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Dear Auntie Helga,

This past October I treated myself to a weekend visit with Lady Ellen (or 'Mommy Ellen' in my case) of Le Femme Charm School. This was a big thrill for me as I've only sought out service with a mommy-dom one other time; over 20 years ago, back when I wasn't so much a of 'sissy'. This new session took weeks to plan and given my massive sissybaby collection, it was difficult to decide what the bring! I ended up WAAY over-packing and as a result could barely see out the rear window of my car!

Despite the long commute (Lady Ellen lives over 5 hours away), I had a wonderful experience that was well worth the trip! It turned out to be a blessing that all my stuff caused much of our time early on to be spent having a 'show-and-tell'. This was not only fun but made for a nice ice-breaker that gave us the opportunity to first get acquainted as adults while we chatted about our mutual fondness for vintage baby things. In the process, we also discovered that we have quite a bit in common, which of course helped me feel more at ease for what was to come.

Mommy ultimately picked out which toys, outfits, and accessories she'd like to see me in. This was particularity helpful since I'd been so utterly indecisive in prioritizing my baby things for the trip. Ironically, my inability to make firm decisions in a way served as the beginning of the regression process, as Mommy now took control and began giving me the most basic of instructions (just as real mothers do). As I finished packing up the spare items that she didn't wish to use, my inner submissive yearned for what she would ask next, when from her seat from across the room she warmly cooed, "Is Baby Mattie ready to have a diaper put on him?"

My heart fluttered as I blushed in suspense. Paralyzed, I could only muster enough courage to weakly utter "-yes" as I sheepishly stood staring down at the floor. It was from here that Mommy truly became my guardian. Stopping me from removing my own clothes, she had me walk over to where she was seated. I watched meekly while her fingers carefully tugged at my belt, unbuckling it and slowly lowering my trousers to the floor. An immediate chuckle rang out as she marveled at the fully tented, pink ruffle-butt satin panties that had just been unveiled before her.

Feeling the need to explain myself, I stuttered, "I... I-I wore my prettiest panties for you Mommy."
Amused, she flashed a maternal grin and responded, "Yes I see dear... they're very nice but Mommy thinks that diapers suit you much better!"

Struggling to remove the rest of my trousers, she directed me to hold onto her shoulders as I raised each foot one at a time so she could slide them through the cuffs of my pant legs. She then stood up and raised my shirt over my head, exposing the silky floral-patterned bralette that I had on underneath. Mommy gave a warm, nurturing smile as she circled her fingertips over my satin-covered nipples. She then took me by the hand and walked me over to the bed, helping me onto the mattress in nothing more than my slippery undergarments.

Sensing anxiousness, she grabbed a pacifier off the nightstand and promptly slide it between my quivering lips. I squeezed my teddy bear tight as she proceeded to pull down the last vestige of clothing to reveal my fully shaven privates; now aching in her direction. Flush with excited embarrassment over the intense intimacy of the moment, I closed my eyes and sucked vigorously on my binkie. To help cut the tension, Mommy began tickling my sides and on the bottom of my feet, causing me to helplessly wriggle my hips as I laughed uncontrollably.

2.1218d-tn She then whispered in my ear, "I want you smelling nice and sweet like a real baby", as she reached for the magnolia-petals-scented baby powder from out of my pink diaper bag. My senses were entranced by the girlish fragrance as she showered my naked loins in a powdery plume, massaging the excess remains into my stomach and down along my thighs. Thoroughly overwhelmed by her babying, I closed my eyes in ecstasy, only to hear the tell-tale rustling of plastic which beckoned the unfolding of a fresh, disposable diaper. She instructed me scoot my bottom up so she could feed the thick padding under me and then 'plooshed' another helping of powder onto the soft, quilted lining of the diaper's crotch.

I opened my eyes again and watched with bated breath as she raised the front edge of the diaper straight up, holding it before me like a tidal wave just about to break. In an instant the crinkly mass came rushing down to swaddle my most intimate of areas as Mommy smoothed it out around my pelvis and down along the sides of my hips. She then unfastened the side tapes and pressed them firmly into place on diaper's landing area, producing a snug, emasculating fit. I started to rise but she quickly pushed me back down, waving a forbidding index finger in my face. She then pulled out a 2nd diaper and repeated the process, leaving me with very bulky padding between my bare legs and waist.

candy-tn After being 'christened' with my first diapering (and a few more tickles to boot), Mommy had me stand with my arms raised up while she slipped a flouncy organza full-petticoat-slip over my head. She followed it with a pretty, white Candy-Land-themed baby dress that had oodles of ruffles with candy-colored accents and lacy trim, and a big pink heart sewn right into the chest. She turned me around to zip up the back, taking extra special care to tie the attached sashes into a big pretty bow just above the rear 'peek-a-boo' opening, which is where the skirt scallops up to showcase the frills from my exposed rhumba diaper panty. As a finishing touch, Mommy puffed up my sleeves up to ensure that I looked especially soppy.

In preparation for the make-up portion of my makeover, Mommy walked me over to her pink-themed boudoir and seated me in a raised salon chair which faced a large vanity mirror. "This is for your safety; Mommy doesn't want baby to fall" she coddled as she affixed the reins of my baby harness to the seat's chair-back. Once firmly secured and with little ability to lean forward, she took off my glasses; effectively blurring everything I saw in the mirror. She then proudly proclaimed, "I'm going to make you look like a real 'Toddlers & Tiaras' beauty pageant contestant!"

For the next 30 minutes Mommy's talents as a make-up artist were on full display. I felt like a patient in surgery, barely able to make out the various instruments, creams, and cosmetics being applied to my face as she continually primped and pruned me. Each time she returned from retrieving a new item, she always came back into focus with a tender smile so warm that it melted my masculinity into a ball of sweetness and made me long to be tightly cuddled in her bosom for a everlasting, maternal embrace. I was utterly smitten as the 'Mommy/Baby bond' was clearly having a profound effect on me.

Only after she was completely satisfied with her work was I released from my baby bondage and allowed to walk up close to the vanity mirror so I could finally see myself clearly. I was astonished that I didn't recognize my own reflection, and instead saw an adorable little sweetheart standing before me. Mesmerized and unable to pull myself away, I became locked into the stare of my own sparkling eyes as I pouted my lips and admired my doll-like face. 6.1218d-tn

Afterward, Mommy regressed me even further by insisting that that I now only speak and behave like a little girl for her. This set the tone for the extensive photo-shoot that would follow, and you shall see that the resulting photos are a bit different from my usual fare. In particular, Mommy prefers her sissybabies to look 'happy' and for them to smile for the camera. This was new for me because, as you know, I'm typically seen pouting and/or looking surprised and ashamed while I wallow in the misery of enforced petticoat punishment.

In the end, her encouragement to make me into a 'happy little girl' turned out to be rather easy. I was hypnotized by the omnipresence of her nurturing demeanor, as the warm, maternal glow from her smiling face made it impossible for me not to smile right back!

Merry Christmas Baby Mattie

*This concludes 'Part 1' of my true story. Even more girlish fun and baby games are to come in 'Part 2', which will feature several thrilling humiliations that are in store for poor 'Baby Mattie'.

(edit: Our sincere gratitude to Le Femme Charm School for allowing us to share these wonderful images, also be sure to visit Mattie's Tumbler)
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