Dear Helga,

I have thought long and hard about writing to you over the past couple years. I have read you site off and on and always found it both awkward and yet, more realistic than I ever expected. I am married to a sissy adult baby with everything that goes with it. Sometimes I read your stories and detect fantasy and gross exaggeration and yet, our own life is not as dissimilar as others might think. My baby is in nappies 24/7 and has little to no control and I need to be her mother in more ways than I would have expected ever to be. For example, I spank my baby every morning to settle her down and it is not role-playing but behavioural management. I bottle feed her because there is nothing more calming to an upset child than a warm bottle of formula. It has been challenging for me to rise to the occasion even though I always considered myself open-minded and easy going. I knew he was a bedwetter going in, but as the nappies developed and the very obvious feminine site reared itself I had to learn to handle the fact that 'she' was as much a baby as an adult and in so many ways requires my mothering.

I read the story of Joanne being allowed to masturbate rarely and I was surprised as the one thing I have always had to deal with is a highly-masturbatory baby and our experience is the opposite of theirs, assuming it is true. My girl is allowed to masturbate once a day when she asks permission and is usually in the open. I find that ensures she doesn't misbehave.

When I re-read this I realise I must sound like some of the fantasy stories I had mocked for so long only to find that I am there myself now.

I don't communicate with people much because I doubt their veracity and their value, but I suspect you are more balanced than most so I would appreciate some comments and even suggestions if you have any. I have identified that Charlotte is around 9 months old and her gender is sissy and she is at the pre-toilet-trained level. She has some behavioural struggles and difficulties in communication when severely regressed.

Thanks again

Thank you for your letter Evelyn. I appreciate your criticism about the site's content, true that some reads false and though I endeavor to provide honest content, the subject matter lends itself to the realm of fantasies sometimes, I do what I can to ascertain validity. This email for instance, and your relationship in general, could be unbelievable to the uninitiated though we know it to be true.

Not every Mistress enjoys the AB lifestyle and I am therefore delighted to hear from you as you are the rare flower in the garden. I would be delighted to correspond if you like.

How are you dressing your little girl besides the obvious nappies?


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