By Lesley with Art by Castre
To complete our series of collaborations chronicling some of my petticoating experiences with Penelope, Castre and I present a view of the first time that Penelope was taken out to a restaurant, and, as you will see, under particularly amusing circumstances! Castre has very ingeniously presented this scene in postcard form, hence the title. Enjoy!

As part of our weekend break in Jane's seaside cottage we had a further surprise in store for Penelope that evening. I'm sure he blithely assumed that we'd be getting food delivered or cooking in, but we had booked a table for dinner in a very nice seafood restaurant right on the seafront. The novel twist was that we had been informed by Jane's friends who lived in the town that the hotel/restaurant was holding a fifties-themed event that day. We had, unbeknown to him, packed suitable dresses for ourselves and a really lovely prom-type dress for him! He was of course, appalled when we told him, however we made it very clear that we were not in a mood to be persuaded and we promised to make him look as feminine as possible. It was up to him to put into practice everything I had been training him to do for years if he was to convince.

I actually think we did a pretty good job on him, but to say he was terrified at going out in public in such an ultra-feminine dress was an understatement. We, of course, pressed on regardless and soon enough were walking, large as life, along the seafront to the restaurant, his ample petticoats rustling nicely in the breeze, with Jane and I either side of him, holding him firmly by the arms lest he totter over, so shaky did he seem! As luck would have it a group of ladies, suitably dressed for a fun night out, were arriving at the same time as us and we all complemented each other on our "fifties look".

Much to Penelope's intense discomfort his elaborate dress was the centre of attraction! The restaurant was, very busy, but the very welcoming staff gave us a lovely table with a view. Poor Penelope just didn't know where to look as the staff fussed around, making sure the "ladies" were happy, and they certainly seemed to be spending a lot of time on us. I'm sure that they were quite curious about Penelope, a fact borne out when, on my way back from powdering my nose, a waitress asked me if we were enjoying ourselves. When I replied in the affirmative she commented that "your friend seems very quiet". I smiled, "oh there's more to Penelope than meets the eye" I replied as enigmatically as I could (in other words, make your own mind up!"). Throughout the meal I noticed that the group of ladies we had met outside were casting many quizzical looks in our direction, accompanied by much quiet giggling - I'm sure that they realised the situation. Eventually the excellent meal was completed. To enjoy such lovely food, whilst having my elaborately- petticoated husband on view for all to see, was an experience I highly recommend - satisfying on so many levels.

This early adventure has of course been repeated many times since, but the excitement of that first occasion was undoubtedly one of our most memorable petticoating experiences.

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