Dear Helga,

Apologies for not having written to you for a while but the Family has been so busy what with illness and the move to the house in Spain. Ian's regressional training has been so successful that he is now truly the 'Baby' of the Family and is consistently treated as such much to the amusement of us and our closest friends! Nana, my mother, has now taken over the role of disciplinarian a role she delights in much to Ian's discomfort and dislike!

Strict Discipline, we have found, is the key to ensuring that Ian is constantly kept aware of his juvenile condition and the numerous Rules and Restrictions which now govern his daily life.

The move to Spain, especially the journey, provided the whole family with some extraordinary opportunities to put Ian in some rather compromising situations especially when the customs officer (a woman) discovered the large consignment of disposable nappies and the Baby Bag in the car and what appeared 'at first' to be no Baby in the car!! It was only when she opened the back door and saw Ian helplessly strapped into his seat wearing his tiny little t-shirt, bare legs, pink Mary Janes and the thick padded plastic panty that she clearly understood who the Baby was! The discovery was excruciating for Ian but no doubt amusing for the officer and so much fun for us all!

The present heatwave in Spain makes his plastic panties and nappies even more uncomfortable to wear and the sight of numerous young girls and Grown Ups in their tiny little shorts, miniscule bikinis and swimming costumes simply acts as a continual reminder to Ian of all those 'Grown Up pleasures and privileges' he is now far too young to enjoy, participate in or experience again. His tiny little Pee Pee is now kept constantly wrapped away behind the thick padding of his daily disposable nappies where it now dribbles uncontrollably throughout the day!

House Chores have become a routine and poignant reminder to Ian that he is no longer an adult but under strict discipline. One of his daily chores requires him to keep the two toilets in the house spotlessly clean for the Grown Ups and any visitors to the house. To witness 'Baby' on his hands and knees, unable to prevent his large padded plastic panties being exposed and on view to everyone, as he diligently ensures the toilet bowls are thoroughly cleaned is perhaps a very salient reminder to him that such facilities are no longer appropriate or available to him. Often he is performing this chore wearing a 'nasty soiled nappy' which makes the whole experience so much more amusing for us and miserable for him!

Ian's Mummy Courteney xxx

Thank you for your letter Courteney. Its always a pleasure to hear from one of our favorite Mummies, those of you that employ this form of petticoat discipline can appreciate the degree to which she uses her imagination and strong confident approach to maintaining Ian's obedience.


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