from Wendy

Dear Helga,

It's been awhile since I have emailed you and I really had no reason until lately. Things could not be any better for our marriage or our relationship. My sissy is happy, obedient, and serves me in every way I could ever want. To witness the results of my petticoated husband and nephew would make a believer of anyone to feminize their male.

A dear friend that I work with was crying constantly and just a mess, and finally she confided in me that her husband had cheated on her. I felt just awful for her and asked what she was going to do. She didn't hesitate for a second and said he had thrown him out, was divorcing him, and selling their house. Her husband owns an insurance agency and they belong to the same country club as we do so naturally we see him often.

He has been begging her for just a dinner date for the last few weeks and her office looks like a flower shop with deliveries daily. We are all our own bosses and one of the girls actually suggested that she give him a second chance. As mild mannered as she is I could tell it was about to get ugly when she snapped at her friend and said I could never trust him again and it would haunt me the rest of my life as to when he would cheat again. She then broke down saying how much she loves him.

I then said I think you and I need to have a talk and when we met I asked her what would you say if I could guarantee you that he would never ever cheat on you again, to which she said that's something no one could do. I told her to think about it for a few days and we'll talk again about a program and that guarantee. Well it was killing her to know just what I meant about this guarantee that he will never cheat again. So we met again and I gave her the website address of Petticoating Quarterly and a nicely wrapped gift of the book Put Him in Panties by Emily Masters.

In just a few days she had explored your website, read the book and wanted to talk again. The first thing she said to me you seem very sure that this petticoating works, so tell me just how do you know, have you done this. I couldn't not tell her the truth, so I said yes the reason I know it works is because Tom is feminized and has been a sissy for quite awhile. Well the look on her face was priceless, and she said I want one. We both laughed and she said I'm going to accept the dinner date that Brad has been begging for and just see how bad he wants to come back. I then said you look like girl on a mission, and she said yes I am.

After a few dinner dates and begging 'I'll do anything to come home' Shelly, she said the only way you come back is to become my sissy, to which he had no idea just what that was, but he said he would be her sissy. He then asked if he could come home that night to which she said no, you can come home Friday evening because I have a little shopping to do for you.

It had gotten to where I couldn't wait to hear what her plans were. Where I had petticoated my sissy so very gradually with panties, bedroom games, setting little traps, telling her how cute she looked, and sex. Shelly was going to start her sissy immediately.

Friday at work she was so excited and I was excited for her, because now I think every woman should have a sissy to serve them. When Brad arrived she opened the door and said good to see you Brad I have a bubble bath waiting for you and then proceeded to tell him that the shower heads have been removed and it was bubble baths only for her sissy. Brad was instructed that his legs and arm pits would be clean shaven always and started using a feminine razor. After his soon to be her bubble bath he was quite excited and Shelly put an ice pack on him and in no time had a chastity device locked in place. She then put Brad in is first bra and panty set and a silk robe.

She told me how easy it was to get Brad to unload the dishwasher and straighten up the kitchen, something he had never done. Saturday Shelly had big plans for Brad with a trip to her regular salon for a manicure, petty, a few highlights, and a little surprise to pierce his ears. The appointment was in the books as Shelly and Barb not Brad. I told Shelly about a cute girl at the VS store named Kelly that fitted my sissy and knows what a sissy should wear for all occasions. She even suggested some control top pantyhose along with control panties while wearing certain dresses.

After a few weeks she said Barb is climbing the walls in her chastity device and I told her this is where it gets fun and explained the process of milking Barb and gave Shelly a little prostate massage toy. I told how easy it is and that she'd become very good very quickly. The next day she came in and thanked me for the instructions and the warning of a massive ejaculation. She said after the milking Barb followed her around like a puppy dog, to which we both laughed at what was so empowering. I told Shelly if she wants a nice surprise and a total feeling of empowerment wait until Barbie gets her first strapon, and a week or so later Barbie got her first strap on and Shelly said just what I have found to be true Barbie just wanted to cuddle in the afterglow, something that never happened before.

Helga this girl is good and this girl is quick, Shelly has discovered one of our favorite luxuries, our sissies hand washing our lingerie. To see a sissy in a French maid outfit doing the laundry is simply the best. Shelly is stricter than me, she makes Barb make her own nail appointments and depending on how well she is doing that determines the color of the polish, a good girl gets clear, and peach, pink, or red put on if Shelly thinks it appropriate

Shelly has totally embraced her new sissy and I couldn't help myself asking her, well what do you think of that guarantee now. She smiled and said you know it's hard to explain but in no time I don't know if it's the comfort or it's just relaxing for sissies, but Barbie likes dressing FEM now and I couldn't agree more.


Thank you for your letter Wendy. I am so happy for Shelly and your assistance will help them form a more meaningful marriage, really well done. You're a good friend.


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