The Rubberist's Diary

Garter Waist Dressing Session

This image of a family garter waist dressing session certainly brings back memories for me. I think that know my own experiences of having to wear such a device, when on my childhood visits to my widowed and religious Aunt and her teenage daughter in Brighton in the 1950s.

The garter, or suspender, waists were still on catalogue from major department stores well into the 50s. Recommended for girls, and boys up to the late age of at least fifteen years. I have already mentioned my experiences of the rubber beach dungarees I would have to wear on hot Summer visits to the nearby seaside. I would be sent to my Aunt's, (a dear friend of my German Nanny), for several weeks every year between the age of seven and thirteen years.

The suspender waist always be worn as a part of my Sunday best, also at other times when tautly visible stockings were necessary. Woolen stockings would be worn by boys in the winter months, but my experience was always of Summer white silk stockings. I suppose my Sunday best attire left me with a firmly embedded fetish for frill and lace trimmed gleaming satin. My similar boyhood bonding with rubber garments a similar story. Both these 'desires' lasting well into middle age today.

My Sunday best both excited me and humiliated me at the same time. Being dressed, strictly supervised by my domineering Aunt and her bossy daughter, kept me well aware of just who was the superior sex in that household. Once in the tight embrace of the suspender waist, with very taut silk stockings, I would be ready for the usual Highland suit. An outfit more suited to a boy some sixty years before! Heavily frill and lace trimmed cream satin knee bloomers worn under a short and stiff rustling petticoat. This followed by the usual gleaming cream satin blouse, also with its layers of frills and lace at the fancy collar and cuffs. The kilt skirt, worn well above the knees ensured the frill and lace trimmed satin bloomers would be plainly on show to all at all times. Old fashioned button boots on my feet and a highland cap, worn at a slant, and I was ready to be proudly walked out by Aunt and her daughter.

As grew older into early puberty, Aunt became ever more dominant regarding my being correctly dressed. Properly dressed, I began to sense a feeling of infancy due to Aunt's constant scolding and chiding. Also both her and her daughter's endless fussing over my appearance and behaviour. This usually ending with a sharp taste of the heavy wooden hairbrush on my naked rear. She very was keenly assisted by her daughter, and I was left in no doubt that they knew best for 'their' boy.

My humiliation was complete, as you know, when I was returned to nappies and rubbers under my frilly sissy costume. This happening when I was to visit at the age of seven years, sent to Aunt's in a nappy and rubbers by my Nanny due to the effects of the doctor's visit. This added a whole new dimension to my humiliation of infancy, to my Aunt and her daughter's great delight. I was thus kept in towel nappies and rubbers at all times, day and night, my fancy costume now having to be endured as my daily wear. I had also a red rubber sheet fitted to my bed, not escaping the discipline and humiliation of infancy even at night. Nappies, rubber pants, the rubber bibbed dungarees all worn beneath my nightgown. Tightly secured on my back upon my rubber sheet, in order to prevent my hands from wandering.

The happy days of old.


Photographs of this item are extremely rare, please excuse the quality
and also note that image has been enhanced to show detail of the device.
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