from Margaret

Dear Helga,

A good friend of mine sent me your website link to take a look at whether petticoating my son might help me. I do have to admit it is very interesting reading if nothing else. Could you let me know if the information about petticoating is in fact real or is it fantasy?

Let me share my situation and the reason for me writing to you today. I am a single mom who has raise my son since he was 4 years old all by myself. When he was around 7 years old I discovered his interest in my lingerie which didn't bother me thinking it was a passing fancy. Well it was more than that and now that he is almost 30 years old he continues this interest in women's lingerie. He wears a nightgown and robe most of the time at home as well as panties. I tried to get him to stop a few times however from my reading and talking to girlfriends he will probably do this for the rest of his life.

Some of it doesn't necessarily make me angry but I would like him to do more with his life than hang around the house all day in a nightgown. I feel if he is going to stay at home and not look for a job he can start working for me looking after the house. He doesn't know I am reaching out to you Helga nor does he know I talked to my girlfriends about it. With what I read on your website and from what my girlfriend's have suggested it might be best to feminize my son. I am the one who bought his nightgowns and panties usually as gifts at Christmas so I do have some blame here.

From all my reading some boys and men who crossdress take it to extremes while others become attached to certain articles of women's clothing. Scott is the latter of the two only loving his nightgowns. I have talked to him about having an interest in dressing like a woman just to see if he was planning to live like a woman or have a sex change. He has denied an interest in either one of those.

What I am thinking is outfitting Scott with a complete sissymaid outfit, heels and all. Then getting him to start his maid training so he is a productive crossdresser. He might put up a fuss with me even showing him a a sissy dress and heels but that is too bad something has to be done. Scott has no place to go not having any money of his own which makes me think becoming a sissymaid at this time just makes sense. If not a sissymaid at least dress like my maid and become just that, a maid.

Rather than me coming home to a son in a nightgown it would be nice to see him in a sissy dress and a nice pair of high heels for a change. If Scott wants to wear a nightgown which is for a woman to wear then he should accept wearing everything else that women wear.

Helga what do you think about my situation? Is this common for boys and men to have these dressing fetishes? Is it common that mothers accept it and take action or just kick them out? One of my girlfriends is very old fashion she tells me to kick his ass out but I can't do that to Scott. He is my son and for the most part a good person, just lazy and loves his nightgowns. He is lucky I am willing to help him become a sissymaid and lucky I have supported his crossdressing all these years. To be honest Helga he does look pretty in his nightgowns as I always buy the prettiest ones for him. I tried to buy a less quality nightgown once as we looked at them online however his crossdressing fetishes only wants the prettiest long nightgowns. Scott is very feminine which is why I feel he could make a good sissymaid for me.

I should probably stop here before I write a book on Scott and me. If you feel I am on the right track please advise me if you would. If on the other hand you disagree then I would be interested in your opinions.


Thank you for your letter Margaret. I appreciate the details, it helps me understand your situation and puts your questions into context. Petticoating is real, it has been in use since Roman times, its effective for boys of all ages, for many of us, it is a way of life and for the Mistress, a really good way.

I suspect you're right, from what I know, this is a life long interest for them, perhaps they were born this way, or something as an infant influenced them to have this fetish. Each mother reacts in her own way I suppose but I will say for those mothers that I have worked with to help their sons in this way are delighted with the results.

I feel that you would be helping him by training him to be your sissymaid, he seems to need strong guidance and laying about all day is no way to live.


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