from Maria

Dear Auntie Helga,

I thought you and your readers might chuckle about an evening the girls and I had here in our wonderful summer: Jane, my daughter and her uni friends Susan and Elaine came round for a BBQ at which Joanne waited on us all, hand and foot; oh and with plenty of girlish curstys too.

It was really hot and Joanne was wearing her cute very short - and I mean VERY short white frilly fairy dress which always shows off her pretty panties much to her humiliation, and she presented each of us with our food with a respectful curtsy. She also had to make sure our wine glasses were regularly topped up. We girls had quite a bit to drink, I must say. I should perhaps also add our garden is not overlooked and both sets of neighbours were on holiday so we could do whatever we liked with her.

At one point I dragged Joanne across my knee, lifted up her short dress and petticoats - she wears two short white petticoats with her fairy dress - she looks quite the charming little ballerina. I pulled her panties down and, amid much laughter, gave her a really hard spanking. Just because I felt like it. How she squirmed and wriggled, to no avail. Jane came over and held her head and Susan held onto her legs while I spanked her bare bottom. Soon Joanne was crying and the girls were laughing at her embarrassment and her bottom was nice and red after I spanked her goodness knows how many times. Then I held her legs while Susan spanked her, then Elaine took her turn and she really spanks hard, even harder than me. Joanne was in tears which made us all laugh even more.

After that I told Joanne to go inside and to get on her knees against the wall with her nose pushed into the wall and await us. After a while we went inside and chatted for a while. The subject turned to our different methods of caning her. I tend to be measured in my caning as is Jane, but Susan and Elaine are different. Elaine is the most enthusiastic of us all really. I clicked my fingers and Joanne presented herself, curstying to each of us in turn. I told her to go upstairs, and we all followed behind her making fun of how we could all see her cute white frilly panties, which also adds to her humiliation. Once in the bedroom I fetched three canes of varying thickness. Elaine was to go first.

Being a hot evening all of us were scantily dressed in short mini skirts; Elaine looks so demure: she like the others, is only 20 and how she musters the strength to make Joanne cry from the outset is a treat to see. Whereas I would start with a few light strokes to warm her up Elaine gets going right away. She picked the thickest cane and started with one almighty hard stroke which soon gave way to an angry-looking weal mark right across Joanne's bare bottom. How she yelped. WHACK! it went with full force. Joanne cried out so loudly. Elaine waited a few seconds before giving here another similarly very hard whack with the cane. Then another. And another. Joanne endured a dozen of these really hard strokes from Elaine before she smiled and handed the cane to Jane. Jane began with slightly softer strokes and then began making them harder and faster. Some fifty strokes in all I guess.

Then it was Susan's turn; she canes very much like Jane - gentler to begin with then increasing the severity and speed. She is such a good daughter and takes no nonsense at all. Another fifty strokes or so and the tears are running down her face. Then it was my turn. I decided to try Elaine's style and must say I found it quite exhilarating and rewarding to fetch even more screams and tears from Joanne. She was begging us to stop but I only do so when I am good and ready. Well, this time Joanne was on the floor sobbing and screaming while we all laughed at her. This is, I feel, an essential part of her humiliation which is precisely what she deserves for being so pathetic, don't you think? I wasn't counting my strokes but Joanne was quite a wreck by the time I had finished.

Then Jane's boyfriend came to pick her up; hearing the commotion upstairs he came up to see what was going on. After which point Elaine picked up the cane again and told Joanne to get back over the bed again and she lashed her even more. To add further to Joanne's humiliation, Jane began heavily petting her boyfriend, taking off his shorts and ... shall we say, showing Joanne what a man gets right in front of her while she's screaming at the hands of the lovely Elaine. Susan went up to her and gave her a couple of dozen face slaps just for good measure. I just watched and laughed, teasing her with comments like "Don't you wish you were a man, Joanne? No? You prefer being a little girl don't you!".

The girls and Jane's boyfriend eventually left me and Joanne alone, and I did feel a little sorry for her. I put some ointment on her poor bottom and told her she could share my bed for the night. That means she has to cuddle me while I gently reach round and oh-so gently stroke her tiny useless little dolly. Joanne knows that's as far as things will ever go: no relief, just teasing. Lots of teasing until I get tired. If she gets excited, a stern "NO!" from me is all it takes for her to regain her composure. I reminded her than we had only used one of the three canes than night and that in a few day's time the girls would call again and we would give her a session with the other two.

I hope you approve.


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Thank you for your letter Maria. What a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends, especially since Joanne was there to help and to provide the entertainment. Love her dress, I'm sure everybody enjoyed seeing her panties as she moved about and then to lower them for a rousing bout of spanking, great fun.

Too each their own and you know Joanne's limits, for many of my readers this may seem too harsh, its appropriate for the sissy's endurance.

Photo Notes: Joanne in her lovely short sissy dress. Joanne being seen to by Jane and then Joanne showing her appreciation.

Auntie Helga

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