from Lilly

Dear Auntie Helga,

I first discovered your website by accident several months ago. It was something about the Gallery photos and reading the monthly letters that caught my interest. One day I showed my twin sister the same photos and letters. She openly asked me if I wanted to try that type of thing. Well as twins it isn't hard to know what the other is thinking at times, so I replied I thought it would be something to try if it didn't upset my wife Carol. My sister knew Carol as an open-minded woman with a great sense of humor. We talked about some of the letters specifically before deciding why not at least try it out on Carol. My sister felt it would be better if I had something to show Carol to let her know I was serious rather than just introduce the topic. Since I had no experience at all I went along with my sister's idea to do some shopping. Little did I know she planned to take me for a bra fitting then off to buy some lingerie. I was so embarrassed even though the women in the stores were fine with my sister's requests. I found out later my sister had called ahead to the stores we shopped at to confirm it was ok to take me along.

Well by the time we got back to my place I had quite an assortment of women's lingerie. My sister wanted me to try one of each item on so that when I decided to show Carol I could do it myself. It felt so embarrassing to have my twin sister help me with my bra and garters. She thought I looked cute and to my surprise she never laughed once. It made me feel more comfortable instead of humiliated. We talked about how and when to let Carol in on the idea to avoid any negativity. My sister although supportive of the idea wanted me to know it was a bold idea that might not pan out. I was aware of that as well, so I wanted to plan a night when Carol was relaxed and not stressed from work.

The night had come when Carol and I watched movies together. Carol was in a great mood which was the case most of the time when we watched movies. After the last movie I let Carol know I had something to talk to her about and even show her if she wanted. I introduced the idea of me helping her around the house to take away some the stresses in her life. Right away she liked that idea but wanted to hear more. From there I went on to let her know I was willing to take on more of a maid role to ensure the house was always spotless, meals were cooked and so on. Carol was certainly paying attention with the odd question asked along the way. Then I went on to ask Carol if she ever heard of male maids. Carol had heard of sissymaids but didn't know much about them. I showed Carol my laptop of sissymaids wearing sissy dresses and others in maid uniforms. Carol looked at me then asked if I wanted to dress like that. I showed her one of the pictures of a man wearing a maid uniform then explained what I thought it could be for us. Carol laughed as I thought she would however then she asked if I was serious.

I let Carol know I had talked with my sister about it and from her point of view it sounded like fun. Carol once again asked me if I really wanted to dress in a maid uniform like a woman. It was hard to for me to say yes not knowing if she would be angry or accept the idea. Sometimes in life we must take a chance which I did with Carol. Once again Carol asked if I was sure about it and not just some crazy idea to get her excited then drop it again. I let Carol know my sister and I had done some shopping to test my nerves. Carol texted my sister right there and then to see if I was telling the truth. I looked at my sister's reply confirming we had gone shopping for lingerie and had a bra fitting. Carol looked at me again then asked if I would like to show her. I knew at that moment it was going to happen somehow as I went to try on some of the purchases. Carol waited until I walked out wearing a bra, panties, stockings, garter and nightie. Carol giggled followed by an OMG. To my surprise Carol admitted I looked cute although she would wear a bra a stockings with a nightie. I know that too but it was all I had to show her.

Carol wanted me to sit there then let her know more so she could have some input. Carol did not like sissy dresses however she did like the idea of me in a maid uniform. That was a good thing for me as well since I wasn't fond of some of the sissy dresses either. Carol made me a deal if I was willing to live up to working as her maid and do a good job she would outfit me accordingly. It started slowly with me working hard all day to learn how to clean like Carol or better. Next came laundry and ironing then cooking. By the end of the first week Carol planned to take me shopping however my sister did in her place. Carol gave my sister a more complete list from maid uniforms to high heels. We came home with more panties, stockings, bras, razors and so on. Carol made it clear to me if I was going to be her maid I had better look like one too. Although Carol didn't give me everything at once the items were in the house. The agreement was for me to be rewarded for my hard work with something feminine.

As the weeks went by Carol outfitted me with a chastity device. I wasn't thrilled to wear one but was told if I did Saturday night sex would be wonderful. Carol kept her word as long as I worked hard through the week the chastity device was removed on Saturdays then back on Sunday morning. Carol liked the new arrangement more than I ever thought as she liked me to look feminine most of the time. Two weeks ago, Carol arranged for me to have laser treatments. She wanted me hairless and beardless which told me I was going to be her maid for a while. Carol added something each week to get me to look more feminine. My hair was cut and styled like a woman, nails were done, and I began to wear jewelry. We kept our husband and wife relationship after hours and on weekends. Carol didn't want to become a Mistress however she did like to control the relationship more than in the past.

Carol was convinced I would be able to pass in public so she did her makeup magic with me one night. Together we went out with me shaking at the knees. The first time was scary as you know what with my sister beside me. My sister and I look more alike than before especially when I go out. Carol is having fun with me as her new girlfriend and maid. I will say none of it was easy and at times it still isn't easy. I like living as Carol's maid more than her girlfriend. At least as her maid I am at home and not visible to the public.

Auntie Helga I am not sure what the future will bring. Carol is happy with how things have gone so far. I don't feel she will want to be a Mistress or get into punishments other than the obvious, my chastity device. As long as I live up to Carol's expectations life should be good for both of us. The next big step is meeting some of Carol's friends and then there will be family. With longer hair and nails I won't be able to hide it much longer.

Thanks for all you help and guidance Auntie Helga.


Thank you for your letter Lilly. I also appreciate the background information on your deliberations. Being your wife's maid would be a wonderful way to live and to devote your life to her happiness. From my experience most wives when presented with the opportunity to have a maid approve, sure they may be shocked at first, but before too long the benefits become apparent and they approve wholeheartedly.

I agree with your sister and having a few things on hand is a good idea at first. Assuming Carol is pleased with this news, your future wardrobe decisions would likely be hers. You might find my site helpful in explaining to Carol what you have in mind and to show her that it is not that unusual. Your sister could also be involved in introducing this concept to her.

Auntie Helga

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