Dear Auntie Helga,

First of all I have to apologize for my English but I am not a native speaker. By surfing on the internet I discovered your website and I decided to share my one experience. I am in pacifier training which means that I must always respect the following rules.
1. I must always have a pacifier with me. Most of the time it is okay to have it in my pocket but sometimes I have to carry it on a ribbon around my neck.
2. I am only allowed to lie down (for sleeping or resting) if I have my pacifier in my mouth. Also when I am sleeping I must keep all the time my pacifier in my mouth.
3. If anyone asks, or even suggests it, I must immediately put my pacifier in my mouth.
4. If I have a pacifier in my mouth I must take care that it is always good visible for everyone.
5. Once I have a pacifier in my mouth I am only allowed to remove it after that I had permission to do so.
6. Once a week a must by a new pacifier. I must make it very clear that it is for me and put it immediately in my mouth.
7. The old pacifiers are put together on a ribbon and sometime I must put the ribbon with all the pacifiers around my neck.
8. If my pacifier falls on the ground, or when someone throws it on the ground, I must pick it up with my mouth without using my hands.
All this makes that I have most of the time a pacifier in my mouth. People around me know this and it is accept as such. And if I don't have a pacifier in my mouth there is always someone that will make that I have to put it in my mouth.


Thank you for your letter Peter. Though rather extreme this form of pacifier training can be quite effective in educating the baby to appreciate the calming nature of having it in their mouth. You babies should take note and be sure yours is always available.

Auntie Helga

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