Dear Auntie Helga,

It was the year of my fifteenth birthday. It was summer, and my mother had sent me to spend a few days with Aunt Lydie, who lived in a little cottage outside the city.

I saw my cousin Jane a year younger and I realized that she still had a problem, because suffering from severe urinary incontinence, she was constantly wearing diapers. So it was Aunt Lydie who was doing her school, while a nurse lived at home to take care of her toilet. Nurse Amelie impressed me, both in size and stature, and I kept a low profile in front of her, so I took advantage of her absence to make fun of my cousin and her infirmity. It was not charitable, I know, but I could not help it.

This afternoon, just to stretch, legs had to go for a walk along the river. After lunch, while the ladies cleared the table I found myself alone with Jane in the garden. She squatted on the floor and I do not know what he suddenly took me on seeing her diaper, I opened my shorts and I showed my little manliness to urinate in front of her saying that I, I did not need a diaper.

Unfortunately, nurse Amelie, who was to watch for us, rushed at me angrily. She made me put pants and underwear and seizing me by the ear she dragged me to the bathroom, while explaining to Aunt Lydie my package. After taking off my aunt's shirt, I lay down on the changing table while the nurse prepared an injection jar. Without doing so, she pushed aside my thighs to smear me Vaseline foundation. I received two enemas, one after the other, which I was obliged to expel before them, not to mention my cousin who had been authorized to attend the scene. I was ashamed and I was afraid of the rest, when lying on my back I saw nurse Amélie exhibit a kind of large translucent egg. Aunt lifted my legs and Amelie took the opportunity to introduce me this big suppository in my foundation, two others followed before making me put a layer. Then they put on a little girl's dress and sandals with little heels and we went for a walk after I had eaten a big bowl of tea.

I was anxious to meet someone, but luckily there was nobody. The suppositories were beginning to seriously work on my stomach and I wanted to relieve myself. Do not be embarrassed, Tata told me in a mocking tone, we put a layer on you. I held on as much as I could until we reached the deserted lock, the goal of the boardwalk. There I was obliged to let go of myself, so much I was in pain, and I stained my bed with unusual noises.

Nurse lifted the dress to make me realize that the panties had filled his office and we went home. There I was again lying on the table of care for the toilet. The layer removed, we proceeded to the cleaning of my private parts and I was talcated like a baby before receiving a new breeches. Meanwhile Aunt Lydie had stuck Jane's diaper under my nose, pointing out that it was cleaner than mine.

I was entitled to this humiliating treatment for another two days before returning to my boyish clothes. I had lost all desire to make fun of my cousin, and I was relieved to see that aunt and nurse had not told her about my punishment.


Thank you for your letter Michel.

Auntie Helga

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