Dear Auntie Helga,

Thank you so much for carrying on the great magazine started by Susan, I have long been an avid reader.

More recently, I have noticed that you have seemed to concentrate more on the sissy and feminine side rather than the baby needs of many of your readers.

Perhaps you are not getting enough material and to this aim I feel I should contribute as I have enjoyed the contributions from your babies for many years.

I have always been drawn towards baby clothes for as long as I can remember From the age of 4 I was trying to sneak into my baby sister's wet rubber knickers whilst my mum was upstairs getting her dressed but never had enough time to try them on.

This fantasy stayed with me and was re awakened when my mum found a pair of baby pants in a brown paper bag, that a lady must have dropped on her way home from shopping. My sister was a bedwetter and my mum just handled it by putting a rubber sheet on the bed at night.

However, my auntie suggested that my sister could wear them for bed but only to help her handle the wetting not to shame her. When I came in from playing one evening, mum told me that she had put the baby knickers on Christine that evening and as we shared the same bedroom I couldn't wait to see her in them. She was still awake and I asked her what they felt like and she told me she had already wet them and they felt really nice. Despite the fact that they were wet, I asked her could I try them on and she took them off and i eagerly pulled them up my legs. I will never forget the feeling of those wet baby rubbers as I pulled them over my bottom and genitals and I think I knew even at that young age of 10 that I would always want to wear them for the rest of my life.

I asked my sister if she would take them off me as if I were a baby and she did, it felt fantastic. For some reason, my mother never used nappies on my sister so the urine always leaked out of the knickers and the bed continued to be wet, which I guess is why she stopped putting them on my sister after a couple of weeks. We never could find the baby rubbers in any of the drawers so I guess she threw them out.

A couple of years later we spent some time with foster parents and the lady did put my 9 year old sister back in nappies for bed as she was sick of her continually wetting the bed. I did finally get a chance to wear my first nappy at the age of 12, as she took the nappy and rubbers off one night and put them on me which was so good and I'll never forget that moment, which is now over 50 years ago. Sadly I couldn't keep them on all night as my sister would have had a wet bed and a dry nappy from me, which would have taken some explaining.

I have lots of other stories to relate as my wife has put me in nappies since I confessed my fantasies to her, and she dresses me up as a baby girl since she says I look much cuter dressed in frilly baby clothes rather than boring boy ones.

I can write to you again if you wish and relay some of my more intimate experiences.

Once again, thanks for a great publication

Baby Stephanie

Thank you for your letter Baby Stephanie. You're so right, very few letters I receive are about the AB scene, like maybe only 15-20 a year and I tend to save most for the dummy digest.

I'm sure our readers would be delighted to have more AB letters and I appreciate your gracious offer of contributions. This email is a good start but if you could flesh things out some it would be better, I hope you will consider it.

Of course I would also appreciate stories that relate to your wife and her use of petticoating you as a baby girl so please do write again and feel free to include any intimate experiences you'd like to share.

Auntie Helga

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