Dear Auntie Helga,

This is Nathan. I would like to thank you again for all the help and support you gave to me and my Mum a few months ago, and since then Mum and Gran have been absolutely amazing and supportive.

So far I have slowly taken over the house hold choirs with Mum and Gran adding more and more to my work load including ironing, washing, cleaning, gardening and cooking not to mention my bucket loads of homework I have to do. I now know how tiring a Mums role is. As far a punishments so far I currently have a 15 minute spanking every night which is more embarrassing than painful, to be spanked by my own Mum like an infant. And as I am currently sitting here I am wearing a school girls uniform with a bib around my neck and sucking on a babies dummy blushing very hard with embarrassment. As it is not easy speaking to someone I admire and who's website I have been following since I was 15 years old, not as long as a lot of people I know being that I only just turned 18 a month ago, but I think your site is the best.

I now also have a second large wooden oak wardrobe my Gran kindly bought for my room, which Mum and Gran have been slowly filling with new items and bits of clothing every couple of weeks. As things stand at the moment I now have a little bit of a collection of girly clothes such as knickers, stockings, 3 different school girls uniforms including black buckle up shoes. Other more embarrassing items Mum and Gran have picked up are baby pacifiers, baby bottles, sippy cups and bibs. My bedroom looks like my Mum has thrown a mother care bomb in there with lots of baby items scattered around including baby baskets with it's a boy balloons, a couple of small boxes of baby toys, a blue potty, a mothers baby changing bag and 2 baby changing mats leaning up against the wall.

The changing mat has got to be my most embarrassing item in the room, every time I lay there at night staring at the changing mat I have this embarrassing dream that I'm laying on the changing mat with my Mum about to put a nappy on me when you appear a nice woman about mid 50's no offense by the way and you tell my Mum to stop and tell her that nappy's not good enough for a naughty boy use this one as you hand my Mum a huge disposable nappy about 10 times the thickness of a normal one and watch as my Mum tapes it closed around my waist and it all ends with me sobbing with humiliation while you both smile down at me.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for your letter Nathan. How delightful to hear from you and your new situation sounds like just what you wanted. I only played a small part but thank you for comments. You know, so many young men write me wishing for the same thing to happen with no chance of that, you are so very fortunate and I hope you will continue to treat your mother and grandmother with the respect and obedience they rightly deserve.

Auntie Helga

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