "Two, Miss Lesley"

"I really don't think Hilary canes you enough Melinda" Swish. Thwack. "Three, Miss Lesley"

"I hope it embarrasses you to feel your wife's friend with a cane in her hand attending to your naughty bottom" Swish. Thwack. "Four, Miss Lesley".

"If you behave again like you did in the pub on Friday night I really hope Hilary takes you straight across her knee and smacks your bottom in full view of everybody. Swish. Thwack. "Five, Miss Lesley".

"Maybe you should go to the pub next time in your pretty dress so that men can look up your skirt. Let's see how you like it" Swish. Thwack. "Six, Miss Lesley".

"This stroke will remind to fasten your skirt properly you slovenly girlie" Swish. Thwack. "Seven, Miss Lesley".

"And think of this last one as your underskirt stroke". Swish. Thwack. "Eight, Miss Lesley".

"Stand up, make yourself decent and put your hands on your head". I smoothed down my slip and skirt and resisted the temptation to rub my poor caned bottom.

"What about fastening back those suspenders, Melinda?" Lesley snapped, so I had to lift my skirts and struggle to pull the suspenders across where the cane strokes had landed. The tightness of my girdle and the pressure of my suspenders added to the stinging. As I smoothed down my slip and skirt for the second time my hands strayed to my bottom, only for Lesley to immediately see what I was doing.

"What did I say?" she snapped. "Hands! On! Head!" as she raised my skirt and slip with one hand and punctuated each word with a smack from her other hand across the back of my right leg on the bare flesh above my stocking tops. "Hands! On! Head!" she repeated as the back of my left leg got the same treatment.

Thus ended the most humiliating punishment of my entire petticoating.

"Thank you, Miss Lesley, I deserved every stroke and I am grateful for your attention".

Hilary sent me to bed that night after making me change into my very tight pantie girdle instead of the culotte slip, and I have to say that the tightness of the girdle was quite cathartic as it warmed my bottom.

Thank you Miss Lesley and Miss Hilary. I am naughty, errant Melinda and I deserve a regular smacked bottom.

Thank you for your letter Melvin. What a wonderful and strict introduction to petticoat discipline done in the way we here at PDQ approve of, that is within the confines of a loving marriage. I'm sure my readers will approve of the pattern that Miss Hillary developed from deciding your wardrobe to increasing the severity of the punishment.

I am also delighted to learn that Lesley and George also live a petticoating lifestyle, the use of female clothing along with strict enforcement of the rules ensure a long and happy marriage.

Auntie Helga

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