Dear Helga,

I thought I would write and inform you of a small but significant innovation in my training practices that might amuse your readers. I refer to it as "Bathroom etiquette" and I have had rather a lot of fun with it lately. It is simply this; if any of my petticoated charges find that they need to answer a call of nature then they need to ask permission. I can imagine your readers puzzled expressions at how this could be of interest but trust me nothing is so delightfully amusing as seeing a grown man wearing a girl's frilly party frock raising his hand for permission to speak and then have to ask in his most simpering sissy voice "Please Mummy may I go to the toilet?" or even better "Please Mummy may I visit the little girl's room?" If I am in a good mood I grant permission straight away and tell them to be sure to wash their hands (they have to present them for inspection straight away on their return and heaven help them if I am not satisfied). If I am not feeling so charitable then they get a lecture about needing to learn to control themselves. I follow this by making them stand in the corner for 30-40 minutes to show me they are learning to wait patiently like good girls. By the end of of corner time they are always squirming frantically in desperation I can tell you! I sometimes ask mockingly if they are "doing a little dance for Mummy".

When I am feeling extra mischievous I tell them that of course they can go but I think they are looking thirsty so Mummy is going to get them an extra big glass of iced water first. Of course they are not permitted to gulp it down oafishly but have to take elegant lady-like little sips (and only when I tell them). In this way one glass of ice cold liquid can be made to last a good 20 minutes. All the time their need to relieve themselves is getting ever more urgent. I usually "forget" to turn the tap off so there is an accompanying soundtrack of running water. At the end I sometimes tell them that because they enjoyed that one so much I am going to be extra kind and let them have another large glass. Honestly Helga it is so funny to see them having to thank "Mummy" nicely for their lovely drink whilst at the same time their eyes are filling up with tears of desperation.

Occasionally things have reached their natural conclusion and a desperate sissy has not made it to the lavatory in time. The humiliation is really quite exquisite and can result in real tears as they have to confess to Mummy that they have wet their knickers. When this occurs I usually make them get on their knees to beg for forgiveness and plead with me to change their panties. Occasionally I will adopt the use of nappies and when the need arises, as it always does, they must relieve themselves and then wait patiently for me to change them. Trust me Helga any male arrogance they may have once possessed is now long gone as they are reduced to a pathetic, helpless child-like state. Of course I rarely change them straight away but force them to remain in the horrid wet nappies for up to an hour afterwards as a lesson.

I do so hope that all the ladies out there who enjoy Petticoat Discipline will consider introducing a similar innovation into their own domestic regimes. Who knows what fun they will have!

Ever yours
Vicky H.

Thank you for your letter Vicky. Denying one's natural urges can be such effective training and along with the wet panties or having to endure the nappies. I'm sure many of our readers with troublesome boys will appreciate this special technique.


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