from Sissymaid Merri

Dear Auntie Helga,

I love my Mother very much and have always looked up to her. She did like to keep a tidy home and she could be somewhat strict about keeping things in order. In retrospect I guess that is where it all started for me. When I was a child when the house was empty I would dress up in my older sister Darlene's clothes, put on an apron and clean house for Mom. The fear of getting caught added to the sexual thrill of wearing my sister's clothes. When Mom would come home she would shower me with praise for doing all of the housework. It soon became a habit for me to clean things up whenever possible in order to get her praise.

When I was older I found some of Mom's old clothes that she wore when she was much younger that were in storage. Her old housedresses became my standard to wear when cleaning house.

I have never shared any of this story before even with my Mistress. I learned how to wash panties because when I would clean house for Mom I would wear my sister's panties. I would be so excited that it would be necessary for me to wash them out after I used them in order to avoid being discovered. Since I did the laundry while I was all dressed up I had to hand wash my sister's panties in the sink. Then I had to hang my sister's panties in my closet until they dried. Once they dried out I would sneak into her room and return them to her panty drawer. That was also how I learned to fold and neatly return panties to her top drawer.

Early in my training I had already been assigned doing all of the laundry including the ironing. I really didn't expect to hand wash lingerie because I was doing the laundry with the machine and I hadn't washed panties since I did my sister's. One Saturday Mistress checked on my work and saw that I was loading her lingerie into the machine. Then Mistress insisted I hand wash her lingerie and I am ashamed to say that I argued with her. It was after all early in my training so I guess I didn't know any better.

It was one of the very first times that she really took charge. For me it was the first indication that I had that she was taking having maid service seriously. I hadn't seen her angry before and I guess she was really infuriated with me. She took out her wooden hairbrush, led me to a chair and she pulled me unceremoniously over her knee positioning me for a sound spanking. At the time I couldn't believe that she did that because I thought that I was doing a good job with the laundry. She gave me an angry lecture telling me that she was disappointed in me while she pulled my maid dress up and took my panties down before she really let me have it.

I have to say that when Mistress is angry she can really paddle. I kicked and pleaded with her to stop but she would have no part of that. Instead she spanked me harder until I finally stopped struggling in total submission. Even then she added a few smacks - I suppose just to make sure I knew who was in charge. After she finished spanking me she marched me back to the laundry tub. With my bottom still stinging she had me take my apron off and put on a vinyl apron and put on pink rubber laundry gloves. Then I stood there with tears still dripping on my cheeks while she showed me the proper way to wash out panties. I felt like a little girl who had been lectured by her Mommy on how to do laundry and then put to work for her punishment. Since it was the weekend there was a full week's worth of panties, bras and stockings that she made me delicately hand wash. She stood there watching me every minute constantly critiquing me while I meticulously washed every item and then hung it up to dry. When I was finished she sent me off to fix my makeup before I was to finish with my other chores. She told me that from that day forward I was to hand wash all of her lingerie with no exceptions and that I would regret it if I complained or did otherwise.

I still hand wash all of her lingerie to this day.

I have also been told that I am also to hand wash lingerie when I am sent out to work for her friends. I've been hand washing lingerie for so long that it is sort of second nature to me. I guess I didn't think how that might look to a Woman who is not used to seeing a sissymaid at work. So I can see that you are right-ladies must take pleasure in watching a sissymaid in uniform hand wash their dirty panties.

Mistress was looking over my shoulder before I sent this email. She told me that she had forgotten about this episode and that she plans to include it in her next book.

Most humbly,
Sissymaid Merri
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Thank you for your letter Sissymaid Merri. I am pleased that you feel the need to expose your shame to me, we do tend to draw that out of sissies and I so enjoy the stories. This one is especially charming, of course delicate panties and other lingerie deserve the most gentle of hand washing and care, these are the most intimate garments in our wardrobe and are in contact with our most private areas.

Of course the shameful act of wearing your own sister's panties and abusing yourself in them, such early sissy behaviour is quite common in sissymaids. Your Mistress was right, as she always is, when she punished you for disrespecting her by arguing, a mistake you haven't repeated I imagine.

Auntie Helga

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